Aviation Survival Technician

Aviation Survival Technician is a rating or job specialty in the United States Coast Guard. Rescue swimmer is the collateral duty or aircrew position of the AST, they are trained at the U. S. Coast Guard's enlisted Aviation Survival Technician/Rescue Swimmer school at Coast Guard Aviation Technical Training Center, Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City in Elizabeth City, North Carolina; the challenging job is featured prominently in the 2006 film The Guardian, starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. The rating began as the Aviation Survivalman Rating. In 1983, the Marine Electric disaster spawned a Congressional Inquiry that found the USCG was the only military service unable to deploy a member from an aircraft for search and recovery, initiated a legal requirement for the armed force to do so. After much internal debate, the collateral duty of "Helicopter Rescue Swimmer" was issued to the ASM rating. Met with significant resistance throughout the USCG, the AST has become a durable and required part of Coast Guard rotary wing operations.

All new ASMs were required to complete US Navy Helicopter Rescue Swimmer school in Pensacola, Florida prior to reporting to USCG ASM "A" School and EMT "C" School. After a few years, the differences between what the candidates were learning in the combat-oriented Navy school and what was being required of them during civilian rescues required an organic Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer school to be begun. An aquatic segment of training was merged into ASM "A" school in the late 1980s, full initial rescue swimmer training was completed at the USCG's Elizabeth City training center. In 1999, along with the realignment of enlisted aviation rates throughout the USCG, the Aviation Survivalman rating was redesignated to Aviation Survival Technician; the course is 24 weeks long. The course includes instruction on rescue techniques, helicopter deployment techniques, a myriad of technical skills from small engine repair to parachute packing and maintenance. Successful completion of this course results in being awarded the Aviation Survival Technician rating, the technical rating for a variety of aircraft and survival equipment maintenance.

After completion of A-School, all ASTs are sent to Training Center Petaluma, California to attend the Coast Guard's Emergency Medical Technician school. After seven weeks of EMT training, they must take and pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic test as part of their qualification as a helicopter rescue swimmer. Full qualification as a rescue swimmer can take up to a year from graduation of A-School, as graduates must learn the aircraft systems and emergency procedures of their assigned aircraft; the rescue swimmer training program has a high student attrition rate averaging in the 80% range, similar to other special operations schools in the military. Not all ASTs serve as rotary wing helicopter rescue swimmers. Many serve in other roles, including as aircrew on fixed-wing assets, at Coast Guard fire departments and as instructors at any of the various training commands; the 2006 movie The Guardian featured Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher as well as a number of actual ASTs and Coast Guardsmen as extras, told a fictional story of two rescue swimmers.

In 2019, the Amazon Prime reboot of Jack Ryan featured a helicopter rescue swimmer in the pilot episode. Air-sea rescue Naval aircrewman United States Air Force Pararescue USCG AST duty description "Coast Guard School Tough Swimming, Few Pass Rescue Course" IMO Awards for Exceptional Bravery at Sea 2013 go to American rescuers and a Chinese seafarer

Frank Connors

Francis Patrick Connors was an Australian politician and trade unionist. He was a Labor Party member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly from 1930 until 1932, representing the electorate of Dulwich Hill. Connors was born at Paterson, educated at Morpeth in the Hunter Region, he began working as a union official during his 30s. Prior to entering politics, he served as assistant state secretary and an organiser of the Australasian Society of Engineers from 1924 until 1929, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly for Dulwich Hill at the 1930 state election, defeating Nationalist John Ness, but lost the seat to Ness amidst the statewide Labor defeat of 1932. Connors again again lost to Ness. Connors returned to the trade union movement after his parliamentary defeat, serving as state secretary of the Australian Society of Engineers from 1932 until 1943, he subsequently served as its federal secretary from 1943 until 1953. He remained involved in Labor politics. Upon the readmission of the ILP into Labor in 1939, he was elected to the Labor central executive, but in 1940 joined the State Labor Party split, serving on its executive until 1941.

He rejoined the Labor Party soon after, again served on the official Labor executive from 1942 until 1953. Connors died in 1963, was buried in the Roman Catholic section of Rookwood Cemetery

Prickly City

Prickly City is a daily comic strip drawn by Scott Stantis, the editorial cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune, distributed through United Features Syndicate. The cartoon follows the adventures of Carmen, a young girl of color, a coyote pup named Winslow; the strip is politically oriented with a conservative point-of-view. It is drawn by Eric Allie. Carmen – a'feisty' conservative and a Republican. For a brief time, she had a crush on Tucker Carlson. Carmen made her first appearance at least 4 months before the strip began, in one of Stantis's editorial cartoons. Winslow – named for the town of Winslow, Arizona, is a coyote with political aspirations who acts patronizing and impulsive, his liberal responses are the source of the strip's jokes. Carmen is continuously frustrated by Winslow's assumption. Early in the strip's run, Winslow had a crush on Condoleezza Rice writing a poem about her. Kevin, the Lost Bunny of the Apocalypse. Depending on the needs of the strip, he's alternately meant to evoke Bill Clinton.

He reports on signs of the "end times". In 2010, he was elected to the U. S. Senate under the banner of Winslow's "Lefty Tea Party". Hunny, Kevin's a prominent politician, her character is a thinly veiled satire of Hillary Clinton. Dio, a chameleon named for Diogenes the Cynic, he was a campaign director for Winslow. Vaughn, appears to be an armadillo, he served as Winslow's campaign finance director. Rand, a vulture named after Rand Paul or Ayn Rand; the Chicago Tribune refused to run the February 7, 2005 strip, which inaccurately quoted Ted Kennedy. According to Stantis, the syndicate erroneously added quote marks to the dialogue without his permission; that year The Seattle Times refused to run a series of strips about the Terri Schiavo case. A series of strips beginning August 25, 2008 accused the attendees of the 2008 Democratic National Convention of being communists. Prickly City has paid tribute to the passing of famous people during 2006. On July 31, they paid tribute to Hooters president Robert H. Brooks.

Frank and Ernest cartoonist Bob Thaves was remembered in the September 2006 edition. On September 16, 2019, the strip paid tribute to comics syndicate editor Lee Salem. Mallard Fillmore – another conservative-themed comic strip Official website