1924 Grand Prix season

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1924 Grand Prix season
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The 1924 Grand Prix season again saw Grand Prix motor racing in Europe and North America. The Indianapolis 500 was again designated a Grand Épreuve by the International Sporting Commission of the AIACR, along with the French Grand Prix, held in Lyon and the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. The French Grand Prix was also this year's European Grand Prix.

Season review[edit]

Grandes Épreuves[edit]

Date Name Circuit Winning drivers Winning
30 May United States Indianapolis 500 Indianapolis United States Joe Boyer
United States L. L. Corum
Duesenberg Report
3 August France French Grand Prix
European Grand Prix
Lyon Italy Giuseppe Campari Alfa Romeo Report
19 October Italy Italian Grand Prix Monza Italy Antonio Ascari Alfa Romeo Report

The Indianapolis 500 counted towards the AAA Championship Car title.

Other Grands Prix[edit]

Date Circuit Name Winning driver Winning
13 April Italy Tigullio Circuit Tigullio Italy Tazio Nuvolari Bianchi Report
27 April Italy Targa Florio Madonie Germany Christian Werner Mercedes Report
27 April Italy Coppa Florio Madonie Germany Christian Werner Mercedes Report
4 May Italy Belfiore Circuit Belfiore Italy Antonio Masperi Bianchi Report
18 May Italy Perugina Cup Perugia Italy Emilio Materassi Itala Report
23 May Italy Savio Circuit Ravenna Italy Enzo Ferrari Alfa Romeo Report
1 June Italy Polesine Circuit Polesine Italy Enzo Ferrari Alfa Romeo Report
9 June Italy Cremona Circuit Cremona Italy Antonio Ascari Alfa Romeo Report
13 July Italy Coppa Acerbo Pescara Italy Enzo Ferrari Alfa Romeo Report
13 July France Autodrome Cup Miramas Argentina Martín de Álzaga Sunbeam Report
17 August Italy Coppa Montenero Montenero Italy Renato Balestrero OM Report
31 August Italy Mugello Circuit Mugello Italy Giuseppe Morandi OM Report
27 September Spain San Sebastián Grand Prix Lasarte United Kingdom Henry Segrave Sunbeam Report
12 October France Champions Match Montlhéry United Kingdom Ernest Eldridge FIAT Report
19 October France GP de l'Ouverture Montlhéry United Kingdom J. G. Parry-Thomas Leyland-Thomas Report
9 November Italy Garda Circuit Salò Italy Guido Meregalli Diatto Report