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List of years in film (table)

The year 1919 in film involved some significant events.


Top-grossing films (U.S.)[edit]

Rank Title Gross
1. The Miracle Man $3,000,000[4]
2. Male and Female $1,256,227 [5]
3. Daddy-Long-Legs $1,250,000 [6]
4. Madame DuBarry $1,000,000[7]
5. The Roaring Road
6. When the Clouds Roll By
7. Hawthorne of the U.S.A.
8. Broken Blossoms $600,000 [8]

Notable films released in 1919 around the world[edit]

Comedy film series[edit]

Only the films of the series released in 1919 are collected.

Buster Keaton (1917–1941)[edit]

Films starring Roscoe Arbuckle, featuring Buster Keaton released in 1919:

Charlie Chaplin (1914–1923)[edit]

Charlie Chaplin wrote, produced, directed, and starred in 9 films for his own production company between 1918 and 1923. These films were distributed by First National. Below the movies filmed in 1919:

Score composed for 1973 re-release

Uncompleted and unreleased films
  • The Professor as Professor Bosco, Slated as a two-reeler, but never issued

Harold Lloyd (1913–1921)[edit]

Glasses character ("The Boy"):

Animated short film series[edit]

Out of the Inkwell.

Koko the Clown (1919-1934)[edit]

Koko the Clown was the first animated movie cartoon series. Below list of short films released in 1919:

  • The Tantalizing Fly
  • The Clown's Pups
  • Out of the Inkwell
  • Slides
  • Experiment No. 2
  • Experiment No. 3
  • Out of the Inkwell

Felix the Cat (1919-1936)[edit]

Felix the cat in his first cartoon Feline Follies.

Below list of Felix the Cat short films released in 1919:

November 9: Feline Follies
November 16: The Musical Mews
December 14: The Adventures of Felix



Film debuts[edit]


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