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Young and Innocent

Young and Innocent is a 1937 British crime thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Nova Pilbeam and Derrick De Marney. Based on the 1936 novel A Shilling for Candles by Josephine Tey, the film is about a young man on the run from a murder charge who enlists the help of a woman who must put herself at risk for his cause, it is notable for an elaborately staged crane shot Hitchcock devised towards the end of the film, which identifies the real murderer. On a stormy night, at a retreat on the English coast, Christine Clay, a successful actress, argues passionately with her jealous ex-husband Guy. Not accepting her Reno divorce as valid, he accuses her of having an affair, she slaps him and he leaves the room. While they had been arguing, his eyes twitched violently; the next morning, Robert Tisdall happens to be walking along the seaside when Christine's dead body washes ashore. He recognizes her, runs for help. Two young women arrive just in time to see him racing away from the corpse.

The police decide that Tisdall is the only suspect. Christine was strangled with the belt from a raincoat, he admits knowing the victim from three years ago when he sold her a story, but the authorities assume the two have been having an affair. When they learn that she has left him money in her will, they feel they have hit upon motive and Tisdall is arrested. Scotland Yard detectives grill him all night; the next morning, he faints and is revived with the aid of Erica Burgoyne, daughter of the local police Chief Constable. Tisdall is assigned an incompetent barrister, is taken into court for his formal arraignment. Doubting if his innocence will be established, he takes advantage of overcrowding in the courthouse to escape, wearing the barrister's eyeglasses as a disguise, he gets away by riding on the running board of Erica's Morris car, revealing himself to her after the car runs out of petrol. He helps push the car to a filling station, pays for petrol, convinces her to give him a ride. Though she is fearful and unsure about her passenger, Erica becomes convinced of his innocence and chooses to help him in any way that she can.

They are spotted together, forcing both to stay on the run from the police. Tisdall tries to prove his innocence by tracking down the stolen coat: if it still has its belt, the one found next to Christine's body must not be his; the duo succeed in tracing Tisdall's coat to a homeless, but sociable, china-mender. But Will was not the thief, and when Will received the coat, its belt was missing. Separated from the group, Erica is taken in by the police. Upon realizing that his daughter has allied herself with a murder suspect, her father chooses to resign his position as Chief Constable rather than arrest her for assisting a felon. Tisdall sneaks into their house to see her, intending to surrender next, but she mentions that the coat had a box of matches from the Grand Hotel in a pocket. Tisdall has never been there: the murderer has a connection to the hotel. Erica and Will go to the hotel together. In a memorably long, continuous sequence, the camera pans right from their entrance to the hotel and moves forward from the back of the hotel ballroom focusing in extreme closeup on the drummer in a dance band performing in blackface.

His eyes are twitching. He is Guy. Recognizing Old Will in the audience, seeing policemen nearby, Guy performs poorly due to fear, he is berated by the conductor and, during a break, takes medicine to try to control the twitching, but it makes him sleepy. In mid-performance, Guy passes out, drawing the attention of Erica and the police. After being revived and confronted, he confesses his crime and begins laughing hysterically. Erica tells her father that she thinks it is time they invited Tisdall to their home for dinner. Variety called the film a "Pleasing, artless vehicle" for Nova Pilbeam, "charming" in her role and concluded, "If the pic is not Hitchcock's best effort, it is by no means unworthy of him." Frank Nugent of The New York Times called it a "crisply paced, excellently performed film." The Monthly Film Bulletin wrote, "Innumerable small touches show Hitchcock's keen and penetrating observation and his knowledge of human nature. Comedy and thrills are skilfully blended." Harrison's Reports wrote.

Because of the novelty of the story, the interesting plot developments, the expert direction by Alfred Hitchcock, one's attention is held from the beginning to the end." John Mosher of The New Yorker wrote that it was "rather disappointing to me. It begins with a smart murder, but wanders off through the English rural landscape in a fashion so lacking in that sound common sense we like in our mysteries, or like to feel is there anyhow, that one's interest fades away."Aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports 100% approval of Young and Innocent, with an average rating of 7.6/10. Significant changes were made in adapting the book for the film; the novel is a whodunit centred on the Scotland Yard inspector, Tey's regular character Alan Grant. The storyline involving Robert Tisdall, Erica Burgoyne, the missing coat is similar to the film story, but in the novel it is only a subplot and ends part way through the book when Erica finds the coat and it is intact

Gaggan (restaurant)

