Augrabies Falls

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Augrabies Falls
Augrabies Falls, March 2008.jpg
Augrabies Falls
LocationNorthern Cape, South Africa
Coordinates28°35′29″S 20°20′27″E / 28.59139°S 20.34083°E / -28.59139; 20.34083Coordinates: 28°35′29″S 20°20′27″E / 28.59139°S 20.34083°E / -28.59139; 20.34083
Total height56 metres (183 ft)
Average width24 metres (80 ft)
WatercourseOrange River
flow rate
313 cubic metres (11,050 cu ft)

The Augrabies Falls /ɔːˈxrɑːbz/ is a waterfall on the Orange River, South Africa, within the Augrabies Falls National Park. The falls are around 183 feet (56 m) in height.[1] Some sources cite an approximate height of 480 feet; this is actually the height from the base of the canyon to the top of the walls, not that of the falls themselves.[1] The original Khoikhoi residents named the waterfall "Ankoerebis" — "place of great noise" — from which the Trek Boers, who settled here later on, derived the name, "Augrabies".[2]


The Augrabies Falls have recorded 7,800 cubic metres (280,000 cu ft) of water every second in floods in 1988 (and 6,800 cubic metres (240,000 cu ft) in the floods of 2006). This is over three times the average high season flow rate of Niagara Falls of 2,400 cubic metres (85,000 cu ft) per second, more than four times Niagara's annual average, and greater than Niagara's all-time record of 6,800 cubic metres (240,000 cu ft) per second.

The gorge at the Augrabies Falls is 240 metres (800 ft) deep and 18 kilometres (10 mi) long, and is an impressive example of granite erosion.


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