Areni-1 cave

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Areni-1 cave
Արենի-1 քարանձավ
Areni-1 cave panorama.jpg
Panorama of the site along the Arpa River
Areni-1 cave is located in Armenia
Areni-1 cave
Shown within Armenia
LocationVayots Dzor Province, Armenia
RegionLesser Caucasus
Coordinates39°43′53″N 45°12′13″E / 39.73139°N 45.20361°E / 39.73139; 45.20361Coordinates: 39°43′53″N 45°12′13″E / 39.73139°N 45.20361°E / 39.73139; 45.20361
Length40 m (130 ft)[1]
PeriodsChalcolithic, Bronze Age

The Areni-1 cave complex (Armenian: Արենիի քարանձավ) is a multicomponent site[1], and late Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age ritual site and settlement[2], located near the Areni village in southern Armenia along the Arpa River.


In 2010, archeologist discovered the earliest known shoe at the site.[3] In January 2011, the earliest known winery in the world was uncovered in the cave.[4] Later, in 2011, the discovery of a straw skirt dating to 3,900 years BCE was reported.[5] In 2009, the oldest humanoid brain was discovered in the cave.[6]


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