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Ali Larijani

Ali Larijani is an Iranian conservative politician and former military officer in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Speaker of the Parliament of Iran since 2008. Larijani was the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council from 15 August 2005 to 20 October 2007, appointed to the position by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, replacing Hassan Rouhani. Acceptance of Larijani's resignation from the secretary position was announced on 20 October 2007 by Gholamhossein Elham, the Iranian government's spokesman, mentioning that his previous resignations were turned down by President Ahmadinejad. Larijani was one of the two representatives of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ali Khamenei to the council, the other being Hassan Rouhani. In his post as secretary he functioned as the top negotiator on issues of national security, including Iran's nuclear program. Ali Larijani was born on 3 June 1957 in Najaf to Iranian parents, he hails from a religious family based in Amol in the province of Mazandaran.

His father was Ayatollah Mirza Hashem Amoli. His parents moved to Najaf in 1931 due to pressure of ruler Reza Shah, but returned to Iran in 1961. Larijani is a graduate of Qom, he holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science and mathematics from Aryamehr University of Technology and holds a master's degree and Ph. D. in Western philosophy from University of Tehran. He wanted to continue his graduate studies in computer science, but changed his subject after consultation with Morteza Motahhari. Larijani has published books on Immanuel Kant, Saul Kripke, David Lewis. Dr. Larijani is a faculty member of University of Tehran School of Humanities. Larijani is a former commander of the Revolutionary Guards. Larijani served as the deputy minister of labour and social affairs, was appointed deputy minister of information and communications technology. In March 1994, he was appointed as head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, replacing Mohammad Hashemi Rafsanjani in the post, he was in office until 21 July 2004 and was succeeded by Ezzatollah Zarghami after serving ten years in the post.

He became security adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in August 2004. Larijani was a presidential candidate for the 2005 presidential elections, where he ranked sixth, winning 5.94% of the votes. He was considered the most important presidential candidate of the conservative alliance for the 2005 presidential elections, he was supported among other conservative groups. He had been announced as the final choice of the conservative Council for Coordination of the Forces of the Revolution, made from representatives of some influential conservative parties and organizations, but he proved to be the least popular of the three conservative candidates, the others being Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf. In 2005, Larijani was appointed secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, a body which helps draw up nuclear and other policies, by Khamenei, he replaced Hassan Rouhani in the post. As chief nuclear negotiator, Iranian analysts said he differed with the president over how to pursue negotiations with his European counterparts and say he backed a more pragmatic approach.

As Iran's top nuclear envoy Larijani said on 25 April 2007 that he expected "new ideas" from senior EU official Javier Solana at talks on resolving the deadlock between Tehran's refusal to freeze its nuclear programme and United Nations Security Council demands that it do so. In the March 2008 parliamentary election, Larijani won a seat from Qom, he said. In May 2008, Larijani became speaker of the parliament, he was reelected in next years as chairman of the parliament. He was re-elected in 2012 elections as the Qom district's high receiving candidate, he was elected for another term as chairman of the parliament on 5 June 2012 and was sworn in on 11 June 2012. Larijani implied on 21 June 2009 that authorities took the side of one candidate, without clarifying which candidate. Just after the election, Larijani congratulated presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi as he, having "access to firsthand and classified information and news", believed Mousavi had won the election. However, on 22 October 2012, during a QA meeting with the students of Iran University of Science and Technology, Larijani denied the allegations that he had congratulated Mousavi.

He was elected as speaker in the new Majlis in May 2016. Larijani was considered to maintain Motalefeh membership and views while in Hashemi Rafsanjani cabinet. Iranian scholar Mehdi Moslem in his 2002 book named Factional Politics in Post-Khomeini Iran, suggests that Larijani had been a member of Motalefeh and part of the ‘traditional right’. Payam Mohseni, a fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, classifies Larijani as a lead figure in the ‘theocratic right’ camp, whose other prominent are Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi and Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani. Larijani was one of the leaders of the Principlists Pervasive Coalition in 2008 parliamentary elections, a United Front of Principlists leader. During Iranian 2016 parliamentary election Larijani was the leader of the Followers of Wilayat faction, although he was backed by the reformist List of Hope and said he is running as an independent candidate, he is described as a center-right politician who has "slowly distanced himself from the

