1904 College Football All-America Team

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The 1904 College Football All-America team is composed of various organizations that chose College Football All-America Teams that season. The organizations that chose the teams included Collier's Weekly selected by Walter Camp.

All-Americans of 1904[edit]

Yale's Tom Shevlin was a four-time All-American



  • James Hogan, Yale (WC-1; CW-1; NYS-1; NYH; PR; NYET; PNA-1; PI; FL)
  • James Cooney, Princeton (WC-1; CW-1; NYS-1; NYT; NYH; PR; NYET; PI)
  • Joe Curtis, Michigan (WC-2; FL)
  • James R. Bloomer, Yale (CW-2; NYS-2; NYT; PNA-1; FL [sub])
  • Tom Thorp, Columbia (WC-2; CW-2; NYS-2)
  • Thomas Alexander Butkiewicz, Penn (WC-3)
  • Thomas B. Doe, Army (WC-3)


With halfback Willie Heston in the backfield, the Michigan Wolverines compiled a 43–0–1 record between 1901–04.


  • Arthur Tipton, Army (WC-1; CW-1; NYS-1; NYH; PR)
  • Clint Roraback, Yale (WC-2; NYS-2; NYT; NYET; PNA-1; PI)
  • Robert Grant Torrey, Penn (WC-3; CW-2)
  • John M. Haselwood, Illinois (FL)



  • Daniel Hurley, Harvard (WC-1; CW-1; NYS-1; NYT; PR; PNA-1; PI)
  • Willie Heston, Michigan (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; NYET; FL)
  • Lydig Hoyt, Yale (WC-3; CW-2 [fb]; NYS-1; NYH; PR)
  • Jack Owsley, Yale (NYS-2)
  • Marshall Reynolds, Penn (WC-2; NYS-2; NYT; PNA-1)
  • W. E. Metzenthin, Columbia (NYH)
  • Jack Hubbard, Amherst (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2; CW-2)
  • James Vaughn, Dartmouth (WC-3)
  • W. C. Leavenworth, Yale (PI)
  • Frederick A. Prince, Army (CW-2)
  • Walter L. Foulke, Princeton (FL [sub])



NCAA recognized selectors for 1904

Other selectors

Bold = Consensus All-American[8]

  • 1 – First-team selection
  • 2 – Second-team selection
  • 3 – Third-team selection

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