Charles XI of Sweden

Charles XI Carl Charles IV was King of Sweden from 1660 until his death, in a period of Swedish history known as the Swedish Empire. He was the only son of Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp, his father died when he was four years old, so Charles was educated by his governors until his coronation at the age of seventeen. Soon afterward, he was forced out on military expeditions to secure the acquired dominions from Danish troops in the Scanian War. Having fought off the Danes, he returned to Stockholm and engaged in correcting the country's neglected political and economic situation, he managed to sustain peace during the remaining 20 years of his reign. Changes in finance, national maritime and land armaments, judicial procedure, church government, education emerged during this period. Charles XI was succeeded by his only son Charles XII, who made use of the well-trained army in battles throughout Europe; the fact that Charles was crowned as Charles XI does not mean that he was the 11th king of Sweden who had the name Charles.

His father's name was due to his great-grandfather, King Charles IX of Sweden, having adopted his own numeral by using a mythological History of Sweden. This ancestor was the 5th King Charles; the numbering tradition thus begun still continues, with the present king of Sweden being Carl XVI Gustaf. Charles was born in the Stockholm Palace Tre Kronor in November 1655, his father, Charles X of Sweden, had left Sweden in July that year to fight in the war against Poland. After several years of warfare, the king returned in the winter of 1659, gathered his family and the Riksdag of the Estates in Gothenburg. Here he beheld his four-year-old son for the first time. Only a few weeks in mid-January 1660, the king fell ill. Charles X Gustav's will and testament left the administration of the Swedish Empire during Charles XI's minority to a regency led by Queen Dowager Hedwig Eleonora as both formal regent and chair of a six-member Regency Council with two votes and a final say over the rest of the council.

Per Brahe was one member of the council. In addition, Charles X Gustav left command of the army and a seat on the council to his younger brother, Adolph John I, Count Palatine of Kleeburg; these provisions among others led to the remainder of the council challenging the will. On 14 February, the day after King Charles X's death, Hedwig Eleonora sent a message to the council stating that she knew that they contested the will and that she demanded that it should be respected; the council answered that the will must first be discussed with the parliament, at the following council in Stockholm on 13 May, the council tried to keep her from attending. The parliament questioned whether it would be good for her health or suitable for a widow to attend council, that if not, it would be hard to keep sending a messenger to her quarters, her reply that the council would be allowed to meet without her and only inform her when they considered it necessary was met with satisfaction from the council. Hedwig Eleonora's ostensible indifference to politics came as a great relief to the lords of the guardian government.

His mother, Queen Hedvig Eleonora, remained the formal regent until Charles XI attained his majority on 18 December 1672, but she was careful not to embroil herself in political conflicts. During his first appearances in parliament, Charles spoke to the government through her, he would whisper the questions he had in her ear, she would ask them aloud and for him. As an adolescent, Charles devoted himself to sports and his favourite pastime of bear-hunting, he appeared ignorant of the rudiments of statecraft and illiterate. His main difficulties are now seen as evident signs of dyslexia, a disability, poorly understood at the time. According to many contemporary sources, the king was considered poorly educated and therefore not qualified to conduct himself in foreign affairs. Charles was dependent on his mother and advisors to interact with the foreign envoys since he had no foreign language skills apart from German and was ignorant of the world outside the Swedish borders. Italian writer Lorenzo Magalotti visited Stockholm in 1674 and described the teenage Charles XI as "virtually afraid of everything, uneasy to talk to foreigners, not daring to look anyone in the face".

Another trait was a deep religious devotion: he was God-fearing prayed kneeling and attended sermons. Magalotti otherwise described the king's main pursuits as hunting, the upcoming war, jokes; the situation in Europe was shaky during this time and Sweden was going through financial problems. Charles XI's guardians decided to negotiate an alliance with France in 1671; this would ensure that Sweden would not be isolated if there was a war, that the national finances would improve thanks to French subsidies. France directed its aggression against the Dutch in 1672, by the spring of 1674, Sweden was forced to take part by directing forces towards Brandenburg, under the lead of Karl Gustav Wrangel. Denmark was an ally of the Habsburg Holy Roman Empire, it was evident that Sweden was on the verge of yet another war with that country. A remedy was attempted by chancellor Nils Brahe, who traveled to Copenhagen in the spring of 1675 to try to get the Danish princess Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark engaged to the Swedish king.

In mid-June 1675, the engagement was proclaimed. However, when news arrived of the Swedish defeat at the Battle of Fehrbellin, Danish king Christian V declared war on Sweden that September; the Swedish Privy Council continued its

Ass Burgers

"Ass Burgers" is the eighth episode of South Park's fifteenth season and the 217th episode of the series overall. It first aired in the U. S. on October 5, 2011, on Comedy Central. The episode picks up. Stan's cynicism is mistakenly blamed on his recent vaccinations and diagnosed as Asperger syndrome, a criticism of anti-vaccination proponents. Cartman mishears the condition as "ass burgers" and opens a food stand in which the secret ingredient involves stuffing his underwear with hamburgers; the episode is rated TV-MA-L in the United States. Trey Parker and Matt Stone considered alternative storylines, but decided it would be best if the show "reset" back to normal, they both noted that doing the opposite would have put too much emphasis on drama, rather than comedy. The writers had the idea to center an episode on the "Ass Burgers" pun for several years, but did not think discussion and awareness of the disorder had entered pop culture to the extent that enough people would understand the joke.

