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Bob Shaw

Robert "Bob" Shaw was a science fiction writer and fan from Northern Ireland, noted for his originality and wit. He won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer in 1979 and 1980, his short story "Light of Other Days" was a Hugo Award nominee in 1967, as was his novel The Ragged Astronauts in 1987. Shaw was raised in Belfast, the eldest of three sons of a policeman, he learned of science fiction at about 11 years old when he read an A. E. van Vogt short story in an early edition of Astounding Science-Fiction magazine. During the Second World War American troops passed through Northern Ireland and left their used SF magazines behind at Smithfield Market, where they were available for locals, he described the experience as being more significant and long-lasting than taking LSD. He attended Belfast College of Technology. In 1950 he joined the group Irish Fandom, which included another Northern Irish science fiction writer James White, met at the house of Walt Willis on Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast; the group was influential in the early history of science fiction fandom and produced fanzines Hyphen and Slant, to both of which Shaw contributed material.

Shaw acquired the nickname "BoSh" during this period. His first professional science fiction short story was published in 1954, followed by several others, he gave up writing and went with his first wife Sadie and their son and two daughters to live in Canada from 1956 to 1958. His novel Vertigo is set in Alberta, Orbitsville's limitless grasslands may have been influenced by this period in his life. Trained as a structural engineer, he worked as an aircraft designer for Short and Harland as science correspondent to The Belfast Telegraph from 1966–1969, as publicity officer for Vickers Shipbuilding, before starting to write full-time. In April 1973, during the Troubles and his family moved from Northern Ireland to England, where he produced the majority of his work: first to Ulverston to Grappenhall in Warrington. Sadie died in 1991 and Shaw lived alone there for some years. Shaw had nearly lost his sight through illness, suffered migraine-induced visual disturbances throughout his life. These, references to eyes and vision, appear as a theme in some of his works.

He was known as a drinker, at one stage considered himself an alcoholic. He was quoted in 1991 as saying: "I write science fiction for people who don't read a great deal of science fiction." He married American Nancy Tucker in 1995 and went to the US to live with her returned to England in the last months of his life. Shaw died of cancer on 11 February 1996. Shaw is the author of "Light of Other Days", the story that introduced the concept of slow glass, through which the past can be seen. Shaw sold this story to Analog editor John W. Campbell, who liked it so much Shaw wrote a sequel for him, "Burden of Proof", in May 1967; the original story was after years of planning. Shaw expanded on the concept in the novel Other Days, Other Eyes, the concept was adopted by the Marvel Comics/Curtis Magazines anthology magazine Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction, his work ranged from mimetic stories with fantastic elements far in the background to van Vogtian extravaganzas. Orbitsville and its two sequels deal with the discovery of a habitable shell surrounding a star, the consequences for humanity.

It won him the 1976 British SF Association Award. In his career he wrote the Land trilogy, set on a system of worlds where technology has evolved with no metals. Like Philip K. Dick he continually focused on the nature of perception in his work. Shaw was known in the fan community for his wit. Following his early membership of Irish Fandom, with Walt Willis, James White, he always remained a keen reader of and contributor to fanzines, and for many years, at the British science fiction convention Eastercon, he would deliver a humorous speech. For these he won the 1980 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer, he wrote The Enchanted Duplicator with Walt Willis in 1954, a piece of fiction about science fiction fandom modelled on John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. Night Walk. Banner; the Two-Timers. New York: Ace Books; the Palace of Eternity. New York: Ace Pub. Corp; the Shadow of Heaven. New York: Avon. One Million Tomorrows. New York: Ace books. Ground Zero Man. New York: Avon Books. – revised edition published as The Peace Machine.