Gaggan was a restaurant run by chef Gaggan Anand in Bangkok, Thailand. On August 25, 2019 Gaggan closed and the last guest serving date was August 24, 2019. In 2018, it comes top of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants for the fourth consecutive year in the list of The World's 50 Best Restaurants edited by Restaurant, ranking 7th overall worldwide. Gaggan earned 2 Michelin star in the first edition of the Thailand Michelin guide in 2018; the restaurant was opened in Bangkok, Thailand, by Indian chef Gaggan Anand in 2010, who had lived in Bangkok since 2007. He sought to refine Indian food to the same fine dining level as seen by other styles of cuisine such as French or Japanese within Thailand; the restaurant is located in a former 19th century townhouse. While the property was being renovated prior to opening, the 2010 Thai political protests took place meaning that Anand couldn't visit the restaurant for a period of time; the interior decor has a running color scheme of white and beige throughout, but there are additions of neon purple lights and scatter cushions in a variety of colors.

The restaurant's dining area spreads across two floors which remain in a series of small enclosed rooms. Prior to opening Gaggan, Anand worked at the three Michelin star molecular gastronomy restaurant elBulli in Spain; the chef has incorporated similar techniques into the menu at Gaggan. These have included a coriander foam served with green peppercorn chicken kebabs in a dish entitled "Green with envy", one entitled "Beauty and the Beast" which features potatoes stuffed with figs, his signature dish turned out to be "Lick it Up", a mix of different curries placed on a plate that the diner has to lick. Gaggan serves a 25-course tasting menu with no words, only emoji, which Anand described as "a way to transcend language barriers". In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, the restaurant was named both the best restaurant in Thailand, Asia's best restaurant in the list of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants collated by Restaurant magazine; this was an increase from the third spot overall in Asia from in 2014. The restaurant placed tenth in The World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2015, reaching number five in 2018 and remained the only Indian restaurant to place in the top 50.

In 2019, the restaurant was voted the fourth best in the world. Anand had planned to close Gaggan sometime in June 2020 to start a new venture in Fukuoka, Japan with partner Takeshi Fukuyama, which will draw on Buddhist principles; the restaurant was closed on 24 August 2019 before its scheduled date. Anand, in his Instagram post, stated the reason to be differences between the shareholders, he detailed the plans to open a new restaurant with more intimate space to open in Bangkok by October 2019. In the coming restaurant, he wrote, his daughter will be the highest shareholder. Official website


Tibaná is a town and municipality in the Colombian Department of Boyacá, part of the subregion of Márquez Province. The urban centre of Tibaná is situated on the Altiplano Cundiboyacense at an altitude of 2,115 metres and a distance of 38 kilometres from the department capital Tunja, it borders Jenesano in the north, Ramiriquí and Chinavita in the east, Chinavita and Úmbita in the south and in the west Turmequé and Nuevo Colón. Tibaná is named after a Chibcha-speaking tribe of the Muisca. Tiba means "chief"; the area around Tibaná was part of the Muisca Confederation and loyal to the zaque of Hunza. Modern Tibaná was founded early in the Spanish conquest. Main economical activity of Tibaná is agriculture. Mining is restricted to small-scale operations coal and clay

2008–09 Guildford Flames season

During the 2008–09 season, the Guildford Flames participated in the semi-professional English Premier Ice Hockey League. It was the 17th year of Ice Hockey played by the Guildford Flames and the second season under Paul Dixon as head coach. During the summer Dixon worked to improve the defensive line by shipping out Dominic Hopkins and Ben Johnson, replacing them with 17-year-old Steven Lee who had played two seasons with Elite League side Hull, bringing toughness to the team in the form of Mark Williams from Romford. Other departures included fringe player Ben Duggan, replaced by Matt Hepburn from the juniors; the main talking point over the summer was the departure of long time top goal scorer Jozef Kohut, leaving the team with what many believed was a weak offence. After an indifferent start to the season with 3 wins and 3 losses, it was announced on 9 October that the Flames would travel to Slovakia and take part in an exhibition against Extraliga side Poprad in a game opened by the Queen during her state visit to the country.