The episode received mixed reviews from television critics, who either praised the show's return to form or criticized it for becoming formulaic. In its original American broadcast, "Ass Burgers" was watched by 2.941 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. "Ass Burgers" was released on DVD and Blu-ray along with the rest of the fifteenth season on March 27, 2012. Following "You're Getting Old", Stan is attempting to adapt to his parents' divorce while his cynicism causes him to explode in class out of frustration. Stan's depression is mistakenly diagnosed as Asperger syndrome because he received a flu vaccination a year earlier. Taken to an Asperger's Group Therapy Center, Stan is greeted by a doctor who introduces him to the other patients, all exhibiting an assortment of odd behaviors; when left alone, all the people drop their act, the false doctor reveals that not only do none of those present have the condition, they do not believe that it exists. Stan learns that the center is a front for cynical self-perceived freedom fighters who believe that the world has turned into feces, that some kind of supernatural force is preventing the rest of the world from noticing.

The leader, a parody of Morpheus from The Matrix, gives Stan a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey as a "serum" so he can interact with the "illusion world", charges him with convincing others to see the world as they do. While drunk, he cheerfully embraces the world intoxicated and enjoys a screen of Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill; as this occurs, upon mishearing the condition as "Ass burgers", attempts to fake this condition at school by stuffing his underwear with hamburgers. Although this fails, Cartman gives one of the hamburgers to Kyle, who declares them delicious without knowing that Cartman had them in his underwear; this inspires Cartman to start a food stand with Kyle called Cartman Burger, at which he will sell hamburgers that he has placed between his buttocks. While intoxicated, Stan unsuccessfully attempts to make amends with Kyle, who explains that things have irreversibly changed and he must remain with Cartman Burger; the next day, Stan is sent armed to a secret meeting being attended by corporate representatives of America's most popular fast-food chains, which have lost business due to the popularity of Cartman Burger.

The representatives deduce that Cartman Burgers contain ingredients from all of their products, which are infused into Cartman Burgers via some type of gas. When Stan arrives and loses consciousness from the alcohol, the restaurant agents tie him up and interrogate him about the secret ingredient; as Stan does not know the ingredient, the representatives subsequently monitor a conversation between him and Kyle over the ingredient, but when Kyle tells Stan that only Cartman knows the secret ingredient, the restaurant agents storm the stand before the drunk freedom fighters arrive and gun them down. Stan, refuses to drink any more whiskey, realizes that although he may no longer be with both of his parents and Kyle is no longer his best friend, he is now excited by the prospect of change rather than scared of it, claiming this could be the start of new, original adventures for everybody. However, Randy appears and announces that he and Sharon have worked out their differences and are reconciling.

This surprises and upsets Stan, he relapses into depression as, in a montage, everything returns to normal. The Marshes move back into their home together, Kyle breaks off his friendship with Cartman and shuts down Cartman Burger after finding out just what the secret ingredient is. After Stan wakes up on a subsequent morning, Kyle and Kenny appear in his bedroom and invite him to the movies with them. Resigned to his fate, Stan reluctantly joins them. "Ass Burgers" is the mid-season premiere of South Park's fifteenth season and the first episode of the show's fall 2011 run. During the summer, co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone had won nine Tony Awards for their work on the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon. To dissuade any critics from believing their newfound acclaim on the Great White Way would somehow make South Park more mature, they titled the episode "Ass Burgers," a pun on Asperger syndrome, they had the idea to center an episode of the disorder's name several years prior, but it had not entered the pop culture consciousness in a way that Parker and Stone felt enough people would be aware of the joke.

It is the conclusion of a two-parter begun with "You're Getting Old", the mid-season finale that involved Stan turning ten years old and beginning to view the world through a cynical lens. In addition, his parents separate, the episode ends with a montage set to Fleetwood Mac's

Only Just Beginning

Only Just Beginning is the fourth album by Jason Webley, released in 2004. "February Relaxing Her Fingers After a Brief Winter's Grip" – 4:18 "Music That Puts Everything Together" – 4:54 "Balloon Feather Boat Tomato" – 5:11 "Icarus" – 3:55 "Mine" – 3:38 "Map" – 4:38 "Viaje" – 4:01 "May Day" – 3:20 "With" – 7:50 "Coda" – 10:10 Jason Webley – vocals, accordion, etc. Michael McQuilkenpercussion Jherek Bischoffbass Seth Warren – violin Liz Sprout Guy – viola Taryn Webber – cello Brant Campbell – clarinet, alto saxophone Fred Hawkinsontrombone Gary Luketuba Jason Webley – Only Just Beginning