Bates College

Bates College is a private liberal arts college in Lewiston, Maine. Anchored by the Historic Quad, the campus of Bates totals 813 acres with a small urban campus which includes 33 Victorian Houses as some of the dormitories, it maintains 600 acres of nature preserve known as the "Bates-Morse Mountain" near Campbell Island and a coastal center on Atkins Bay. With an annual enrollment of 1,800 students, it is the smallest college in its athletic conference; as a result of its small student body, Bates retains selective admission rates and little to no transfer percentages. The nominal cost of attendance is considered high with tuition among the most expensive in the United States; the college was founded on March 16, 1855, by abolitionist statesman Oren Burbank Cheney and textile tycoon Benjamin Bates. Established as the Maine State Seminary, the college became the first coeducational college in New England and went on to confer the first female undergraduate degree in the area. Bates is the third-oldest college in Maine, succeeding Colby College.

It became a vanguard in admitting minority students before the passage of the Emancipation Proclamation. During early 1900s the college began to aggressively expand and by the mid-1940s, amassed large amounts of property, becoming a major economic power in Lewiston. Since the 1950s, the college has acquired and attempted to remedy a reputation for educating the affluent of New England. Improvements to its reputation were diminished after large losses during the 2008 financial crisis increased its tuition costs; the late 2010s saw a redoubled push for socioeconomic and cultural diversity as well as a major expansion of student financial aid. Bates provides undergraduate instruction in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and offers joint undergraduate programs with Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Washington University in St. Louis. A baccalaureate college, the undergraduate program requires all students to complete a thesis before graduation, has a funded research enterprise.

The students and alumni of Bates are well known for preserving a variety of strong campus traditions. Bates alumni and affiliates include 86 Fulbright Scholars. S. Congress. S. Cabinet-ranked officials; the Bates athletic program has graduated 12 Olympians and 209 All-Americans and maintains 32 varsity sports, some of which compete in Division I of the NCAA. The college is home to the Bates Dance Festival, the Mount David Summit, the Stephens Observatory, the Bates College Museum of Art. While attending the Freewill Baptist Parsonsfield Seminary, Bates founder, Oren Burbank Cheney worked for racial and gender equality, religious freedom, temperance. In 1836, Cheney enrolled in Dartmouth College, due to Dartmouth's significant support of the abolitionist cause against slavery. After graduating, Cheney was ordained a Baptist minister and began to establish himself as an educational and religious scholar. Parsonsfield mysteriously burned down in 1854 due to arson by opponents of abolition; the event caused Cheney to advocate for the building of a new seminary in a more central part of Maine.

With Cheney's influence in the state legislature, the Maine State Seminary was chartered in 1855 and implemented a liberal arts and theological curriculum, making the first coeducational college in New England. Soon after establishment several donors stepped forward to finance portions of the school, such as Seth Hathorn, who donated the first library and academic building, renamed Hathorn Hall; the Cobb Divinity School became affiliated with the college in 1866. Four years in 1870, Bates sponsored a college preparatory school, called the Nichols Latin School; the college was affected by the financial panic of the 1850s and required additional funding to remain operational. Cheney's impact in Maine was noted by Boston business magnate Benjamin Bates who developed an interest in the college. Bates gave $100,000 in personal donations and overall contributions valued at $250,000 to the college; the school was renamed Bates College in his honor in 1863 and was chartered to offer a liberal arts curriculum beyond its original theological focus.

Two years the college would graduate the first woman to receive a college degree in New England, Mary Mitchel. The college began instruction with a six-person faculty tasked with the teaching of moral philosophy and the classics. From its inception, Bates College served as an alternative to a more traditional and conservative Bowdoin College. There is a complex relationship between the two colleges, revolving around socioeconomic class, academic quality, collegiate athletics; the college, under the direction of Cheney, rejected fraternities and sororities on grounds of unwarranted exclusivity. He asked his close friend and U. S. Senator Charles Sumner to create a collegiate motto for Bates and he suggested the Latin phrase amore ac studio which he translated as "with love for learning", taken as "with ardor and devotion," or "through zeal and study." Prior to the start of the American Civil War, Bates graduated Brevet Major Holman Melcher, who served in the Union Army in the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

He was the first person to charge down Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg. The college graduated the last surviving Union general of Aaron Daggett; the college's first African American student, Henry Chandler, graduated in 1874. James Porter, one of G

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