A beef steak is a flat cut of beef, with parallel faces spaced to a thickness of 1 to 5 centimetres cut perpendicular to the muscle fibers, with a raw mass in common restaurant service ranging from 120 to 600 grams. Beef steaks are grilled, pan fried, or broiled; the more tender cuts from the loin and rib are cooked using dry heat, served whole. Less tender cuts from the chuck or round are mechanically tenderized. In Australia, beef steak is referred to as just'steak' and can be purchased uncooked in supermarkets and some smallgood shops, it is sold cooked as a meal in every pub, bistro, or restaurant specialising in modern Australian food, is ranked based on the quality and the cut. Most venues have three to seven different cuts of steak on their menu and serve it from blue to well-done according to preference. A steak is accompanied by a choice of sauces and a choice of either chips or mash potato. A complementary choice of side salad or steamed vegetables is commonly offered. In the Balkan region, steak is rubbed with mustard and pepper, marinated in vinegar and vegetable oil for up to a week.

It is fried in butter, a slice of toast is used to soak up the pan drippings. The steak is topped with optional fried egg and a sprig of parsley. In France, locally called bifteck, is served with fried potatoes; the combination is known as steak-frites. Vegetables are not served with steak in this manner, but a green salad may follow or be served at the same time; this is the case in Argentina. Steaks are served with classic French sauces. In Italy, steak was not eaten until after World War II because the rugged countryside does not accommodate the space and resource demands of large herds of cattle; some areas of Piedmont and Tuscany, were renowned for the quality of their beef. Bistecca alla Fiorentina is a well-known specialty of Florence. From the 1960s onward, economic gains allowed more Italians to afford a red meat diet. In Mexico, as well as in Spain and other former Spanish colonies, bistec refers to dishes of salted and peppered beef sirloin strips. One form of Mexican bistec is flattened with a meat tenderizing tool, covered in bread crumbs and fried.

The dish is served in tortillas as a taco. Spain and its former colonies have variations of bistec encebollado, it can be found across the Philippines in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, bistek Tagalog, a specialty of the Tagalog provinces, is made with strips of sirloin beef and onions cooked in soy sauce and calamansi juice. Unlike usual beefsteak that has different degrees of doneness, Filipino bistek is always served well done. In the United Kingdom, steak is served with medium-thick fried potatoes, fried onions and tomatoes. Other vegetables such as peas or a green salad can be served. Various types of mustard are sometimes offered as a condiment. In the United States, a restaurant that specializes in beef steaks is known as a steakhouse; the more expensive steakhouses serve the highest grades of beef in the US, can offer beef dry-aged for flavor for long multi-week periods, as opposed to typical un-aged supermarket beef. The combination of well-aged beef and high-heat grills and broilers produce a steak difficult to emulate in a home kitchen.

A typical steak dinner consists of a steak, optionally topped with sautéed onions or mushrooms, with a starchy side dish. Chili, pasta, or beans are common sides. A side salad or a small serving of cooked vegetables accompanies the meat and side, with corn on the cob, green beans, creamed spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and onion rings being popular. A well-known accompaniment to steak is shrimp or a cooked lobster tail, a combination called "surf and turf" or "reef and beef", "pier and steer". Rounding out an American steak dinner is some sort of bread a dinner roll. Special steak knives are provided, which are serrated, though straight blades work. Prepared condiments known as steak sauces are on the table in steakhouses. Tenderized round or sirloin steaks and pan-fried or deep-fried, are called chicken fried or country fried steaks, respectively. An iconic specialty of Philadelphia is the Philly Cheesesteak, composed of thinly sliced ribeye or other tender cuts, cooked on a hot griddle and shredded and served on Italian-style rolls with one of a few types of cheese The amount of time a steak is cooked is based upon personal preference.

A vocabulary has evolved to describe the degree. The following terms are in order from least cooked to most cooked: Raw — Uncooked. Used in dishes like steak tartare, gored gored, tiger meat and kitfo. Seared, Blue rare or rare — Cooked quickly.

Max Kellerman

Max Kellerman is an American sports television personality and boxing commentator. He is a co-host of ESPN talk show First Take alongside Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim and a co-host of the sports radio talk show Max & Marcellus, with Marcellus Wiley, on ESPNLA. Kellerman hosted the ESPN panel talk show Around the Horn from the show's incarnation in 2002 until 2004 and co-hosted the sports comedy talk show SportsNation, alongside Wiley and Michelle Beadle, from 2013 until 2016, he was a studio commentator with Brian Kenny on Friday Night Fights and a color commentator for HBO World Championship Boxing and Boxing After Dark. Kellerman's first broadcasting experience was as a teenager on a New York City public-access television cable TV program on professional boxing called Max on Boxing. Given the medium, the show was quite simple but caught the attention of the boxing community, including a young Mike Tyson. In the late 1990s after graduating from Columbia University with a degree in history, Kellerman was hired as an analyst on ESPN's boxing series Friday Night Fights where he met future radio partner Brian Kenny.

In November 2002 he was given his own show and, influenced by Pardon the Interruption, became the architect and original host of ESPN's Around the Horn. While the show was popular, Kellerman and ESPN could not reach an agreement for him to remain with the network, Kellerman left the network in early 2004 to host a new show called I, Max on Fox Sports Net, he would discuss sports news with Michael Holley, former Around the Horn panelist, Bill Wolff. Max took time off from the show after his brother's death, he returned, but despite his show garnering the network's highest ratings for a period of time, it was canceled by Fox. The last I, Max show aired on February 18, 2005. Max was the co-host of Spike TV's 2006 series, King of Vegas. In 2005, Tucker Carlson announced that Kellerman would be a permanent contributor on his MSNBC show Tucker. On a segment of the show called "The Outsider", Kellerman took the position selected by Carlson. Carlson introduced Kellerman with a bio containing a humorously enthusiastic compliment.

