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You Only Live Once (1937 film)

You Only Live Once is a 1937 American crime drama film directed by Fritz Lang and starring Sylvia Sidney and Henry Fonda. Considered an early film noir, the film was the second directed by Lang in the United States, it is believed to have been inspired by Ben Anderson's 1937 novel Thieves Like Us, itself a retelling of the story of Bonnie and Clyde. At least 15 minutes were trimmed from the original 100-minute version of the film due to its unprecedented violence. Despite the absence of such scenes, the film is considered an early film noir classic. Eddie Taylor is an ex-convict who feels he is reformed and deserves a break, but he expects he will not get one and, in spite of marrying Joan, the woman who waited for him and who always believes in him, it seems his expectations will be met, he has a steady job and he and Joan buy a house. He gets summarily fired, however, by a boss who seems all along as if he is just waiting for the chance to rid himself of a "jailbird". Eddie's old gang wants him to join them in bank robberies, he is tempted.

A bank job occurs during which six people are killed. Eddie is framed and subsequently wrongly convicted for the murders, he is sentenced to death by electrocution. On the eve of his execution, a gun smuggled into the medical area in which he is being held enables him to escape; as his escape is taking place, it becomes known to authorities that the bank vehicle containing the money, driven from the robbery as part of the plan, has been recovered from a lake - with the body of the guilty bank robber/murderer inside. Eddie receives a last minute pardon and the prison chaplain, whom Eddie has always trusted, tries to convince him of this reprieve. Eddie is too bitter and disillusioned to consider that he is a free man. Desperate to get out his way, he unintentionally kills the chaplain, he and a pregnant Joan go on the lam, hoping to make it across the border to Mexico. They become infamous and are blamed for every crime in the areas they pass through. After the baby is born, Joan manages to meet up with her former employer, the public defender, her sister.

The two have arranged for Joan to hop a boat to Havana with the baby and wait there while Stephen works to clear her name. She refuses to leave Eddie; as they continue their run, they are ambushed by the police. The film recorded a loss of $48,045. You Only Live Once was presented on Philip Morris Playhouse November 28, 1941; the adaptation starred Burgess Meredith. James Baldwin writes fondly about the film in The Devil Finds Work, arguing that Lang "never succeeded quite so brilliantly again." You Only Live Once on IMDb You Only Live Once at AllMovie You Only Live Once at the TCM Movie Database

Ricardo Jaar

Ricardo Jorge Jaar is a Honduran academic and businessman, known for his contributions in higher education and corporate social responsibility. His parents are Mr. Jorge E. Jaar Q. D. D. G. and Mrs. Elena J Larach de Jaar, he has three brothers. On February 1991, Jaar received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Systems Analysis and Engineering from The George Washington University, Washington, DC, on May 1993, he received a Master of Arts Degree in Applied Economics at The American University, Washington, DC. In 1994 after graduating from The American University, Washington DC. Ricardo J. Jaar returned to his home in San Pedro Sula and became a professor at the local university, Universidad de San Pedro Sula in 1995, his teaching responsibilities included a wide range of subjects from economics to operations research. He became a member of the Board of Directors of this institution and today becoming the Director of that Board, Executive President of the University, President of Campus Television, the first HD TV station in the country.

In 2004, Ricardo J. Jaar founded Fundacion Educar, a non-profit organization that provides refurbished computers free of charge to public schools and to less fortunate communities in Honduras with the support of Computadores Para Educar from Colombia. Jaar was part of the organization committee of the XXVII Model OAS General Assembly celebrated in San Pedro Sula, Honduras 27–30 April 2009 and has organized presidential debates in Honduras for the past 2 presidential elections, and has organized for several years, along with the US Embassy in Honduras and Fundacion Covelo, the program " Sueño Hondureño" to encourage students from public schools to form their own micro-enterprises and provides real-world business experience Dean’s Commendation List at The George Washington University, Washington, D. C. Ricardo J. Jaar has received numerous awards for his efforts in the education field, among them: Galardón La Concordia, given by The German Technical Cooperation, COHEP the Honduran National Business Council, for best practices in Social responsibility.

