Dry Well Creek

Dry Well Creek is a stream in Harney County, United States in the Harney Basin of Eastern Oregon. Its mouth is at an elevation of 5,000 feet, it is among streams in the drainage basin of a Great Basin water body with no outlet. Dry Well Creek is an intermittent fish-bearing stream that flows into Emigrant Creek, a tributary of the Silvies River; the creek is part of a watershed restoration project. Resident aquatic species in the project area include Great Basin redband trout, Malheur mottled sculpin and longnose dace, redside shiners, bridgelip suckers, Columbia spotted frogs and western pearlshell mussels. List of rivers of Oregon

Scott Walker (judge)

Richard Scott Walker is an American judge in the U. S. state of Texas. Walker was elected to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in 2016. Walker graduated from Red Oak High School in 1971, he completed his undergraduate degree at Dallas Baptist University and received his J. D. degree from the Baylor Law School. He and his wife, have been married since 1974. Walker is an evangelical Christian. Prior to his election campaign, he was a defense attorney in Texas, he was 63 years old when he ran for Place 5 of CCA. The Houston Chronicle described him as having a "politically famous name". After his victory, he said that he had won not because of his recognizable name, but because of the amount of time he had spent campaigning, he had twenty years of experience in both trial and appellate level criminal defense work prior to his election, but had never taken a death penalty case. His opponent was Williamson County, Texas Assistant District Attorney Brent Webster