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Aly & Fila
Origin Cairo, Egypt
Genres Trance, uplifting trance, vocal trance
Occupation(s) Producer, DJ
Instruments Synthesizer, drum machine, equalizer
Years active 2003–present
Labels Vandit, Armada Music, FSOE Recordings, Black Hole Recordings
Members Aly El Sayed Amr Fathalah (Aly)
Fadi Wassef Naguib (Fila)

Aly & Fila are an Egyptian trance music duo made up of Aly El Sayed Amr Fathalah (a.k.a. Aly) and Fadi Wassef Naguib (a.k.a. Fila). They host an Internet radio show called Future Sound of Egypt, and are the founders of the label of the same name.[1] The duo has played events across the world including Ultra Music Festival,[2] Tomorrowland,[3] Global Gathering,[4] and Luminosity Beach Festival.[5] In 2011, their track "We Control The Sunlight," which featured the vocals of Jwaydan Moyine was chosen as "Tune of the Year" on Armin Van Buuren's show A State of Trance.[6] Again in 2016, their track "Unbreakable," with Roger Shah and vocals by Susana, was chosen as "Tune of the Year" on A State of Trance.[7]

While both continue to produce music together, only Fadi currently goes on tour since Aly suffered a severe ear injury while performing and was advised to avoid loud music or risk losing the hearing in that ear altogether.[8] Since then, Fadi has played events and festivals like Cream at Amnesia in Ibiza, Electric Daisy Carnival, Creamfields, Ministry of Sound and Stereosonic.


Aly El Sayed Amr Fathalah (Aly) and Fadi Wassef Naguib (Fila), the Egyptian duo, were both born in 1981 and have known each other since kindergarten.[9] They began making music and DJing around the age of eighteen.[10] After falling in love with the music of Paul Van Dyk, The Thrillseekers and Chicane[11] they built their first small studio and started doing electronic music and DJing from 1999. Once they established themselves in Egypt, they decided to go international signing with the German record label Euphonic Records in 2003.[12] They were the first duo from Egypt who went international.[13] Their first release, "Eye of Horus," received huge airplay from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, DJ Tiësto and many others.[14] The track was licensed to Fundamental Recordings in the Netherlands and reached number 4 position in the Dutch Dance charts.

After finishing their contract with Euphonic Records, Fila met with Andy Prinz and they decided to launch their first sublabel of Offshore. Upcoming Egyptian releases would follow. Their first release through Offshore Music Switzerland / AP Pro Audio "Spirit of Ka" made it on numerous playlists.[15]

They have played alongside Armin Van Buuren in his A State of Trance radio show celebrations all over the world including locations like Den Bosch, Miami, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Utrecht,[16] and many others. The duo have opened a new record label by the year 2009, naming it like the radio show, Future Sound of Egypt Recordings. The record label signed on various well-known DJs such as Sean Tyas, Bjorn Akesson and Neptune Project. They have also signed other upcoming Egyptian trance DJs such as Philippe el Sisi, Mohamed Ragab, and Brave and in late 2010 the label joined forces with the Armada roster.[17]

On their debut album, ‘Rising Sun’, the duo joined forces with talented vocalists and producers Tiff Lacey, Sue McLaren, Josie, Denise Rivera, Philippe El Sisi, Bjorn Akesson and many more. The characteristic sound of Aly & Fila is uplifting and euphoric trance, the main genre of their first album.

Aly & Fila celebrated the 200th episode of their hugely successful radio show Future Sound Of Egypt 200 by throwing an event in their native home of Egypt on December 2, 2011. Set to light up the chosen venue of Echo Temple in Sharm El Sheikh, the line-up included some of the hottest dance acts in the scene at the time, including John O’Callaghan, Roger Shah, Sied Van Riel and many others. Echo Temple is tailor-made for trance fans prepared to dance long into the night at the foot of the Sinai Mountains, and is widely regarded as one of the world's finest outdoor clubs because of its truly unique experience.[18]

Following the FSOE 200 celebrations, Aly & Fila released their second studio album entitled Quiet Storm. This album followed their debut artist album, Rising Sun which was released in 2010. Quiet Storm featured collaborations with Solarstone, Arctic Moon, John O'Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and many more. From that point on, Aly & Fila have released another album, The Other Shore, which features collaborations with Ferry Tayle, Stoneface & Terminal, Roger Shah, Roxanne Emery, and others. The album was released on October 3, 2014. In 2015, the duo released an album called The Chill Out which consists of their more well-known tracks like "We Control the Sunlight" and "Mysteries Unfold" slowed down and more, well, chill and relaxing. Most recently, Aly & Fila announced their plans for their next milestone, celebrating 450 episodes on their radio show, Future Sound of Egypt. They have confirmed stops at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California on July 3, 2016,[19] at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, United Kingdom on October 1, 2016, a Weekender on October 6 and 7 at Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor and as last station on October 29 in Kaohsiung in Taiwan.[20]

The Future Sound of Egypt internet radio show airs every Wednesday at 4PM US Eastern / 9PM UK / 22:00 Central European Time on Digitally Imported radio.[21]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Title
2010 Rising Sun
2013 Quiet Storm
2014 The Other Shore
2015 The Chill Out
2017 Beyond the Lights

Remix albums[edit]

Year Title
2011 Rising Sun (The Remixes)
2014 Quiet Storm (The Remixes)


