Robert Mushtare

Robert Mushtare is a bowler from Carthage, NY, recognized by the USBC for having bowled two perfect 900 series.—one on December 3, 2005 and the other on February 19, 2006, both at Pine Plains Bowling Center in Fort Drum, New York. He is said to have rolled another in league play prior to the aforementioned two. Due to the order of USBC certification procedures, it will never be known if it would have been approved if his league had been certified at the time; the two 900's for which Mushtare was recognized came under great scrutiny because they were pre-bowled, meaning he bowled days before his regular league competition, was sometimes bowling alone. ESPN's Jeremy Schaap did an investigative report on the controversy, broadcast on the ESPN program Outside the Lines. Glenn Allison, who bowled an uncertified 900 series in 1982, is skeptical of Robert's achievements, as is pro bowler and Team USA coach Tim Mack. With this recognition, Mushtare is officially recognized as the first youth bowler to shoot a certified 900 series, the first bowler to bowl more than one, the first bowler from New York state to achieve the feat.

The ensuing controversy led to a change in USBC rules. 900 Robert Mushtare, Fort Drum, N. Y. Dec. 5, 2005 900 Robert Mushtare, Fort Drum, N. Y. Feb. 19, 2006 889 Shane Tetterton, Sinking Springs, Pa. Sept. 24, 2006 888 Brentt Arcement, Kenner, La. Jan. 20, 1990 879 Jacob Peters, Ill. April 27, 2005 879 Gary Faulkner Jr. Memphis, June 22, 2008 These scores are from the USBC Records and stats page. In 2006, bowler Robert Mushtare did not advance to the semi-finals at the United States Bowling Congress Junior Gold championships. Throughout the tournament, Mushtare managed to have met several PBA players and some higher level coaches in the sport of bowling. Junior team USA coach Rod Ross had stated, "I was impressed with his physical game, he has a nice loose arm swing. He has a lot of raw talent, he can strike and strike a lot, there's no doubt in my mind that he shot those 900s." And though the 900 bowler did not make the first cut, Mushtare said the experience was memorable and that it was a great learning experience for him.

In June 2006, Mushtare had a personal interview with Jim King once King was able to contact the 17-year-old bowler. During his interview Mushtare states that he has bowled three 900 series during his league time and he has bowled two 900 series during practice. Now, after 4 months of deliberation, two of Mushtare's 900 series were approved. Mushtare states that the reasons for his pre-bowls were for school functions and a few bowling tournaments that Mushtare was scheduled to participate in. Mushtare states that his third 900 series bowled was witnessed by personal friend Jamie Grimm. During this time, Mr. Grimm himself got a 741 series. Jim King mentions that there were rumors going around that Mushtare's father is the owner of the bowling alley. Mushtare's response was "No. My father does not own it, it is owned by the government and located on a military base." Http:// Youth bowler's two perfect series approved Is 17-year-old Mushtare a bowling phenom or a phony? Interview

Rudolf Höckner

Rudolf Höckner was a German Impressionist landscape and cityscape painter. His parents were landowners and he was born on their estate near Wolkenstein. After the early death of his father in 1872, his family moved to Freiberg five years to Leipzig. There, he attended a liberal arts boarding school founded in the 13th century, he graduated in 1885. Following that, he studied theology at the University of Tübingen was enrolled at the University of Leipzig. After deciding on a career in art, he attended the Grand-Ducal Saxon Art School, where his primary instructor was Theodor Hagen, he graduated in 1890, with a scholarship that enabled him to take study trips to Southern Germany and Italy. In 1891, he returned to Weimar, married Brigitte Ebsen, became a free-lance artist. In 1895, financial difficulties forced him to move to Flensburg where he supplemented his artistic income by working as a sailing correspondent for the Nord-Ostsee-Zeitung. In 1905, he moved his family again. Two years he gave that up to make another attempt at being a free-lance artist.

In 1915, he and Brigitte settled in Wedel, on the Elbe, remained there until her death in 1941. On the occasion of his 65th birthday, he was named an honorary member of the Altona Artists' Association and, at the age of 75, became an honorary citizen of Wedel. After his wife's death, he died in the spa town of Bad Mergentheim. More than 250 of his paintings are owned by the city of Wedel. Others may be seen at the Altonaer Museum. A collection of letters and newspaper clippings is kept at the Stadtarchiv Wedel. Kay Rump, Maike Bruhns: Der Neue Rump. Lexikon der Bildenden Künstler Hamburgs, Altonas und der näheren Umgebung. Wachholz, 2005.