After a poor run of results in November and a multiple game ban for import Vaclav Zavoral, the decision was taken to sign Czech Martin Bouz. A surprise departure was the main feature of January with Mark Williams leaving to pursue work commitments and to play closer to home with the Romford Raiders. Final Table Secured Play-off Berth. EPL League Champions Peterborough are EPL League Champions 2008/09 Final Table Secured Semi-final Berth. Aggregate Scores Peterborough Phantoms are the EPL Cup Champions 2008/09 Aggregate Scores for quarter-finals Peterborough are the 2008/09 EPL Playoff champions Final Standing No Longer on Active Roster Final Final Powerplay 42 for 204 – 20.6% Penalty Kill 241 for 293 – 82.3% Final The traditional End of Season Awards dinner was held on Monday 30 March 2009. The following awards were given out: Most Sportsman like – #37 Ben Austin British Player of the year – #8 Rob Lamey Players Player of the year – #8 Rob Lamey Top Point Scorer – #21 Milos Melicherik The GIHSC Voted the following: Supporters British Player of the year – #8 Rob Lamey Supporters Player of the year – #77 Taras Foremsky +Management CEO Rob Hepburn Commercial Manager Kirk Humphreys Financial Controller Thomas HepburnCoaching staffHead Coach Paul Dixon Assistant Coach Milos Melicherik Assistant/Equipment Manager Dave WigginsGoaltenders30 Joe Watkins 31 Alex MettamForwards8 Rob Lamey 12 Matt Hepburn 14 Stuart Potts 17 Rick Plant – Captain 18 Callum Best 19 Terry Miles 21 Milos Melicherik – Alternate Captain 25 Vinnie Zavoral 32 Lukas Smital 44 Nick Cross 47 Martin Bouz 76 Taras Foremsky 91 Ollie BronnimannDefenders4 Neil Liddiard – Alternate Captain 6 David Savage 22 Paul Dixon 24 Mark Williams 37 Ben Austin 45 Steve Lee 55 Rick Skene Official Guildford Flames website Flames Backburner Site

Novi magazin

Novi magazin is a Serbian-language weekly print news magazine headquartered in Belgrade. It features original articles on social and political topics, with the editorial policy described as "moderately critical and pro-European"; the magazine was founded in 2011. The chairman and editor-in-chief is Nadežda Gaće, a journalist who served as the president of Independent Journalist Association of Serbia. Deputy editor-in-chief is Mijat Lakićević; the magazine was established with financial help from Miroslav Bogićević, a businessman who owns an array of Serbian companies, most notably Farmakom. Before establishing Novi magazin, Bogićević unsuccessfully tried to purchase the major political magazine NIN. Nadežda Gaće is registered as the sole owner in the Serbian Business Registers Agency. News desk of the magazine includes Marija Kolaković, Đurađ Šimić and Miša Brkić. Regular columnists are Dimitrije Boarov, Vladimir Gligorov and Momčilo Pantelić. A novelist Marija Sajkas is a regular contributor from the U.

S. In 2011, the Erste Bank EU Office in cooperation with the Office of the EU Delegation to Serbia and the European Integration Office of the Government of the Republic of Serbia awarded the prize for the best newspaper report on the European integration process in Serbia to Danica Čigoja of Novi magazin. Official website

Kamikawa Maru-class seaplane tender

The Kamikawa Maru-class cargo ship was a type of cargo ship of Japan, serving during the 1930s and World War II. Four of the five ships of the class were converted to seaplane tenders during the war. In 1930, the Ōsaka Mercantile Steamship Co. Ltd. Put into service the Kinai Maru-class cargo ship on the Japan-New York route. Competing Japanese steamship companies produced and placed their own cargo ships on the North America route. In 1936, the Kawasaki Line built four Kamikawa Maru-class ships, they had much higher cruising speeds and capacity than their competitors. However, they did not survive to the end of the war. Kamikawa MaruKiyokawa MaruKimikawa MaruKunikawa MaruHirokawa Maru Tashirō Iwashige, The visual guide of Japanese wartime merchant marine, "Dainippon Kaiga". Archived from the original on 2002-12-07. May 2009 Shinshichirō Komamiya, The Wartime Convoy Histories, "Shuppan Kyōdōsha". Archived from the original on 2011-07-22. Retrieved 2010-09-11. October 1987 Monthly Ships of the World, "Kaijinsha".

No. 481, Special issue Vol. 40, History of Japanese aircraft carriers, May 1994 No. 525, June 1997 No. 600, September 2002 Science of the Ships No. 403, Ministry of Transport, May 1982 The Maru Special, Japanese Naval Vessels No. 25, Japanese seaplane tenders w/ auxiliary seaplane tenders, "Ushio Shobō". March 1979