1922 Grand Prix season

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1922 Grand Prix season
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The 1922 Grand Prix season saw the French Grand Prix being held in Strasbourg. The Italian Grand Prix moved to its spiritual home at Monza.

Season review[edit]

Grandes Épreuves[edit]

Date Name Circuit Winning drivers Winning constructor Report
16 July France French Grand Prix Strasbourg Italy Felice Nazzaro FIAT Report
3 September Italy Italian Grand Prix Monza Italy Pietro Bordino FIAT Report

Other Grands Prix[edit]

Date Name Circuit Winning driver Winning constructor Report
2 April Italy Targa Florio Madonie Italy Giulio Masetti Mercedes Report
30 May Italy Sardo Circuit Cagliari Italy Ernesto Ceirano SCAT Report
18 June Italy Mugello Circuit Mugello Italy Alfieri Maserati Isotta Fraschini Report
22 June United Kingdom Tourist Trophy Isle of Man France Jean Chassagne Sunbeam Report
27 August Italy Coppa Montenero Montenero Italy Carlo Masetti Bugatti Report
15 October Italy Garda Circuit Salò Italy Guido Meregalli Diatto Report
22 October Italy Autumn Grand Prix Monza France André Dubonnet Hispano-Suiza Report
19 November Italy Coppa Florio Madonie France André Boillot Peugeot Report