In 2008 Consejo Iberoamericano en Honor a la Calidad Educativa awarded Mr. Jaar the Title Honoris Causa de Iberoamerica and the Honorific Title of Master en Gestión Educativa de Iberoamérica Other positions held by Mr. Jaar in the Honduran community are: Member of the Board of Directors of INTERLEASE S. A. de C. V. and Counselor to the Board of Directors of Fundación Hondureña de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial

Incubus (band)

Incubus is an American rock band from Calabasas, California. The band was formed in 1991 by vocalist Brandon Boyd, lead guitarist Mike Einziger, drummer José Pasillas while enrolled in Calabasas High School and expanded to include bassist Alex "Dirk Lance" Katunich, Gavin "DJ Lyfe" Koppell. Incubus has attained commercial success, reaching multi-platinum sales, as well as releasing several successful singles. After their first two albums, Fungus Amongus and S. C. I. E. N. C. E; the band earned mainstream recognition with the release of their 1999 album Make Yourself which spawned several hits, including the band's highest charting song "Drive." Success continued with the albums Morning View and A Crow Left of the Murder.... Their sixth studio album, Light Grenades, debuted at No. 1 in 2006 and was followed by Incubus's first greatest hits album Monuments and Melodies in June 2009 and the band's 2011 album, If Not Now, When?. Incubus released an EP, Trust Fall, in early 2015, two years the band released their eighth studio album, titled 8, on April 21, 2017.

Worldwide, Incubus has sold over 19 million albums. Incubus was formed in 1991 by vocalist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einziger, bassist Alex Katunich and drummer José Pasillas, while the members were in high school, they existed as a band for some time before they gave themselves a name, having only chosen the band's name "Incubus" when required to supply a band name for an upcoming show. The band's early shows were at nightclubs on Los Angeles's Sunset Strip, including such well-known venues as the Whisky a Go Go, the Roxy and the Troubadour. Incubus produced many of their early recordings with Jim Wirt and Chillum Records in a Santa Monica studio, only able to work on their music during hours in which they were not in school. In 1995, Incubus added Gavin Koppell to the band and recorded their first two-song EP, Let Me Tell Ya'Bout Root Beer; this was followed by the debut album Fungus Amongus recorded with Wirt and released on Incubus's own label Stopuglynailfungus Music. In the following year, Incubus signed a seven-record deal with Sony's Immortal Records to become Epic Records.

The group was spotted by Epic/Immortal A&R Paul Pontius, responsible for signing Korn to the label. The 1997 six-track EP Enjoy Incubus was the band's first major-label release and was created so the band could present a recording while touring with Korn in Europe. S. C. I. E. N. C. E. Incubus's second studio album, was released on September 9, 1997. After their album release, they started opening for bands such as Korn and 311; this album marked a stylistic departure from the band's early material, featuring heavy guitar riffs, slap bass and turntables to create their most nu metal album. In February 1998, Incubus dismissed Koppell, they decided. A friend recommended Chris Kilmore to fill the position; the band asked him to join the band. Incubus participated in the Ozzfest and Family Values metal festivals and toured with System of a Down and Ultraspank during the fall. Chris Kilmore known as DJ Kilmore, replaced DJ Lyfe. After constant touring throughout 1998, after selling over 100,000 copies of S. C.

I. E. N. C. E. Without the support of radio or television exposure, Incubus took a break for two years and released their critically acclaimed third album Make Yourself. After just two weeks in the studio with producer Jim Wirt, the band was unhappy with the recordings and opted to continue recording without a producer. After another 3 weeks of recording, R. E. M./Nirvana producer Scott Litt took an interest in their songs and started taking part in the recording sessions focusing on songs like "Drive" and "Stellar". According to the band, Litt's involvement in the record came during the mixing process. Make Yourself was released on October 26, 1999; the album marked the beginning of a more commercially acceptable pop rock and alternative rock sound for the band, although several songs from the album still included elements of nu/alternative metal, such as downtuned riffs and layers of electronics. Right after their album's release, the band went on tour with Primus and Buckethead, a tour which lasted for the remainder of the year.

