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Gerard Arpey

Gerard J. Arpey is the former chairman and chief executive officer of AMR Corporation, parent company to American Airlines. Gerard J. Arpey was elected chairman of AMR Corporation and American Airlines, Inc. in May 2004. Arpey had been president and chief executive officer of AMR and American, since April 2003, when he was first elected a member of the board of directors of both companies. Prior to that, he had served as president and chief operating officer of AMR and American since April 2002. Arpey led a global organization that included American Airlines, American Eagle and AmericanConnection, serving 250 cities in 40 countries and territories around the world. During Arpey's tenure the combined network offered, on average, more than 3,400 flights a day with nearly 900 aircraft. Before his appointment as president and COO, Arpey served as American's executive vice president of operations, senior vice president of finance and planning, as well as its chief financial officer and senior vice president of planning.

As executive vice president of operations, Arpey was responsible for American's worldwide flight operations, including Maintenance and Engineering, Flight Department, Operations Planning, Corporate Real Estate, AA Cargo and American Eagle. As the company's chief finance and planning executive, Arpey directed the corporation's strategic planning activities, including its scheduling, fleet planning and airline partnership activities; as chief financial officer, he was responsible for the corporation's finance functions including the Financial Planning, Accounting, Corporate Development, Investor Relations groups. Arpey joined American Airlines in 1982 as a financial analyst, he held numerous management positions during his career at American, including managing director of Airline Profitability Analysis, managing director of Financial Analysis and Fleet Planning, managing director of Financial Planning. He became a corporate officer in 1989, when he was elected vice president of Financial Planning and Analysis.

Arpey announced his retirement on November 29, 2011, coinciding with the bankruptcy filing of American Airlines parent AMR. He was succeeded by Thomas W. Horton; some airline industry analysts suggested that Arpey did long-term damage to AMR by not filing for Chapter 11 protection earlier on, something he refused to implement on moral grounds as the process of bankruptcy was intended for the purpose of decreasing pension and other financial obligations made to employees. Arpey declined requests by both the AMR board and Horton to stay on in some management capacity because of his unwillingness to work under a bankruptcy scenario; as per his contract, Arpey did not receive any severance upon retirement. On December 1, 2011, Arpey joined Emerald Creek LLC as a partner. Arpey is a member of the board of directors of S. C. Son, he is a member of The Business Council and involved in a variety of civic organizations. Arpey received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1980 and an MBA in 1982, both from the University of Texas at Austin.

He holds an FAA Multi-Engine Instrument Pilot Rating and is an avid private pilot. Arpey has three children who reside in Dallas Texas: James and Alexandra Arpey. Arpey was executive vice president of operations at the time of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in which American Airlines lost two planes. Arpey made the decision to ground all American Airlines flights in Northeast US and across the US before the FAA. Gerard Arpey's Executive Bio on August 2004 interview with St. Louis Commerce Magazine

Mario Bailey

Mario Bailey is a retired American football wide receiver, the all-time reception leader in NFL Europe. He played for the Frankfurt Galaxy from 1995 through 2000 and was a favorite player for the local German fans, he was drafted by the Houston Oilers in the sixth round of the 1992 NFL Draft. He was drafted by the Orlando Rage of the XFL with the 52nd pick in the 2001 XFL Draft. In 2003 Bailey played in the Arena Football League with the Detroit Fury. Bailey is a former high school football coach at Franklin High School in Washington, he is a member of the Seattle Seahawks high school council. Bailey had a record breaking career playing for the University of Washington Huskies from 1989 to 1991, played a key role on the 1991 Washington National Championship team. Bailey holds the Husky records for touchdowns in a season and shares the record with several others for touchdowns in a game. 1989 - 25 catches for 357 yards and 3 TD. 1990 - 40 catches for 667 yards and 6 TD. 1991 - 62 catches for 1,037 yards and 17 TD.

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U.S. soldiers posing with body parts of dead Afghans

On April 18, 2012 the Los Angeles Times released photos of U. S. soldiers posing with body parts of dead insurgents, after a soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division gave the photos to the L. A. Times to draw attention to "a breakdown in security and professionalism" among U. S. troops operating in Afghanistan. The pictures had been taken at a police station in Zabol province in February 2010; the event followed two other recent and embarrassing revelations about soldier morale and discipline in the US army: the case of soldiers urinating on dead Taliban soldiers in 2011, made public in January 2012, the burning of the Quran by at Bagram Airfield, which had occurred in February. U. S. Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta called the soldiers' behavior unacceptable, promised a full investigation, said about the soldiers behavior in comparison to the U. S. armed forces in general: "This is not who we are, it's not what we represent when it comes to the great majority of men and women in uniform."The actions of the soldiers were condemned by General John Allen, commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker said: "The actions were morally repugnant, dishonor the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of U. S. soldiers and civilians who have served with distinction in Afghanistan, do not represent the core values of the United States or our military." The New York Times reported that President Obama called for an investigation of the matter and said that those responsible would be held accountable. In Afghanistan, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid called the pictures disrespectful and condemned both the U. S. soldiers involved in the pictures as well as the Afghan police featured in them. "We condemn these occupiers and their puppets who are without culture, who are brutal and inhuman," Mujahid said. "Next to these occupiers there are some Afghans -- puppets -- who were ordered to stand next to the bodies of the martyrs." Afghan President Hamid Karzai called it "a disgusting act to take photos with body parts and share it with others". A day after the photos were released, there had been no news of mass protests by the Afghan people like the earlier Quran burnings in February, which Afghan lawmakers ascribed to the Afghan people's lack of sympathy for suicide bombers.

