Zebedee Coltrin

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Zebedee Coltrin
Photograph of Zebedee Coltrin
First Seven Presidents of the Seventy
March 1, 1835 (1835-03-01) – April 6, 1837 (1837-04-06)
Called by Joseph Smith
End reason Honorably released because he had already been ordained a high priest
Personal details
Born (1804-09-07)September 7, 1804
Ovid, New York, United States
Died July 21, 1887(1887-07-21) (aged 82)
Spanish Fork, Utah Territory, United States

Zebedee Coltrin (September 7, 1804 – July 21, 1887) was a Mormon pioneer and a general authority in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from 1835 to 1837.

Coltrin was born in Ovid, New York. In 1814, his family moved to Strongsville, Ohio. Sometime before 1828, Coltrin married Julia Ann Jennings.

On 9 January 1831, Coltrin was baptized into the Latter Day Saint church by Solomon Hancock at Strongsville, Ohio and ordained an elder of the church on January 21, 1831. Just weeks after, Coltrin was assigned to go to Missouri as a church missionary with Levi W. Hancock. On 17 July 1832 Coltrin was ordained a high priest and in 1834 he served another mission, this time to Upper Canada. On 19 April 1834, Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and Oliver Cowdery gave Zebedee a blessing that he would live to see 70yrs age and be blessed with wisdom to preach the gospel.[1] Also in 1834, Coltrin joined Zion's Camp and marched from Ohio to Missouri to assist Latter Day Saints there.

Coltrin became a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy on 28 February 1835. The next day, Coltrin was appointed to be one of the first seven presidents of the Seventy. When the church hierarchy realized that Coltrin had previously been ordained a high priest, Coltrin was released as one of the presidents of the Seventy on 6 April 1837.

Moved to Commerce, Illinois in 1839 but soon moved to Kirtland, Ohio. Appointed second counselor to Almon W. Babbit in Kirtland Stake, May 22, 1841 and received into Nauvoo high priests quorum June 4, 1843. Coltrin was a Mormon pioneer and traveled to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. In 1852, Coltrin settled in Spanish Fork, Utah Territory. Coltrin practiced plural marriage, and his second wife, Mary Mott, gave birth to his eight children.

In 1873, John Taylor ordained Coltrin to be a church patriarch, a position he held until his death in Spanish Fork at the age of 82.


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28 February 1835 - 6 April 1837
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