The first song that kicked off the album, "Privilege", was featured on MTV Sports: Pure Ride for the PlayStation. The band released the single, "Pardon Me", but it was not well received by radio stations. Brandon and Mike decided to perform a live acoustic version of the song at the few radio stations who were showing interest, this in turn spread the word of the song. Many radio stations began to play the acoustic version, including the influential Los Angeles radio giant KROQ-FM. With sparked interest in the song, radio stations began playing the studio version of "Pardon Me". In response, Incubus made a video for the song and released a six-song EP titled When Incubus Attacks on August 22, 2000; the EP contained the acoustic version of "Pardon Me". In its first week, the EP sold nearly 40,000 copies, peaked at No. 41 on the Billboard 200. To start off 2000, the band headed out on Tour with System of a Down, Mr. Bungle until March, at which point they embarked on a headline tour in clubs until April.

Due to the success of "Pardon Me", Make Yourself reached Gold certification in April 2000. Incubus continued to tour overseas, returned home at the end of May to go on a tour of the United States with longtime friends 311. "Stellar," the next single from the album was soon released, its video received afternoon

Sacred City

Sacred City is the sixth full-length album by Shriekback. Released in 1992, after the failure of 1988's Go Bang!, the album was much more experimental, returning to the original Shriekback sound. Barry Andrews was again joined by founder, Dave Allen, longtime collaborator Martyn Barker, as well as Karl Hyde. With little commercial success, the band dissolved shortly after the album's release. A companion film called Sacred City, was offered in a limited home-video release. AllMusic's Jason Ankeny said that "the advantages of 20/20 hindsight proves the group to have been well ahead of their time, their music predating the subsequent rise of electronica via its use of dub and drum'n'bass-styled sampled rhythms... Sacred City lacks the ingenious spark of such peak Shriekback efforts as Oil and Gold and Big Night Music, but their intellectual art-funk always makes for intriguing listening." Spin magazine featured it in their "Heavy Rotation" column of staff favourites, with Staci Bonner describing it as an "evocative concept album exploring the myths of cities around the world".

Jim Sullivan of The Boston Globe called Sacred City "a probing, atmospheric album -- not unlike some of Peter Gabriel's music" but noted that it had only sold "a modest 30,000 copies." Writing for The Seattle Times, Ken Hunt remarked on the use of "tribalistic drumming" and summarized the album as "a thematically unified collection of songs analyzing what urban life is all about." In the Los Angeles Times Mike Boehm observed that the album's songs "have a restrained, night-time mood, aren't supremely catchy or danceable" but recommended Sacred City as "a worthwhile album to chew on." All tracks written by Shriekback. "Signs" – 4:18 "Psycho Drift" – 3:54 "The Bastard Sons of Enoch" – 5:05 " Filthy Heart" – 5:05 "Exquisite Corpse" – 4:20 "Below" – 4:35 "Beatles Zebra Crossing?" – 4:04 "Hymn to the Local Gods" – 4:29 "Every Force Evolves a Form" – 5:27 "3 A. M." – 5:05

Pioneer (schooner)

Pioneer is a restored nineteenth century schooner sailing out of South Street Seaport in New York, New York. Pioneer was built in Pennsylvania in 1885 as a cargo sloop, she was the first of only two American cargo sloops built with a wrought iron hull. After ten years of service in the Delaware Bay, she was re-rigged as a schooner for easier handling. In 1930, the Pioneer was sold to a buyer in Massachusetts. By this point, she had been no longer being used as a sailing vessel, she was sold again in 1966 to Russell Grinnell, Jr. of Gloucester for use in his dock building business. Grinnell restored Pioneer's schooner rig and rebuilt her hull in steel plating, leaving the iron frame intact. Upon his death in 1970, he donated Pioneer to the South Street Seaport Museum. Pioneer appears in Episode 1 of Season 1 of the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire," in a scene set on the water showing illegal liquor being transported by boat; the Pioneer sails seasonally from South Street Seaport in Manhattan, offering daily sails to the public as well as charter sails and educational programs for children.

