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Anna Karina was a Danish-French film avant garde actress, director and singer. She rose to prominence as French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard's muse in the 1960s, performing in several of his films, including The Little Soldier, A Woman Is a Woman, My Life to Live, Bande à part, Pierrot le Fou and Alphaville. For her performance in A Woman Is a Woman, Karina won the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival. In 1972, Karina set up a production company for her directorial debut, Vivre ensemble, which screened in the Critics' Week lineup at the 26th Cannes Film Festival, she directed the French-Canadian film Victoria. In addition to her work in cinema, she worked as a singer, wrote several novels. Karina is considered an icon of 1960s cinema, referred to as the "effervescent free spirit of the French New Wave, with all of the scars that the position entails"; the New York Times described her as "one of the screen's great beauties and an enduring symbol of the French New Wave."

Hanne Karin Bayer was born in Denmark. Her mother was a dress shop owner and her father left the family a year after she was born. Karina recalled she met her father three times:"The first time, I was 4 years old, he gave me a banana, I crunched and spat, because I didn't know that I had to remove the skin; the second time, I was still a minor, the meeting was at a train station in London, I was with Jean-Luc, when he saw me, my father said to me:'You miss a button'. I yelled in Danish, and the third time was in 1963 in Barcelona, I was shooting The Thief of Tibidabo by Maurice Ronet. We have lunch together for twenty minutes, he was with one of his sons, Soren", "8 years old, he was friendly, we talk about everything and Africa. I got to know him and I'm happy, he promises to write to me. And since I wait, I wait, I wait. I'm still waiting for the postcard." She lived with her maternal grandparents for three years spent the next four years in foster care before returning to live with her mother.

She has described her childhood as "terribly wanting to be loved", as a child she made numerous attempts to run away from home. Her mother remarried, she began her career in Denmark, where she sang in cabarets and worked as a model playing in commercials. At age 14, she appeared in a Danish short film by Ib Schmedes. In 1958, after a row with her mother, she hitchhiked to Paris. Karina was 17 when she unable to speak French. One day while sitting at the café Les Deux Magots she was approached by a woman from an advertisement agency who asked her to do some photos, she began to work as a model and became successful, posing for several magazines, including Elle, meeting Pierre Cardin and Coco Chanel. Karina said that Chanel helped her devise her professional name, Anna Karina, deliberately coined to evoke the Leo Tolstoy novel, Anna Karenina, she appeared on the front cover of the Elle fashion magazine and in commercials for products such as Coca-Cola and Palmolive soap. Jean-Luc Godard a film critic for Cahiers du cinéma, first saw Karina in the Palmolive adverts in which she posed in bathtubs, during movie previews in a Monsavon pub.

He was casting his debut feature film and offered her a small part in it, but she refused when he mentioned that there would be a nude scene. When Godard questioned her refusal, mentioning her apparent nudity in the Palmolive ads, she is said to have replied, "Are you mad? I was wearing a bathing suit in those ads—the soapsuds went up to my neck, it was in your mind that I was undressed." In the end, the character Godard reserved for Karina did not appear in the film. Godard offered her a role in The Little Soldier which concerns contentious French actions during the Algerian War, she played a pro-Algerian activist. Karina still under 21, had to persuade her estranged mother to sign the contract for her; the film was controversial, outlawed from French theaters for its content referencing the Algerian War. Karina and Godard received death threats, "had to live in secret places"; as Angela in A Woman Is a Woman. Karina's role was as an unattached striptease dancer who wishes to have a child and daydreams about appearing in MGM musicals.

Her school-girl costume emulated Leslie Caron in Gigi, worn while performing her act. Karina won the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 11th Berlin International Film Festival for her performance. In all, Karina appeared in eight films directed by Godard, including My Life to Live, Band of Outsiders Pierrot le Fou and Alphaville. In Pierrot le Fou, Karina's character is on the run with her ex-boyfriend while in Alphaville, a science-fiction film equated to Bladerunner, her role requires Karina to have difficulty saying the phrase "I love you." The last film in the sequence was Made in USA. Anne Billson, in an article querying the concept of the female muse, wrote that Godard in his films with Karina "seems to have trouble conceiving that the female experience revolves around anything other than prostitution, duplicity, or wanting babies." Karina herself did not object to being described as Godard's muse: "Maybe it’s too much, it sounds so pompous. But of course I’m always touched to hear people say that.

Because Jean-Luc gave me a gift to play all of those parts."Her career flourished

Twiztid discography

American hip hop duo Twiztid, formed by and consisting of Michigan rappers Jamie "Madrox" Spaniolo and Paul "Monoxide" Methric, have released twelve studio albums. Since their 1997 debut on Insane Clown Posse's Psychopathic Records label, the group have garnered a major cult following, providing guest appearances on numerous Psychopathic releases over their decade in the music industry, as well as joining fellow Psychopathic artists on the label's compilations and forming the supergroups Psychopathic Rydas and Dark Lotus. Twiztid left Psychopathic Records on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 and was announced by both ICP and Twiztid via Twitter and was reported via Faygoluvers. On September 12, 2014 INgrooves announced that Twiztid's new label is called Majik Ninja Entertainment. Psychopathic Sampler - "Whatthefuck" Phat or Wack Sampler - Mostasteless Snippets Psychopathics from Outer Space - "The Dirt Ball", "Murder, Murder", "Blam!", "She Ain't Afraid", "Red Neck Hoe'99", "Somebody's Dissin' U", "Old School Pervert", "Meat Cleaver" Juggalo Show Box Set - many skits and songs Hatchet History - "Second Hand Smoke", "Your The Reason", "Different" Big Money Hustlas Soundstrack - "Bury Me Alive", "Rock The Dead", "Spin The Bottle" Psychopathics from Outer Space 2 - "Hollywood, I'm Coming", "Demon Faces", "Yuwannahoe", "Free Studio" Gathering of The Juggalos EP - "Whatever It Takes" Psychopathics from Outer Space 3 - "My Addiction", "Zombie", "Hatchet Man" Psychopathic Sampler - "We Dont Die", "Woe Woe", "My Addictions" Psychopathic Psypher EP - all songs W/ The Rydas: 1.

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Demography of Leicester

Leicester, England is an ethnically and culturally diverse city. It is the thirteenth most populous city in the United Kingdom. Leicester's total population, according to the 2011 UK census, was 329,839; the population density was 4,494 people per square km. The following table shows the ethnic group of respondents in the 2001 and 2011 censuses in Leicester. Notes for table above The most common main languages spoken in Leicester according to the 2011 census are shown below; the following table shows the religion of respondents in the 2011 censuses in Leicester. Demography of the United Kingdom Demography of England Demography of London Demography of Birmingham Demography of Greater Manchester List of English cities by population List of English districts by population List of English districts and their ethnic composition List of English districts by area List of English districts by population density