United Nations Security Council Resolution 1015

United Nations Security Council resolution 1015, adopted unanimously on 15 September 1995, after reaffirming all resolutions on the situation in the former Yugoslavia, in particular resolutions 943, 970, 988 and 1003, the Council noted measures by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to continue the border closure with Bosnia and Herzegovina and therefore extended the partial suspension of sanctions against Serbia and Montenegro for an additional 180 days until 18 March 1996. It was noted that the border remained closed, except to humanitarian relief and the efforts of Serbia and Montenegro in this regard. There was greater co-operation between Serbia and Montenegro and the Mission of the International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia. Acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the international sanctions placed on Serbia and Montenegro were suspended until 18 March 1996. Restrictions and arrangements in resolutions 943 and 988 would continue to apply; the situation would remain under review by the Security Council.

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