Supper Moment

Supper Moment is a four-member rock band from Hong Kong. They were formed in 2006 and debuted in 2010 under Redline Music, they consist of lead vocalist and guitarist Sunny, lead guitarist Martin, bass guitarist CK and drummer Hugh. The name originated from the members' attitude towards supper. Supper means dinner, they believe that dinner time is treasurable and pervious for Hong Kong people as they are busy and do not have much time to back home. However, supper should be the warmest moment of the day; as it implies that someone is waiting you at home or waiting to have dinner after your busy working or studying day etc. Therefore, they want to use their music to let people reflect on their daily life and make their life to be more wonderful. 等等... CD Release Show 旅程 CD Release Show Supper Moment @ Live Stage Langham Place 起動心跳 Live 再次心跳 Concert Supper Moment @ Fullcupmusic Cafe Supper Moment x Neway Music Live 小伙子出城記 autograph signing party 世界變了樣 Concert Redline Music 5th Anniversary Party 世界變了樣 China tour 世界變了樣 Home station Superjoy Live 2015 Time Out Hong Kong’s Big Night Out HMV x MOOV Supper Moment Alive on Stage 溫柔革命10th Anniversary Concert 17.

Supper Moment London Live 2017 18. Supper Moment 【dal segno】CD release show 19. Supper Moment Live 2018 at Hong Kong Coliseum 20. Supper Moment Live 2019 in Macao and Foshan 21. Supper Moment x Miriam Lam MOOV Live 2019 22. Supper Moment Live 2020 in Vancouvor and Toronto Supper Moment has topped major charts in Hong Kong many times. 過後 was their first song to achieve number 1, topping the 903 chart in week 1 of 2013. 無盡 repeated the feat in week 38 of 2013, 世界變了樣 topped the RTHK chart in week 52 of 2013. By the end of 2017, 大丈夫 was Supper Moment's first song to top all four major charts in Hong Kong. Year 2008: Soundbase Festival 2008 Acoustic Band Competition Year 2009: A-Space Our Rock Story 5 Band Competition Year 2010: 「伊維特樂樂園」"hea爆華山Simple Life" Original Song Competition Year 2013: 2013 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards ( Best Performance by a Band Year 2013: 2013 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation Year 2014: 36th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award Concert Year 2014: 2014 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards (Best Melody Year 2014: 15th Chinese Music Media Award Year 2015: 2015 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards ( Best Performance by a Band Year 2015: 2015 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards Year 2015: 2015 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation Year 2015: 2015 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation Year 2016: 2015 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation Year 2016: 2015 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation Year 2016: 2015 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation Year 2016: 38th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award Concert

Gargi Gupta

Gargi Gupta is the founder and secretary of Voice Of World, a multi-unit non-profit organization for visually impaired and differently-abled and orphaned children in Eastern India, headquartered in Kolkata, India. She had started her work with six children in her father's rented house in North Kolkata and now the number of inmates increased to 300, it is the only run facility of its kind. Voice of World started its South Kolkata Centre in 1998 in another house of Prabir Gupta. Residential Kindergarten School, Braille Press and Library are located here. All differently abled. Along with their education for free of cost and teachers are getting exposure in various sports including mountaineering and trekking. In 2018 she introduced coastal trek for specially abled inmates. After completion of education of inmates and her NGO take care of rehabilitation of inmates specially visually challenged girls. Born in West Bengal, Gupta finished her study at Kolkata and joined Indian Railways; the city's street children were her first introduction to the conditions of the poor after death of her parents.

In recognition of her services, Indian President Ramnath Kovind awarded Gupta with the Nari Shakti award on 8 March 2018. 1992 She founded ‘Voice of World’ NGO which works for visually impaired and differently-abled orphaned children in Eastern India. 1997 Started residential facility for 300 residential and 3000 non residential beneficiaries. 2001 developed transliteration software to transfer Bengali word documents in to Braille. Set up a home in Rishra for visually challenged girl pursuing Higher Education Her NGO runs a Teachers training college where differently abled students get scholarship 8 March 2018: Nari Shakti Puraskar, highest civilian award for women in India. Gargi Gupta receiving award from President of India