Year Title
2008 TranceWorld Vol. 2
2009 Techno Club Vol. 30 (with Talla 2XLC)
Street Parade 2009 - Trance
2010 Future Sound of Egypt Vol. 1
2011 Summer Showcase
2012 Future Sound of Egypt Vol. 2
2014 Trance Nation 2014
A State Of Trance 650 – New Horizons
2015 Future Sound of Egypt Vol. 3
Future Sound of Egypt 400
2016 Armada Collected
Future Sound of Egypt 450
2017 Future Sound of Egypt 500


Year Title
2003 Eye of Horus
2004 Spirit of Ka
2005 Thebes
2007 A Dream of Peace (vs. Amadeus)
Ankh – Breath of Life (as A&F Project)
Uraeus (as A&F Project)
2008 How Long? (feat. Jahala)
Lost Language
Key of Life
2009 Khepera
2010 Listening
I Can Hear You (feat. Sue McLaren)
My Mind Is With You (feat. Denise Rivera)
2011 Paradise (feat. Tiff Lacey)
We Control the Sunlight (feat. Jwaydan)
Still (feat. Sue McLaren)
2012 200 (FSOE 200 Anthem)
Coming Home (feat. Jwaydan)
Perfect Love (with Roger Shah & Adrina Thorpe)
Sand Theme (FSOE 250 Anthem) (vs. Bjorn Akesson)
2013 Vapourize (vs. John O’Callaghan)
The Journey (FSOE 300 Anthem) (vs. Fady & Mina)
Without You (with Susana)
Brilliant People (vs. Giuseppe Ottaviani)
2014 For All Time (with Jaren)
Eye 2 Eye (FSOE 350 Anthem) (meets Roger Shah feat. Sylvia Tosun)
Running (with Skypatrol feat. Sue McLaren)
Full Throttle (with Sneijder)
Universelab (with Stoneface & Terminal)
Guardian (with Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren)
2015 Shine (with Roxanne Emery)
Napoleon (with Ferry Tayle)
Es Vedra (with The Thrillseekers)
A New Age (FSOE400 Anthem) (with Omar Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal)
2016 Million Voices (with Luke Bond & Audrey Gallagher)
Kingdoms (FSOE450 Anthem) (with Ahmed Romel)
Unbreakable (with Susana & Roger Shah)
2017 Beyond The Lights
The Chronicles (FSOE500 Anthem) (with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif feat. Karim Youssef)
2018 Surrender (with Sue McLaren)
A World Beyond (FSOE550 Anthem) (with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif)


Year Title
2004 Audioplacid – Diving
OceanLab feat. Justine Suissa Satellite'
2005 York – Iceflowers
Filo & Peri meet Mike Foyle – Luana
2006 The Thrillseekers feat. Gina Dootson – By Your Side
Tatana – Interview with an Angel
Miguel Sassot – Empty
York feat. Asheni – Mercury Rising
Friends Of Street Parade – Move Your Mind
Deems – Tears of Hope
Magic Island – Paradise
2007 Ben Gold feat. Senadee – Say the Words
Lost Witness vs. Sassot – Whatever
FKN feat. Jahala – Why
Mark Eteson & Jon Prior – Dynamic Stability
DT8 Project – Hold Me Till the End
Andy Prinz mit Naama Hillman – Quiet of Mind
Mr. Sam feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Split
Abbott & Chambers – Never After
Six Senses Pres. Xposure – Niagara
Ben Gold – Roll Cage
Majera – Velvet Sun
DJ Atmospherik feat. Henchman – You Owe Me
2008 Mungo – Summer Blush
Armin van Buuren feat. Susana – If You Should Go
Ben Gold feat. Senadee – Say the Words
Tarja Turunen – The Reign
Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere – Shine On
Lange feat. Sarah Howells – Out of the Sky
Rapid Eye – Circa Forever
Sly One – This Late Stage
DNS Project pres. Whiteglow – Airbourne
Sunlounger feat. Zara – Lost
FKN feat. Jahala – Still Time
2009 Neptune Project – Aztec
Friends of Street Parade feat. Sarah – Move Your Mind
Philippe El Sisi feat. Aminda – You Never Know
Vast Vision feat. Fisher – Everything
2010 Leon Bolier – Shimamoto
Max Graham feat. Ana Criado – Nothing Else Matters
Gaia – Aisha
Solarstone – Touchstone
Nacho Chapado & SMAZ feat. Sue McLaren – Between Heaven and Earth
John Askew – Intimate Strangers
2011 Sied van Riel feat. Nicola McKenna – Stealing Time
Ayumi Hamasaki – Days
Mandala Bros – Return To India
Joel Hirsch feat. Dustin Allen – Alive
2012 Andy Moor feat. Jessica Sweetman – In Your Arms
Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli – Concrete Angel
Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Hannah – When I Close My Eyes
2013 Roger Shah & Brian Laruso feat. JES – Higher Than The Sun
Simon O’Shine & Sergey Nevone – Apprehension
Armin van Buuren feat. Laura Jansen – Sound Of The Drums
2014 Luke Bond feat. Roxanne Emery – On Fire
Peter Santos – Under The Same Sky
2015 Bobina – Invisible Touch
Paul van Dyk – Heart Like An Ocean
2016 Mohamed Ragab feat. Jaren – Hear Me
Ferry Corsten – Beautiful


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