Big Brown Eyes

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Big Brown Eyes
Theatrical release poster
Directed byRaoul Walsh
Produced byWalter Wanger
Written byJames Edward Grant (story)

Bert Hanlon

Raoul Walsh
Music byGerard Carbonara
CinematographyGeorge T. Clemens
Edited byRobert L. Simpson
Distributed byParamount Pictures
Release date
April 3, 1936
Running time
75 minutes
Box office$359,009[1]

Big Brown Eyes is a 1936 crime comedy film.[2] In the film, police officer Danny Barr (Cary Grant) is chasing jewel robbers, his girlfriend Eve Fallon (Joan Bennett) is initially working as a manicurist, but quickly takes a job as a reporter assisting in the effort against the jewel thieves. Fallon and Barr become disgusted when one jewel gang member is acquitted after killing a baby in Central Park, and both leave their jobs. Soon thereafter, Fallon gets a lucky break while giving a manicure and the case is solved.

Main cast[edit]


The film recorded a loss of $14,645.[1] Critics have regarded it as "disposable"[3] and "inconsequential"[4] with "shoddy writing and generally uninspired performances."[5]

Writing for The Spectator in 1936, Graham Greene gave the film a positive review, characterizing it as "a fast well-directed and quite unsentimental gangster film, pleasantly free from emotion".[6]


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