1922 Italian Grand Prix

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1922 Italian Grand Prix
Monza 1922.svg
Race details
Date 10 Sep 1922
Official name II Gran Premio d'Italia
Location Monza, Italy
Course Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Course length 10.00 km (6.21 mi)
Distance 80 laps, 800 km (496.8 mi)
Pole position
Driver Fiat
Grid positions set by ballot
Fastest lap
Driver Italy Pietro Bordino Fiat
Time 4:05.0
First Fiat
Second Fiat
Third Bugatti

The 1922 Italian Grand Prix was a Grand Prix motor race held at Monza on 10 September 1922.[1]


Race start
Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retired
1 18 Italy Pietro Bordino Fiat 804 80 5h43m13
2 5 Italy Felice Nazzaro Fiat 804 80 5h51m35
3 16 Spain Pierre de Vizcaya Bugatti 30 76 + 4 laps
Ret 9 Italy Guido Meregalli Diatto 4DC 52 Mechanical
Ret 22 Italy Alfieri Maserati Diatto 4DC 27 Crash
Ret 20 Germany Franz Heim Heim 16
Ret 31 Germany Reinhold Stahl Heim 7
Ret 29 Italy Enrico Giaccone Fiat 804 0 Transmission
DNS 37 Germany Gregor Kuhn Austro-Daimler Fatal Accident in practice
DNS 1 France Jules Goux Ballot 2LS
DNS 2 France Jean Chassagne Sunbeam
DNS 3 France Ernest Friderich Bugatti 30
DNS 4 Germany Max Sailer Mercedes
DNS 6 Italy Eugenio Silvani Bianchi 18
DNS 7 United States Art Henney Heim
DNS 12 France Albert Guyot Rolland-Pilain A22
DNS 13 France Rene Thomas Delage 2LCV
DNS 14 Italy Giulio Foresti Ballot 2LS
DNS 15 United Kingdom Henry Segrave Sunbeam
DNS 17 Germany Christian Lautenschlager Mercedes
DNS 19 Italy Meo Costantini Bianchi 18
DNS 25 France Victor Hemery Rolland-Pilain A22
DNS 26 Republic of Ireland Kenelm Lee Guinness Sunbeam
DNS 27 France Pierre Marco Bugatti 30
DNS 28 Germany Otto Salzer Mercedes
DNS 30 Italy Caberto Conelli Bianchi
DNS 35 France Louis Wagner Rolland-Pilain A22
DNS 36 France Jacques Mones-Maury Bugatti 30
DNS 39 France Jean-Philippe Sadi-le-Cointe Rolland-Pilain A22
WD 8 Germany Alfred Neubauer Austro-Daimler Entry Withdrawn
WD 32 Germany Lambert Pocher Austro-Daimler Entry Withdrawn


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