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List of years in literature (table)

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1714.


New books[edit]


  • Anonymous
  • John Arbuthnot
    • A Continuation of the History of the Crown-Inn
    • A Postscript to John Bull
  • Anne DacierDes Causes de la corruption du goût (On the Causes of the Corruption of Taste, in defence of Homer)
  • Daniel DefoeA Secret History of the White-Staff (reporting allegations against Harley)
  • William DiaperAn Imitation of the Seventeenth Epistle of the First Book of Horace
  • Thomas EllwoodThe History of the Life of Thomas Ellwood
  • Laurence EusdenA Letter to Mr Addison, on the King's Accession to the Throne
  • Sir John FortescueThe Difference between an Absolute and a Limited Monarchy (written c. 1473)
  • Charles GildonA New Rehearsal (an attack on Pope, et al.)
  • Anthony HamiltonMemoirs of the Life of the Count de Grammont (translation of Abel Boyer)
  • William King et al. – The Persian and the Turkish Tales, Compleat
  • Gottfried LeibnizLa Monadologie
  • John LockeThe Works of John Locke (posthumous)
  • Bernard de MandevilleThe Fable of the Bees
  • Delarivier ManleyThe Adventures of Rivella; or, The History of the Author of the Atalantis (quasi-autobiography)
  • "Captain" Alexander Smith – The History of the Lives of the Most Noted Highway-men, Foot-pads, House-breakers, Shop-lifts, and Cheats...
  • Richard Steele
    • The Crisis
    • The Englishman (collection and end of the periodical)
    • The Lover (periodical)
    • Mr Steele's Apology for Himself and his Writings
    • The Public Spirit of the Tories (attrib.: response to Swift)
    • The Reader (periodical)
  • Jonathan SwiftThe Public Spirit of the Whigs
  • Ned WardThe Field-Spy
  • Edward YoungThe Force of Religion





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In literature[edit]


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