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A Caritas Hong Kong Outreaching Dental Services bus

Caritas Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港明愛) is a charitable organisation, a member of Caritas Internationalis, founded by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong in July 1953. It started with relief and rehabilitation services to the poor and the distressed after the Second World War, it nowaday expands to involve social service, education service, medical service, hospitality service and many others. It is led by Board of Management chairman Dominic Chan.

It is funded by the Hong Kong Government, Community Chest, other donations and fees on participants.



Special Education & Vocational Training Service[edit]

Vocational Training & Education Service[edit]

Caritas Secondary School[edit]

Adult and Higher Education Service[edit]

Environmental Protection Initiative[edit]

  • Hong Kong Caritas Computer Recycle Project[1]

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