11th Division (Australia)

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11th Division
Active 1942–1945
Country Australia Australia
Branch Army
Type Infantry

World War II

The 11th Division was an Australian Army unit formed during World War II by the redesignation of Milne Force on 1 October 1942. The division saw action in New Guinea during the Finisterre Range campaign and in New Britain,[1] it was disbanded on 31 August 1945.[2]


At the time of its formation on 1 October 1942 from the remnants of Milne Force, the division was commanded by Major General Cyril Clowes, it remained around Milne Bay until January 1943 when it was transferred to Port Moresby. A further move occurred in July 1943, when the division was flown to Dobodura; in September 1943, the division's command changed hands with Major-General Allan Boase taking over. In April 1944, it took over, the division's headquarters moved to Dumpu, and it subsequently relieved the 7th Division which had been fighting a campaign through the Markham and Ramu Valleys and into the Finisterre Ranges, the division continued the advance towards Madang, linking up with the 5th Division around Bogadjim, before being moved back to Wau in early May 1944, leaving its divisional carrier company at Dumpu and transferring several units to the 5th Division.[3]

The 11th was one of six Australian divisions that were converted to the Jungle division establishment in the middle of the war,[4] the division later fought a brief campaign on New Britain in the last year of the war, landing at Wide Bay, and taking over from the 5th Division in the final months of the war.[5][6]

It was disbanded on 31 August 1945.[7]

Divisional units[edit]

All units that served with the division during the war.[8]

Commanding officers[edit]

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