Kautz Glacier

The Kautz Glacier is a narrow glacier on the southern flank of Mount Rainier in Washington. Named for August Kautz, sometimes credited for the first ascent of Mount Rainier, covers 1.8 square miles and contains 7.8 billion ft3 of ice. Upper Kautz Glacier extends south from the summit ice cap to Kautz Ice Cliff at about 11,700 feet. West of the main ice cliff, the glacier continues down Kautz Chute which terminates in another ice cliff just above the lower Kautz Glacier at 10,800 feet. Reached by a short descent from Camp Hazard at 11,300 feet on Wapowety Cleaver, climbers following the Kautz Glacier climbing route ascend this chute to the upper glacier. Starting from the Kautz Glacier Headwall at about 12,500 feet, the lower glacier flows south-southwest between the Kautz and the Wapowety Cleaver. Just before it meets the Success Glacier, the Kautz makes a right turn and heads west for a short distance. After the two glaciers meet, the resultant glacier reaches down to about 6,000 ft before terminating.

Meltwater from the glacier drains into Kautz Creek Falls and into Kautz Creek, a tributary of the Nisqually River. The glacier is one of four on Mount Rainier. Similar flows have stemmed from the Nisqually and South Tahoma glaciers as well; the glacier released a large mudflow on October 2–3, 1947, when heavy rains melted and eroded the lower part of the glacier. The meltwater transformed into a 14 billion ft3 mudflow replete with large boulders up to 13 feet in diameter; the flow buried Highway 706 in 28 feet of watery debris. Deposits from the 1947 mudflow can still be seen today. Smaller flows occurred in the years 1961, 1985 and 1986. List of glaciers

Satoru Sayama

Satoru Sayama is a Japanese professional wrestler and mixed martial arts promoter, best known as the original Tiger Mask. He has wrestled under his real name as well as the names Sammy Lee, masked Super Tiger, Tiger King, Tiger Mask and The Mask of Tiger, he is the only man to hold the WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship and the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship simultaneously. He is the founder of Shooto and Real Japan Pro Wrestling. Bret Hart has called Sayama the "Bruce Lee of wrestling" because of his lightning speed, martial arts abilities and athleticism. Sayama has the distinction of being a competitor in the first 5 Star Rating awarded for a Match by Dave Meltzer, for their NJPW Sumo Hall Show 1983 match; this is thought of highly in the industry. Sayama debuted in New Japan Pro Wrestling, against Shoji Kai, a jobber known to have been the debut opponent for future stars. Sayama weighed only 160 pounds, which given his training, impaired him from getting a permanent spot on NJPW cards.

So they sent him abroad, to Mexico, where he wrestled under his real name. It was in Mexico where he started to grow not only in physical stature but in prominence, winning the NWA World Middleweight Title in EMLL. In 1981, NJPW was looking for a way to attract young fans to its wrestling, they looked to the popular Tiger Mask anime and created a wrestling character called Tiger Mask for the fans, with the returned Sayama playing the role. On the evening of Thursday, April 23, 1981, Satoru Sayama made his way to the ring in the Kuramae Kokugikan as Tiger Mask. Many traditional Japanese fans scoffed at the thought of artist Ikki Kajiwara's popular comic book wrestling hero being pushed as a legitimate wrestling star, but he shocked the Japanese fans in the arena by pinning Dynamite Kid with his German suplex; as a result, he was regarded as the premier star in New Japan's junior heavyweight ranks. Moreover, that match would be the first of many classic battles between the two men. On May 6, 1982, Tiger Mask was forced to vacate the WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship after injuring his right knee.

Tiger Mask would go on to win the NWA World Junior Heavyweight less than 3 weeks on May 25, 1982. The next day, Tiger Mask defeated Black Tiger in a match for the WWF Junior Heavyweight title; this victory was met with controversy, as some board members on the NWA declared the title vacant, as they felt that the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship was the premier title for the division. However, during an annual meeting between the NWA and New Japan Pro Wrestling, it was declared that Tiger Mask was still recognized as the official champion, which made him the only man to hold the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship and the WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship. Around this time, Sayama kickboxing under Toshio Fujiwara. In late 1982, while still a member of the New Japan roster, Sayama made at least two tours of the United States, he appeared in the World Wrestling Federation, at the time a regional promotion in the northeast region of the country. Sayama defended the WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship by defeating Dynamite Kid at Madison Square Garden in New York City on August 30, Eddie Gilbert at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on November 25.

During his time as Tiger Mask, Sayama had faced English and Mexican opponents, with styles complementary to his own. As a result, the match with Gilbert would be regarded as one of his higher-profile matches against an American-style opponent. Sayama made appearances at WWF television tapings during these tours, in which he had televised matches against José Estrada and Mr. Saito. Joe McHugh, the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission-appointed ring announcer for WWF events in the state and nearing 80 years of age, mistakenly introduced Sayama during one of his appearances as "Timer Mask." During a tag team match on April 3, 1983 he was injured by Dynamite Kid. However, once the determined Tiger Mask recovered, he regained his NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship by defeating Kuniaki Kobayashi on June 2, 1983, making him a simultaneous NWA/WWF Jr. champion for the second time. By 1983, Sayama started feeling dissatisfied as he hated the politics behind-the-scenes; as a result, he announced his retirement from active competition on August 12, 1983.

His last match occurred on August 4. It was a shock to the wrestling world, as Tiger Mask was going to retire while he was at the top of his game and as the holder of two Junior Heavyweight Championships. Both titles were declared vacant. Sayama was inactive from the ring for nearly a year, having founded the Tiger Gym and spending most of his time training with his protege Kazuo Yamazaki. Sayama resurfaced in the Japanese UWF in 1984. By All Japan Pro Wrestling had purchased the Tiger Mask name and gimmick and given it to Mitsuharu Misawa; as a result, Sayama made appearances for UWF as The Tiger alternated between using his real name and the gimmick of Super Tiger. He supported the UWF concept and had several memorable matches against Akira Maeda and Yoshiaki Fujiwara. Sayama would soon disagree with Maeda over style ideology, as Sayama wanted more kicking, while Maeda wanted m