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Blake Burdette

Blake Burdette is a rugby coach and former American rugby union hooker or prop. He was a member of the United States national rugby union team and made his international debut in 2006 against Uruguay. Burdette played for the USA Eagles in the 2007 Rugby World Cup, he has returned to playing professionally with Utah Warriors having come out of retirement aged 39, 12 years after previous professional rugby playing experience. In 2002, Burdette played as a University of Utah football walk-on. In his senior year, Burdette was nicknamed the'Utah Man' on the campus' football team. Burdette played every game in the 2004 season for the Utah Utes football team, played for the Utes as an 4x All-American rugby player, before dedicating his time to playing professional rugby in England, his England rugby career lasted only one season due to injury. In 2007, Burdette joined the Utah Utes rugby team as assistant coach, taking over as head coach in 2009, but resigned after the team was suspended for misuse of branding.

In 2015, Burdette was hired as head coach of The Pennsylvania State University's Men's Rugby Team. Burdette is the first full-time, university employed head coach in the history of PSU Rugby

Reggae Gold 1998

Reggae Gold 1998 is a compilation album of reggae artists released in 1998. The album spent 82 weeks on Billboard's Reggae Album chart after debuting at #1. Reggae Gold spent 8 weeks on the Billboard 200. "She Nuh Ready Yet" - Spragga Benz "Gal Pon de Side" - Frisco Kid "Tell Me" - Beenie Man "Infiltrate" - Sean Paul "Cry for Die For" - Bounty Killer "Heads High" - Mr. Vegas "Babylon Ah Listen" - Sizzla "Destiny" - Buju Banton "Sweep over My Soul" - Luciano "Boom Boom" - Degree "We Nuh Like" - Spragga Benz "Tight up Skirt" - Red Rat "Bad Man Nuh Dress Like Girl" - Harry Toddler "Hold On" - Beres Hammond "Going Away" - Beenie Man, Sanchez "Don't Follow Rumours" - Carlton Livingston, Shabba Ranks


Uløya or Ulisuolu is an island in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. The island is situated on the east side of the Lyngen fjord and it is divided between Skjervøy and Nordreisa municipalities; the island has an area of 78 km2, the highest point is Blåtinden at 1,142 m. The population on the Skjervøy part of the island is 29, the population on the Nordreisa part is 65; the two sides of the island are not connected by road. Uløya is the 56th largest island in Norway. All of the island of Uløya was in Skjervøy municipality, but in 1972 the southern part of the island was transferred to neighboring Nordreisa municipality. Villages include Havnnes. List of islands of Norway by area List of islands of Norway Havnnesfestivalen Nord-Troms Museum: Havnnes-årets kulturlandskap

List of people on the postage stamps of the Bahamas

This is a list of people on stamps of the Bahamas. The year given is the year of issue of the first stamp depicting that person. Data has been entered up to the end of 2004; the Prince Andrew The Lord Baden-Powell Clarence A. Bain, national hero Alexander Graham Bell Anne Bonny Milo Butler Winston Churchill Eldece Clarke-Lewis Christopher Columbus Pauline Davis-Thompson Diana, Princess of Wales Henry Dunant Edward VII Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth Edward England Ferdinand II of Aragon Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie Savatheda Fynes George V George VI Timothy Gibson, composer Prince Harry John Hawkins Rowland Hill Mary Ingraham Isabella I of Castile Bertha Isaacs Doris Sands Johnson Robert Koch Eugenia Lockhart Guglielmo Marconi Mary Naomi Mason-Ingraham Avard Moncur John Murray The Duke of Edinburgh Lynden Pindling John Rackham Rowena Rand, evangelist Bartholomew Roberts Woodes Rogers The Duchess of York William Shakespeare Georgianna Kathleen Symonette The Earl Spencer Chandra Sturrup Edward Teach Queen Victoria The Prince of Wales Mabel Cordelia Walker Postage stamps and postal history of the Bahamas Scott catalogue Michel catalog Stanley Gibbons Limited.

Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue: Northern Caribbean and Bermuda, 1st edition. London and Ringwood: Stanley Gibbons Limited. ISBN 0-85259-612-X