Abrocoma is a genus of abrocomid rodents found in the Andes of South America, from southern Peru to central Chile. The genus contains eight species, most of which are found in isolated mountain ranges in northwestern Argentina; the oldest fossil record for the Caviomorpha appears at the late Eocene-Early Oligocene transition. Genus Abrocoma A. bennettii - Bennett's chinchilla rat A. boliviensis - Bolivian chinchilla rat A. budini - Budin's chinchilla rat A. cinerea - ashy chinchilla rat A. famatina - Famatina chinchilla rat A. shistacea - Sierra del Tontal chinchilla rat A. uspallata - Uspallata chinchilla rat A. vaccarum - Punta de Vacas chinchilla rat or Mendozan chinchilla ratAdditionally, the species Cuscomys oblativus was classified as A. oblativus, but has been reassigned. Braun, J. K. and M. A. Mares. 2002. Systematics of the Abrocoma cinerea species complex, with a description of a new species of Abrocoma. Journal of Mammalogy, 83:1-19

Numbers (magazine)

Numbers was a literary magazine published twice a year in Cambridge, between 1986 and 1990. Six issues of the magazine appeared, of which the last was a double issue to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of the American poet and novelist Janet Lewis. Issue 4 was a celebration of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa; each issue contained an editorial, poems and prose by poets. Numbers was edited by John Alexander, Alison Rimmer, Peter Robinson and Clive Wilmer; the magazine emerged from the editors' involvement with the 1977 to 1985 Cambridge Poetry Festivals, with the exhibition Pound's Artists at Kettle's Yard and the Tate Gallery. Notable contributors to the magazine included