2005 MTV Movie Awards

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2005 MTV Movie Awards
DateSaturday, June 4, 2005
LocationShrine Auditorium,
Los Angeles, California
CountryUnited States
Hosted byJimmy Fallon
Television/radio coverage

The 2005 MTV Movie Awards was hosted by Jimmy Fallon. A special award, the Silver Bucket of Excellence, was presented to the 1985 film Breakfast Club. Also, Tom Cruise was presented with the first-ever MTV Generation Award. Neither of these two special awards were voted upon by the public; the awards were also marked by Nine Inch Nails' decision to pull out because MTV refused to let them perform using as a backdrop an unaltered image of President George W. Bush. Frontman Trent Reznor commented, "apparently the image of our president is as offensive to MTV as it is to me". Foo Fighters replaced them.




Best Movie[edit]

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Breakthrough Male[edit]

Breakthrough Female[edit]

Best On-Screen Team[edit]

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MTV Generation Award[edit]

Silver Bucket of Excellence[edit]


  • "Tankman Begins"
  • "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith "


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