The crew is a combination of volunteers. List of schooners Pioneer official site article in New York Magazine

Bint Allayl

Bint Allayl was a British champion Thoroughbred racehorse. She was rated the best two-year-old filly of 1998 by both the International Classification and the Cartier Racing Awards, she won three of her four races including the Queen Mary Stakes and the Lowther Stakes and was made favourite for the 1999 1000 Guineas. She was put down after suffering an injury in training in February 1999. Bint Allayl, a powerfully built bay filly, was bred by her owner Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, she was sired by Green Desert out of the Mr. Prospector mare Society Lady. Green Desert finished second to Dancing Brave in the 2000 Guineas and became a leading sprinter, winning the July Cup. Apart from Bint Allayl, he sired the winners of over 1,000 races, including Oasis Dream, Sheikh Albadou and Cape Cross, the sire of Sea The Stars. Society Lady, a daughter of the Canadian champion La Voyageuse, failed to win a race but produced the Jersey Stakes winner Kheleyf. Bint Allayl was inbred 3x4 to Northern Dancer Bint Allayl was sent into training with Mick Channon at West Ilsley, Berkshire.

Bint Allayl made her debut in a five-furlong maiden race at York in May. Ridden by Frankie Dettori, she had "every chance" but was beaten a neck by Pipalong, a filly who went on to be a Group One winning sprinter, it was to be her only defeat. Two weeks she reappeared in the Listed National Stakes at Sandown, she was held up by Dettori before being sent past the odds-on favourite, Speedy James, a furlong from the finish. She went clear and scored a three and a half length victory, she was moved up to Group Three class for the Queen Mary Stakes at Royal Ascot where she was again matched against Pipalong. She had been described in the press as "arguably the season's fastest two-year-old", while Channon was reported to believe that she was the best juvenile he had trained. Dettori settled her just behind the leaders moved her into the lead a furlong out, she once again went clear of her opponents and won by two lengths from Pipalong, who ran on from well off the pace. It was more than two months before Bint Allayl appeared for her final start, the Lowther Stakes at York, although she was reported to be working impressively at home.

In the York race, she ran over six furlongs for the first time and the field was considered a strong one, with her opponents including the Princess Margaret Stakes winner Mythical Girl and Wannabe Grand, who had won the Cherry Hinton Stakes. Ridden by Mick Kinane Bint Allayl was held up in the early stages before moving up to take the lead a furlong out and win by a length and three-quarters from Wannabe Grand. After the race, she was made favourite for the 1,000 Guineas, a position she still held at the time of her death. Plans to run Bint Allayl in the Moyglare Stud Stakes and the Cheveley Park Stakes did not materialise after she suffered a setback in training. Although Bint Allayl did not race again, the form of the Lowther Stakes was boosted when Wannabe Grand won the Group One Cheveley Park Stakes at Newmarket in September. Despite a strong belief in the press that Bint Allayl would join the Godolphin Racing team, her owner decided to keep the filly in England with Mick Channon. During the winter, she required surgery on an injured hock but appeared to have recovered.

On 24 February 1999, Bint Allayl was injured. She received emergency veterinary treatment, but examinations revealed that she had suffered an untreatable "spiral fracture of her left-fore humerus", she was euthanized that evening. In the 1998 International Classicifation, Bint Allayl was assessed at 116, making her the highest rated two-year-old filly in Europe, she was named European Champion Two-year-old Filly at the Cartier Racing Awards. Bint Allayl was inbred 3 × 4 to Northern Dancer; this means that the stallion appears in both the third and fourth generations of her pedigree