1914 Grand Prix season

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1914 Grand Prix season
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The 1914 Grand Prix season saw the return of the American Grand Prize and was the last Grand Prix motor racing season in Europe, before the outbreak of World War I. The French Grand Prix was held in Lyon. The American Grand Prize was held in Santa Monica.

Season review[edit]

Grandes Épreuves[edit]

Date Name Circuit Winning drivers Winning
4 July France French Grand Prix Lyon Germany Christian Lautenschlager Mercedes Report

Other Grands Prix[edit]

Date Name Circuit Winning driver Winning
26 February United States Vanderbilt Cup Santa Monica Italy Ralph DePalma Mercedes Report
28 February United States American Grand Prize United States Eddie Pullen Mercer Report
30 May United States Indianapolis 500 Indianapolis France René Thomas Delage Report
31 May Italy Coppa Florio Madonie Italy Felice Nazzaro Nazzaro Report
31 May Russia Russian Grand Prix St Petersburg Germany Willy Scholl Benz Report
10–11 June United Kingdom Tourist Trophy Isle of Man United Kingdom Kenelm Lee Guinness Sunbeam Report
22 August United States Elgin Trophy Elgin Italy Ralph DePalma Mercedes Report


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