14th Indian Division

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14th Indian Division
Active12 May 1916 – February 1919
Country British India
AllegianceBritish Crown
Branch British Indian Army
Part ofIII Corps
EngagementsWorld War I
Mesopotamian Campaign
Second Battle of Kut
Fall of Baghdad (1917)

The 14th Indian Division was formed during World War I, for service in the Mesopotamian Campaign. It was composed of Battalions of the Regular British Army, the British Territorial Force and the British Indian Army.


Map showing the 14th Division movements

The Division now part of the Tigris Corps was involved in a number on minor engagements the Second Battle of Kut and the Fall of Baghdad, the Division's 36th Brigade was left in Baghdad as the Garrison.

The Division remained in Mesopotamia until the Armistice of Mudros 31 October 1918.[1][2]

Order of battle[edit]

The division commanded the following units, although not all of them served at the same time:[3]

35th Indian Brigade[edit]

36th Indian Brigade[edit]

Departed for the North Persia Force in June 1918, replaced by 56th Indian Brigade

37th Indian Brigade[edit]

56th Indian Brigade[edit]

Joined in August 1918 to replace 36th Indian Brigade



Troops entering Baghdad

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