1913 Grand Prix season

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1913 Grand Prix season
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The 1913 Grand Prix season consisted of Grand Prix races in Europe and the United States. The French Grand Prix was held in Amiens. The first ever Russian Grand Prix was held in St. Petersburg. There was no American Grand Prize this year.

The Automobile Club de l'Ouest organized the Grand Prix de France of 1913.[1] This race is not considered to be part of the lineage of French Grands Prix, as it was a separate event from the official French Grand Prix, the Grand Prix de l'ACF, hosted by the Automobile Club de France from 1906 onwards.

Season review[edit]

The finish of Russian Grand Prix. The arrival of G. M. Suvorin on "Benz"

Grandes Épreuves[edit]

Date Name Circuit Winning drivers Winning constructor Report
12 July France French Grand Prix Amiens France Georges Boillot Peugeot Report

Other Grands Prix[edit]

Date Name Circuit Winning driver Winning constructor Report
7 June Russia Russian Grand Prix St Petersburg Russia Georgy Suvorin Benz Report
15 June Spain Spanish Grand Prix Guadarrama Spain Carlos de Salamanca Rolls Royce Report
5 August France Grand Prix de France Le Mans France Paul Bablot Delage Report


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