In Greek mythology, Chiron was held to be the superlative centaur amongst his brethren since he was called the "wisest and justest of all the centaurs". Chiron was notable throughout Greek mythology for his youth-nurturing nature, his personal skills tend to match those of his foster father Apollo, who taught the young centaur the art of medicine, music, hunting and prophecy, made him rise above his beastly nature. Chiron was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine, thus was credited with the discovery of botany and pharmacy, the science of herbs and medicine. Like satyrs, centaurs were notorious for being wild, overly indulgent drinkers and carousers, violent when intoxicated, uncultured delinquents. Chiron, by contrast, was intelligent and kind, because he was not related directly to the other centaurs due to his parentage, he was the son of the Titan Cronus and the Oceanid Philyra, thus possible brother to Dolops and Aphrus, the ancestor and eponym of the Aphroi, i.e. the native Africans.

Chiron lived predominantly on Mount Pelion. A different source stated that his wife was called Nais while a certain Aristaeus was called his son. Like the other centaurs, Chiron was expelled by the Lapithae from his home. Although a centaur, Chiron's physical appearance differs somewhat from other centaurs, demonstrating his status and heritage. In traditional Greek representations of Chiron his front legs are human, rather than equine, this is in contrast to the traditional representation of centaurs, which have the entire lower body of a horse; this sets Chiron apart from the other centaurs, making him identifiable. This difference may have highlighted Chiron's unique lineage, being the son of Cronus. Chiron is depicted carrying a branch with dead hares he has caught hanging from it. Chiron is often depicted wearing clothes, demonstrating he is more civilised and unlike a normal centaur; the Education of Achilles wall painting, from the basilica in Herculaneum, is one of the most common Roman depictions of Chiron, as he teaches Achilles the lyre.

In this version we see Chiron with a equine lower body, in contrast to the ancient Greek representations. In addition to this reconfiguration, Chiron's appearance is further altered with his ears. Whereas human, Chiron's ears now match those of a satyr; this rendering creates a more bestial version of Chiron, much more akin to a standard centaur. It may be possible that due to the rise of written sources, Roman artists were inspired by written descriptions of Chiron; this may not be a deliberate reworking of the Chiron myth on the part of the Romans, but a lost nuance of the character in its migration from Greece to Rome. As F. Kelsey writes. Chiron has retained an element of clothing and gained a laurel wreath, suggesting the artist wished to portray nobility, or divinity, more consistent with the traditional view, it has been suggested that this fresco is a reproduction of an actual statue in the Roman forum. According to an archaic myth, Chiron was sired by the Titan Cronus when he had taken the form of a horse and impregnated the nymph Philyra.

Chiron's lineage was different from other centaurs, who were born from Ixion, consigned to a fiery wheel, Nephele, which in the Olympian telling Zeus invented to look like Hera. Soon after giving birth to Chiron, Philyra abandoned her child out of disgust. Chiron orphaned, was found by the god Apollo, who took him under his wing and taught him the art of music, archery and prophecy. Apollo's twin sister, trained him in archery and hunting. Chiron's uniquely peaceful character and intelligence is attributed to Apollo and to Artemis; some sources speculate that Chiron was a Thessalian god subsumed into the Greek pantheon as a centaur. A great healer and respected oracle, Chiron was said to be the first among centaurs and revered as a teacher and tutor. Among his pupils were many culture heroes: Asclepius, Ajax, Actaeon, Theseus, Jason, Telamon, sometimes Heracles, in one Byzantine tradition Dionysus. According to Ptolemaeus Chennus of Alexandria "Dionysus was loved by Chiron, from whom he learned chants and dances, the bacchic rites and initiations."