David C. Muddiman

David C. Muddiman is an American chemist and distinguished professor of chemistry at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, his research is focused on developing innovative tools for mass spectrometry based proteomics and glycomics as well as novel imaging mass spectrometry ionization methods. He received his B. S. in Chemistry with a Minor in Business and a Ph. D. from the University of Pittsburgh in Bioanalytical Chemistry, he carried out a post-doctoral fellowship at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. His independent academic career prior to his appointment at NC State University were at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, he has received several awards during his career including the Arthur F. Findeis Award from the American Chemical Society, the NC State Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award, was the recipient of the Biemann Medal. Current Research Page at NC State University

Bessie De Voie

Bessie De Voie was an American actress and dancer of vaudeville and the musical theatre. Her personal life was in the headlines from 1908 to 1910, due to her relationship with Frank Jay Gould. Bessie De Voie's origins were told in various ways in the press of her day, she was described by the Detroit Free Press as being from Michigan. Other sources described her as being from Virginia, "known in private life as Bessie van Dorn." Still other reports said she was from Kentucky, or had at lived in Paducah, the daughter of Robert Van Dorn, a railroad engineer who died in a train accident in 1893. Other stories placed her hometown in Indiana, her 1974 obituary gives her birth name as Elizabeth Van Dorn, her birthplace as Bedford, Indiana. The obituary suggests a birthdate of 1888, her parents, Robert Van Dorn and May Clark Van Dorn, married around 1883. De Voie began her career before 1900, was half of Young and De Voie, an "eccentric soft shoe dancers" act with fellow dancer Frank C. Young, she played soubrette roles.

Young and De Voie danced in the touring shows A Hole in the Ground, A Trip to Chinatown, Hunting for Hawkins. De Voie was replaced Paula Edwardes in The Show Girl. In 1904 she was part of the large Rogers Brothers Company, in the same cast as Fred Niblo, her Broadway appearances included the musicals Mr. Bluebeard, The Rogers Brothers in Paris, The Rogers Brothers in Ireland, The Dairymaids. De Voie was in the cast of Mr. Bluebeard when it played at the Iroquois Theatre on the night of a fire in 1903, the deadliest single-building fire in American history. De Voie left the stage during the years of legal entanglement, but returned to higher fees after her fame had increased. "It is a lamentable fact that where hundreds went to see the girl, pretty and a graceful dancer before, thousands will not flock to see the dancer who thought she was going to marry Frank Gould," commented the National Tribune in 1910. Variety reported that her 1910 vaudeville appearance, intended to exploit the high interest in her, was unsuccessful, noted that "Where a woman – or a man – will make use of publicity through private affairs to secure an engagement or a re-engagement on the stage, no one regrets seeing him or her do a'flop'."Later shows featuring De Voie were Our Miss Gibbs, Three Twins, Louisiana Lou, with Sophie Tucker, The Doll Girl with Hattie Williams and Richard Carle.

She danced with Al B. White in 1913, Dare Phillips in 1914, with Guy Livingston in 1915. In 1917, she was in Pom Pom with Mitzi Hajos. Bessie De Voie was named in the 1908 society divorce between Frank Jay Gould and Helen Margaret Kelly. In 1909, she sued Gould for fraud and misrepresentation, asked $250,000 in compensation for breaking a promise to marry her, she published letters Gould sent her, "containing many expressions of affection". The scandal sparked headlines across the United States in 1909 and 1910; the suit was settled when Gould paid De Voie $10,000. Bessie Van Dorn became a saleswoman after 1920, she retired in 1962, died in a convalescent hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1974, about ninety years of age. Her gravesite is in Illinois. Bessie De Voie at the Internet Broadway Database Photograph of Bessie De Voie, from the J. Willis Sayre Collection of Theatrical Photographs, University of Washington Libraries. Photograph of Bessie De Voie, from the American Vaudeville Museum Archive, Special Collections at University of Arizona Libraries

Drsnik, Kosovo

Drsnik, or Dërsnik or Dresnik, is a settlement in the Klina municipality of Kosovo. During Early Middle Ages, Porphyrogenitus mentions the urban center of Desstinik. Archaeological discoveries from the Roman period were made here in August 2013. Dërsnik had a Serbian majority. In June 1999 the Serbian population fled due to war; some Serbs returned to the village after five years, on June 2005. The interior of the church of St. Paraskeva, which dates back to the 16th century, was torched in June 1999; some frescoes survived the fire. In 2009 there were arson attacks on two Serbian houses in Drsnik. In the 2011 census, the population was 1770. Previous census figures may not have been accurate. Data for 1991 may not reflect the correct number of Albanians that year, as they boycotted that census