18 de Julio Avenue

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18 de Julio Avenue

Avenida 18 de Julio, or 18 de Julio Avenue, is the most important avenue in Montevideo, Uruguay. It is named after the date the first Constitution of Uruguay was written: July 18, 1830.

It starts from Plaza Independencia at the limits of the Ciudad Vieja (the Old City), crosses the barrios Centro and Cordón and ends at the Obelisk of Montevideo in Tres Cruces, where it meets Artigas Boulevard. Although not the widest or longest avenue of the city, it is considered as the most important of Montevideo, both as a commercial center and because of the many tourist attractions along its length.


The main landmarks across this avenue are:

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Coordinates: 34°54′21.5″S 56°11′33.4″W / 34.905972°S 56.192611°W / -34.905972; -56.192611