Brad Ottens

Brad "Otto" Ottens is a former professional Australian rules footballer who played for the Geelong Football Club and Richmond Football Club in the Australian Football League. Selected at pick 2 in the 1997 AFL Draft, Ottens rose to prominence at Richmond as a strong overhead marker, with an accurate and long kick for goal, he was a part-time ruckman. However a season ending ACL knee injury posed a major setback to his career. In subsequent years he struggled to regain his form, he kicked 47 of his goals in 2001 for Richmond In search of a ruckman and key forward target, Geelong picked up Ottens in a trade for the 2005 season. After debuting in Round 1, becoming the one thousandth player to play a game for Geelong, he again struggled to have a major impact in the first year at his new club, he was the subject of an infamous post-match press conference by Mark Thompson in 2005. Here Thompson defended Ottens by saying "For some silly reason, you people want to assassinate him. It's just rubbish. You people, all of you, ALL OF YOU, leave him alone!"

Some see it as a defining moment for Brad. Since Ottens has been Geelong's preferred first ruckman. In 2006 Ottens showed signs of improvement in the ruck, he took the AFL Mark of the Year in round 5 against Sydney. He played all 22 games in 2006; the week after Geelong's exit from the 2006 AFL season, Ottens was involved in a drink driving incident which saw him have his licence cancelled for 11 months. In 2007 Ottens was in near career best form, he played a majority of the season as Geelong's main ruckman rather than as a forward where he had played since joining the club. During the Cats' five-point preliminary final win against Collingwood Ottens was voted best-on-ground after giving a game-winning performance in the ruck; the following week he capped off a stellar season, among the best players in his side's record breaking grand final victory over Port Adelaide. He noted. Despite missing most of 2009 with injuries, Ottens made a late comeback and played in another Geelong premiership side.

An injury interrupted season in 2010 resulted in a muted effort for the club's disappointing 2010 AFL finals series. In the 2011 AFL season a injury free Ottens had led to him being able to improve his output on recent years, he retired at the end of the 2011 season. Key: Brad Ottens's profile on the official website of the Geelong Football Club Brad Ottens's playing statistics from AFL Tables

L'Ordine Nuovo

L'Ordine Nuovo was a weekly newspaper established on May 1, 1919, in Turin, Italy, by a group, including Antonio Gramsci, Angelo Tasca and Palmiro Togliatti, within the Italian Socialist Party. The paper was the successor of a broadsheet newspaper; the founders of L'Ordine Nuovo were admirers of the Russian Revolution and supported the immediate creation of soviets in Italy. They believed that existing factory councils of workers could be strengthened so that they could become the basis of a communist revolution. However, Amadeo Bordiga, who would become the founder of the Communist Party of Italy, criticised the plan as syndicalism, saying that soviets should only be created after Italy had come under communist control; the newspaper, founded with union backing, focused on cultural politics, but in June 1919, the month following its founding and Togliatti pushed Tasca out and re-focused as a revolutionary voice. The newspaper reached a circulation of 6,000 by the end of the year and its reputation was heightened by its support of the April 1920 general strike, which the Socialist Party and the affiliated General Confederation of Labour did not support.

On 1 January 1921 the paper began to be published on a daily basis. In January 1921, Bordiga and the supporters of L'Ordine Nuovo left the Socialist Party in order to establish the new Communist Party of Italy; the paper went defunct in 1922, to resume in March 1924 by publishing intermittently the last eight numbers until March 1925. Notes Sources All issues of L'Ordine Nuovo at Centro Gramsci

AO Tennis (video game)

AO Tennis is a tennis video game developed and published by Big Ant Studios. AO Tennis was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iOS on January 5, 2018, it is the first official licensed game of the Australian Open. It features a career mode. #1, starting by being world No. #1500. The game includes licences for players including Angelique Kerber. AO Tennis allows players to create their own athletes, sponsorship logos and stadiums to play in; the game's release featured a "day one patch". The game's release for iOS, Android came before the console release, released in time for the start for the real-world Australian Open. In April 2018, Big Ant Studios announced AO International Tennis for a global release on May 8, 2018. AO International Tennis would be a reworked and enhanced title, with improved gameplay and "more than twice" the number of gameplay modes that AO Tennis had at launch. In an interview with WCCFTech, Big Ant Studios CEO, Ross Symons, said: "It’s not so much “tweaks and changes” as AO International Tennis is genuinely a new game.

It’s got double the gameplay modes, far greater levels of customization, a vastly improved gameplay engine to what AO Tennis launched with. When people watch videos of AO Tennis and AO International Tennis, they’ll see two different experiences." With most reviews written prior to the release of the "day one patch" there was a great variance in the scores given, as is shown with media aggregator website Metacritic scoring the PlayStation 4 version at 49% based on 4 reviews, while user reviews were at 88% for PS4 and 95% for Xbox. Reception for the game ranged from 3/10 to as high as 8/10 based on whether reviewers had downloaded the "day one patch" or not. Stevivor, having downloaded the appropriate "day one patch", was positive on the game, writing "This is a game I’d recommend to tennis fans" in its 7/10 review. Fox Sports reviewed the game without downloading the "day one patch", scoring it 4/10 calling the movement "clunky", commenting that the game's AI "decided not to swing at the ball", "rather than us mis-hitting it".

Kotaku were negative about the game's release, commenting on the lack of gameplay footage released before launch. But admitted to not downloading the "day one patch" apologising for this oversight. Kotaku called the release build of the game "rough" commenting on the game's doubles action, where players were "lifeless and unresponsive to the action around them". GameSpot scored AO Tennis 3/10, noting "inconsistent" physics. GameSpot were critical of the game's graphics, referring that "each real-life pro looks wooden."Press Start Australia, after playing AO Tennis a few weeks after launch, wrote "After 10+ updates and the last one being quite major, it’s quite insane to see just how far this game has come over the last few weeks."AO International Tennis received a far more positive response from critics. The Xbox Hub wrote that AO International Tennis is "right up there with the best tennis titles available today," and gave it 8/10; the Spanish-speaking SomosXbox wrote "AO International Tennis is an interesting videogame for tennis fans, the game has a nice gameplay," and scored the game 6.5/10.

Forbes, in scoring the game 6.7/10, praised the customisation options, writing "All non-license sports games should emulate AO International Tennis' approach to create-a-player and create-a-stadium suites." AO Tennis 2 was released 9 January 2020. Official website