Mohammad Naim Lalai Hamidzai, a parliamentarian from southern Kandahar, told the Associated Press that "the people of Afghanistan remember the killing of innocent people by suicide bombers and people do not have a good image of these suicide bombers. The burning of Qurans and the killing of children create emotions in people, but there is no sympathy for suicide bombers who kill innocent people." Another reason for the muted reaction in Afghanistan was that evening TV bulletins did not show the photos and that many ordinary Afghans had no internet access. On the day of the release, the Army announced. By 2018, there were no reports available on the World Wide Web about the results of the investigation. On May 4, 2012, weeks after the pictures' release, U. S. Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta visited Ft. Benning and spoke to the 3rd Infantry Brigade about the need for discipline, he said, "These days it takes only seconds for a picture, a photo, to become an international headline. And those headlines can impact the mission.

They can put your fellow service members at risk. They can hurt morale, they can damage our standing in the world, they can cost lives." The case appears to have ended, at least publicly, with that speech

Uradome Coast

Uradome Coast is a scenic ria coastal inlet located on the Japan Sea in Iwami, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. Here is one of the major geosites of San'in Kaigan Global Geopark; the Uradome Coast is made up of rocks formed by marine erosion, white sandy beaches, dense scrub pines. The coast stretches for 15 kilometers to 16 kilometers along the Japan Sea on the eastern tip of Tottori Prefecture from Cape Kugami to Mount Shichiyama. Marine erosion has formed distinctive natural sea walls, tunnels and large rocks of unusual shapes; the Uradome Coast is an important part of the Sanin Kaigan National Park. The Uradome Coast is known as the "San'in Matsushima" due to its resemblance to Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture; the author Tōson Shimazaki was fond of the Uradome Coast. He praised the area with the quote "Matsushima is Matsushima, Uradome is Uradome"; the name of the Uradome Coast in Japanese is formed from two kanji. The first, 浦, means "inlet" and the second, 富 means "abundant" or "rich"; the Uradome Coast is to the east in close proximity to the Tottori Sand Dunes.

The coast is a 25-minute drive from Tottori Station on the JR West Sanin Main Line. 浦富海岸 いわみのマップ

Mike Wheeler (musician)

Mike Wheeler is a Chicago blues songwriter and guitarist. His first gig was with Lovie Lee, he performed with numerous Chicago bands and well-known artists such as Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy, Shemekia Copeland. He formed his own band, the Mike Wheeler Band, in 2001, his CD, Self Made Man, was released by Delmark Records in 2012 with critical acclaim. He was inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame in 2014, he is a regular performer at Kingston Mines. Wheeler was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 30, 1961, his music career spans more than 30 years. He played his first gig in 1984 with Muddy Waters' piano player, Lovie Lee, at Lilly's, a Lincoln Park bar in Chicago, his mother was his first musical influence by playing blues, R&B, soul records in their home. He recorded and played on numerous Chicago blues bands including Dave Cadillac and the Chicago Redhots, Sam Cockrell and the Grooves, Nellie Tiger Travis, Big Ray and Chicago's Most Wanted, Big James and The Chicago Playboys, Peaches Staten and the Grooveshakers.

He performed with well-known blues artists such as Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy, Shemekia Copeland, Jimmy Johnson, Son Seals, Willie Kent. He tours in Europe and he has played at the Chicago Blues Festival. In 2014, he was inducted into the Chicago Blues Halls of Fame as a Master Blues Artist, he is a regular performer at Kingston Mines. Wheeler formed his own band in the Mike Wheeler Band; the band has all of its original members. Bassist Larry Williams was a childhood friend of Wheeler, he has played to international audiences. He is known for his stage charisma. Drummer Cleo Cole started playing drums at the age of 10, studied at the Music Conservatory of Chicago, has performed before international audiences. Keyboardist Brian James has an associate degree in Fine Arts, he was the music director including Lonnie Brooks. Reviewer Read noted that Wheeler has a recognizable sound that includes funk and jazz while telling stories and maintaining a positive attitude and uplifting energy in his music. Critic Cummings-Yeates wrote, "Wheeler possesses the perfect blend of musicianship and singing skills."

Chicago Reader critic Whiteis described Wheeler's guitar playing as a "typical Chicagoan blend of Texas-to-Memphis panache and back-alley aggression." Blues critic Hensley found that Wheeler's "red-hot" guitar style is "reminiscent" of Carl Weathersby, Jimmy Johnson and Eddie Hazel. Hensley stated of the 12 songs that Wheeler wrote on the CD, Self Made Man, that he has "extraordinary talent as a songwriter"