1921 Grand Prix season

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1921 Grand Prix season
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The 1921 Grand Prix season saw Grand Prix motor racing finally fully recovered after World War I. The French Grand Prix was held in Sarthe, Le Mans. It was the first GP in which a US make, Duesenberg, entered, and the first in which hydraulically operated four wheel brakes were used (by Duesenberg). Ballot entered with mechanical four wheel brakes. The first Italian Grand Prix was held in Montichiari, near Brescia.

Season review[edit]

Grandes Épreuves[edit]

Date Name Circuit Winning drivers Winning constructor Report
25 July France French Grand Prix Le Mans United States Jimmy Murphy Duesenberg Report
4 September Italy Italian Grand Prix Montichiari France Jules Goux Ballot Report

Other Grands Prix[edit]

Date Name Circuit Winning driver Winning constructor Report
22 May Italy Garda Circuit Salò Italy Eugenio Silvani Bugatti Report
29 May Italy Targa Florio Madonie Italy Giulio Masetti Fiat Report
6 June Italy Coppa della Cascine Florence "Deo" Chiribiri Report
24 July Italy Mugello Circuit Mugello Italy Giuseppe Campari Alfa Romeo Report
4 September Italy Coppa Florio Brescia France Jules Goux Ballot Report
11 September Italy Gentlemen Grand Prix Italy Giulio Masetti Mercedes Report
25 September Italy Coppa Montenero Montenero Italy Corrado Lotti Ansaldo Report