There is a persistent link with Peleus throughout Chiron's myth. This can be explained that the latter was the grandfather of Peleus through his daughter Endeis who married the king of Aegina, Aeacus. Chiron saved the life of Peleus when Acastus tried to kill him by taking his sword and leaving him out in the woods to be slaughtered by the centaurs. Chiron retrieved the sword for Peleus. Chiron explained to Peleus how to capture the nymph Thetis, leading to their marriage. Chiron is connected with the story o

Total 6

Kompakt: Total 6 or Total 6 is a techno album released on 30 July 2005 on Kompakt. The album is the sixth installment of the Cologne-based microhouse label's annual compilation of vinyl releases and exclusives from its biggest artists and most promising newcomers. All tracks on the vinyl edition are unreleased. Unlike previous Total installments all tracks from the vinyl edition are included on the CD, which this time is expanded to a double; the CD contains three album-only tracks. A1 DJ Koze – Hicc Up A2 Justus Köhncke – Krieg B1 Jürgen Paape – Cream B2 Reinhard Voigt – Ready For Take Off C1 Aguayo/Rossknecht – Bouncin A Round C2 Jonas Bering – Glass D1 SuperpitcherTell Me About It D2 Thomas / Mayer – Panic Room 101 DJ Koze – "Hicc Up" 102 Dorau / Köhncke – "Durch Die Nacht" 103 Justus Köhncke – "Krieg" 104 Aguayo/Rossknecht – "Bouncin A Round" 105 Baxendale – "I Built This City" 106 Rex The Dog – "I Look Into Mid Air" 107 Thomas Fehlmann – "Schöne Grüsse" 108 Tocotronic – "Pure Vernunft Darf Niemals Siegen" 109 The MFA – "The Difference It Makes" 110 Mikkel Metal – "Dorant" 111 Jürgen Paape – "Cream" 112 Reinhard Voigt – "Ready For Take Off" 201 Dirk Leyers – "Wellen" 202 Superpitcher – "Tell Me About It" 203 Thomas/Mayer – "Panic Room" 204 Mayer/Aguayo – "Slow" 205 Kaito – "Hundred Million Light Years" 206 SCSI-9 – "Mini" 207 Jonas Bering – "Glass" 208 Ferenc – "Tracatra" 209 Heib – "Phönix" 210 The Modernist – "The International Loner" 211 Peter Grummich – "Frozen World" 212 The Field – "Action" Thirteen tracks on the CD are taken from released 12 inch singles released on Kompakt or sub-labels: #102.

Tracks #107, #208 and #210 are exclusive to the CD edition. Total 6 at Discogs

Babez for Breakfast

Babez for Breakfast is the fifth studio album by the Finnish hard rock band Lordi, released on 10 September 2010. As is traditional for the band, their costumes were renewed for the release of this album; the album was produced by Michael Wagener. The first single, "This Is Heavy Metal", was released digitally on 9 August 2010, physically a week on 16 August. There were only an estimated 200 physical copies of the single made and it is seen as a rare collectors' item amongst Lordi fans. A limited edition of the album, entitled The Breakfast Box includes bonus merchandise and was released on 18 October 2010. "As for the album title, it is an ironic answer to the question of whether monsters eat babies for breakfast or not. We twisted the final letter ` s' to a ` z'. With this twist we wanted to state that this album is not as serious as Deadache," said frontman Mr. Lordi; the recording of the album started on 16 February 2010 at WireWorld Studio in Nashville, USA. The band had 44 demos of which 15 made the final cut.

According to Mr. Lordi, "We are proud of this album. We went back beyond; the new material is more rocking and melodic. This is the first time we have worked with a gospel choir; this has been great fun! As our producer says, each song includes a lot of energy and entertainment. With this album we are eager to go back on the road and show our fans the new songs and tricks!" "This Is Heavy Metal" - 9 August 2010 "Rock Police" - 2010 In September 2009, Mr. Lordi spent five days in Hollywood, California, co-writing new songs for the album with the ex-KISS guitarist, Bruce Kulick, Jeremy Rubolino; this song-writing session resulted in two songs, "Cut Off My Head" and "Call Off the Wedding". Mr. Lordi called "Call Off the Wedding" a "ballad. Lot of clean guitars there for example; that one is not quite finished yet. Bruce Kulick played the solo on that, Jeremy Rubolino wrote the string score for it. There's gonna be REAL strings on it, they're gonna be recorded in L. A. any day now." Mark Slaughter, singer of the band Slaughter made a guest appearance on the album, to play the role of the "dad" in "Granny's Gone Crazy".

Mr. Lordi - lead vocals Amen - guitars Kita - drums, backing vocals and arrangements OX - bass guitar Awa - keyboards