The show was canceled in March 2008. Starting in the week of August 21, 2006, Kellerman did at least two nights of audition shows at 7 PM for WEPN 1050 ESPN Radio in New York City, hosting one night with Sid Rosenberg. On August 28, 2006, it was announced that Brandon Tierney would be taking over at 7 PM, which temporarily left Kellerman without a timeslot. On October 23, 2006, Max began hosting the 10 AM to noon program on WEPN, replacing ESPN's nationally broadcast Colin Cowherd program. In September 2007, Kellerman began extending the show to 1 pm. Two months ESPNEWS and SportsCenter host Brian Kenny joined the show as co-host. On February 4, 2008, the show was added to XM Radio on ESPN Xtra. In the fall of 2008, Kenny left the radio program to attend to his SportsCenter duties and the program was again named The Max Kellerman Show. Kellerman and ESPN radio mutually ended their relationship on March 9, 2009. Evening host Brandon Tierney temporarily filled in Kellerman, Colin Cowherd took his timeslot.

Kellerman continued his boxing broadcast work at HBO. He was hired for the network's Boxing After Dark telecasts, working alongside Fran Charles and Lennox Lewis. In 2007, Kellerman moved up to the HBO World Championship Boxing main team alongside Jim Lampley, Harold Lederman, a rotating guest analyst Roy Jones Jr. or the late Emanuel Steward. On May 12, 2010, it was announced Kellerman had been hired by CNN: "Kellerman will weigh in on sports and pop culture issues on CNN American Morning and other programs, he has served as a contributor to MSNBC."Kellerman was announced in December 2010 as the new midday host at ESPNLA 710 alongside former NFL player co-host Marcellus Wiley, replacing LA Sports Live with Andrew Siciliano and former NBA player Mychal Thompson. Program director Mike Thompson, who hired Kellerman, had worked with Kellerman at WEPN. In May 2015, Kellerman covered the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao boxing match for HBO, he received criticism online for his post-match interview with Manny Pacquiao.

The Guardian stated that his line of questioning was, "interpreted as patronizing" as his wording to Pacquiao was "You thought you won today, Why?" However, Kellerman retorted that he "had to ask him" about his disagreement with the judges' adjudication. Kellerman has replaced Skip Bayless on ESPN's First Take as co-analyst alongside Stephen A. Smith and host Molly Qerim, effective July 25, 2016. With HBO leaving the boxing business at the end of 2018, Kellerman signed a multiyear contract with ESPN which expanded his role in the network's boxing coverage. However, in contrast to his color-commentary role with HBO, for ESPN he is presiding over network coverage from the broadcast desk rather than at ringside. Kellerman made a brief appearance in the 2006 film Rocky Balboa alongside Lampley and Merchant, who served as the broadcast team for the fight between Rocky and Mason "The Line" Dixon, he would make an appearance in the 2015 film Creed, as the reporter interviewing Donnie Creed at the conclusion of his fight with "Pretty" Ricky Conlan.

Max played himself in the short film The Wedding Bout. Kellerman played himself in Real Husbands of Hollywood. Kellerman was born in The Bronx, grew up in the Greenwich Village area of New York City, he graduated from New York City's PS 41 in Greenwich Village, Hunter College High School in 1991 and Columbia University in 1998. Kellerman and his wife, have three daughters, Esther and Mira, he has poin

Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation

Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation, is a Government of India enterprise formed in 2008, implementing Kolkata Metro Line 2 known as East West Metro, connecting the twin cities Kolkata and Howrah. The under construction metro rail route will be underground including the part that will be under the river Ganges; the 16.6 km route will have six station each in elevated portions. The terminal stations will be the Howrah Maidan; the elevated stretch started operations on 13th February 2020. KMRC was formed as a joint venture company between two govt bodies, i.e. Government of West Bengal and Government of India on a 50-50 partnership basis. Ministry of Urban Development holds the shares on behalf of Govt. of India. On 23 August 2012, it was decided that Govt. of West Bengal will withdraw all its shares from KMRC, Govt. of India will be the shareholder of KMRC along with JICA. Thus Govt. of West Bengal gave all its shares to the Ministry of Railways, making Kolkata Metro a central govt. Entity again; the current shareholders are given below- Ministry of Railways 74% Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs 26%As of 31 March 2017, equity holding details- Ministry of Railways– ₹721.50 crore Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs– ₹339 crore The main problem that were faced by KMRC was regarding land.

Most of the places, non-availability of land led to delay in the project multiple times. Some of them are mentioned below- Land issue for construction of a new Central station for Line 2, thus leading to route realignment. Land issue in Duttabad for erection of piers of elevated stretch, leading to resurveying of the stretch by RITES Land and rehabilitation issues in construction of Mahakaran station and so shifting the station location. Other issues were- Delay in finalisation of the newly aligned route from Sealdah to Howrah. Improper and irregular flow of funds Traffic diversion related problems led to delays Kolkata Metro Line 1 Kolkata Metro Line 2 Kolkata Metro Line 3 Kolkata Metro Line 6 Official website Meet on E-W Metro safety