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Commuter rail
Broadway Station Burlingame 3152 11.JPG
Broadway station, November 10, 2012
Location 1190 California Drive
Burlingame, CA 94010
Coordinates 37°35′14″N 122°21′43″W / 37.58722°N 122.36194°W / 37.58722; -122.36194Coordinates: 37°35′14″N 122°21′43″W / 37.58722°N 122.36194°W / 37.58722; -122.36194
Owned by Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
Line(s) Caltrain
  Local service
Platforms 1 side platform, 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Connections SamTrans: 292
Broadway/Burlingame Shuttle
Burlingame Trolley[1]
Parking Available
Bicycle facilities Lockers available
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Status Partial closure, weekend service only
Fare zone Fare Zone 2
Passengers (2005) 205[2]Steady 0%
Preceding station   Caltrain logo.svg Caltrain   Following station
Local service
(weekends and holidays only)
toward Tamien
Gilroy during peak hours
Broadway station (Caltrain) is located in San Francisco
Broadway station (Caltrain)

Broadway is a Caltrain station in Burlingame, California. Caltrain only serves this stop on weekends and holidays. Weekday service is provided by a bus shuttle to Millbrae.

Platforms and tracks[edit]

Northbound  Local service toward San Francisco, weekends only (Millbrae)
 Limited-stop service No stops
 Baby Bullet No stops
Southbound  Local service toward Tamien, weekends only (Burlingame)
 Limited-stop service No stops
 Baby Bullet No stops

Station amenities[edit]

  • Caltrain Ticket Machines
  • 8-Ride Ticket Validators
  • Bicycle parking (18 racks, 12 lockers)
  • Automobile parking (119 spaces)


Northbound passengers must wait to the west of the southbound tracks until a northbound train stops at the station. Passengers then cross the southbound tracks to board northbound trains from a narrow center platform, because of the narrow center platform for northbound passengers, a hold-out rule (GCOR 6.30) is in effect at this station: if a train is stopped for passengers, an approaching train in the opposite direction on the other track must wait outside the station.[3][4] The resulting delays were the main reason that Broadway became a weekend-only station in August 2005, shortly after the Caltrain Express project was completed.[5]


A free shuttle was implemented in lieu of weekday service and is provided between the Broadway and Millbrae stations during commute hours on weekdays, it is coordinated to arrive a few minutes before primarily limited-service local and Baby Bullet trains arrive at Millbrae. The shuttle has only two stops (at Broadway, behind the samTrans bus shelter; at Milbrae, west of the station in samTrans bus bay #13), and travels along California Avenue between the two stations, with a one-way ride scheduled to take five minutes.[6]

Future plans[edit]

After the electrification of Caltrain is completed, daily service is planned to be reinstated at Broadway,[7] the nearby at-grade crossing for Broadway Avenue is planned to be grade-separated, with construction projected to start as early as 2025 if funding can be identified. The at-grade crossing has been identified as the second-most necessary grade separation among 10,000 at-grade crossings in California because it handles 70,000 vehicles per day, and city officials state it is the site of the worst traffic congestion in Burlingame. Grade separation is projected to cost $250 million.[8]


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