Chris Bauer

Mark Christopher Bauer is an American film and theater actor best known for his television work in The Wire, Third Watch, True Blood, Survivor's Remorse and The Deuce. He has appeared on Broadway, in A Streetcar Named Desire, has originated roles in plays by David Mamet, John Patrick Shanley and Jez Butterworth. Bauer was born in Los Angeles, is of German and Irish descent, he attended Miramonte High School in Orinda and played on the Miramonte football team in his senior year, 1984, the year the team won the state championship. He attended the University of San Diego and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, graduated from the Yale School of Drama. Bauer has starred in numerous television series including The Wire, as port-union boss Frank Sobotka, he auditioned for the role of Jimmy McNulty. He starred in Billy Crystal's 2001 film 61*, as New York Yankees player Bob Cerv, his roles on network television include a regular role as Fred Yokas, husband of Officer Faith Yokas, on the NBC series Third Watch, lead FBI Agent Dodd on the short-lived CBS series Smith, a priest on ABC's Life on Mars, as Detective Lou Destefano in the original Sci-Fi channel miniseries The Lost Room.

In 2004, he played Lee Nickel on the ESPN series Tilt. He appeared in the episode "The No-Brainer" of the television series Fringe as Brian Dempsey, appeared in multiple episodes of Numb3rs as Dr. Raymond "Ray" Galuski and in Criminal Minds, in season one, as the antagonist. Chris Bauer played Det. Andy Bellefleur on the TV-series True Blood, he played Dennis Halsey, a guard on Unforgettable in the fourth episode of the first season, "Up In Flames", appeared as a rival salesman from the Syracuse branch of Dunder Mifflin in Season 8 of The Office. In 2014, Bauer guest starred in an episode of Recreation. In October 2014 Bauer started a recurring role on the Starz comedy Survivor's Remorse, he plays the owner of a fictitious Atlanta professional basketball team. The show is written by Mike O'Malley, an executive producer along with NBA star LeBron James, stars Jessie T. Usher. Survivor's Remorse started its second season on September 22, 2015. Bauer played Det. Tom Lange in the FX limited series American Crime Story.

Bauer appeared as Tim Rutten in the NBC mini-series Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers, from 2017 co-stars as Bobby Dwyer in the HBO series The Deuce. In 2019, Bauer portrayed NASA astronaut and Director of Flight Crew Operations Deke Slayton in the first season of For All Mankind. Bauer's first film appearance was in Snow White: A Tale of Terror, with Sigourney Weaver, Sam Neill, Monica Keena. Soon after, Bauer played schoolteacher/pedophile Lloyd Gettys in the 1997 film The Devil's Advocate, he played prisoner NB9674932-65 Ivan Dubov in the 1997 action film Face/Off, where he met Nicolas Cage. He appeared as the masked character'Machine' in the 1999 film 8mm starring Cage, he starred as fetish photographer Irving Klaw in the 2005 Bettie Page biopic The Notorious Bettie Page, as famous author Ken Kesey in a 2007 Neal Cassady biopic. Bauer played a small role in Broken Flowers, he was featured in the movie The Conspirator, as a fellow officer following Abraham Lincoln's assassination, played a minor role in Flags of Our Fathers.

In 2015, Bauer played the role of'Pa' in Disney's Tomorrowland. He appeared in Money Monster as Lt. Nelson, played Larry Rooney in Sully. Chris Bauer on IMDb Chris Bauer at the Internet Off-Broadway Database

Ephraim Bacon

Ephraim Bacon IV was an American church minister who served as US government agent on the second American Colonization Society expedition to Africa in 1821. The expedition struggled to purchase land in Sierra Leone to found a colony and many of the colonists died from fever. Bacon was affected by the disease and fled the expedition on a British ship to Barbados returning to the United States. US Navy officer Robert F. Stockton was sent to take over negotiations and secured land to found a colony that would become Liberia. Ephraim Bacon was a church minister, he was commissioned as a US government agent for the second American Colonization Society expedition to Africa, together with Jonathan B Winn. The expedition followed the failure of the first party, on which Ephraim's brother Samuel Bacon had died whilst serving as government agent; the ACS agents on the second expedition were Joseph R Andrus. Bacon was accompanied on the expedition by his wife; the expedition consisted of 33 emigrants free African-Americans, who sailed on board the brig Nautilus under Captain Robert F. Stockton.

The Nautlius left the United States on 21 January 1821 and arrived at the British colony of Sierra Leone on 9 March. The expedition's leaders had no specific location in mind for establishing a colony and stayed in Fourah Bay whilst looking for a site; the inhabitants of Sherbro Island, where many of the first expedition had perished, refused to sell land to the ACS. Negotiations with King Ben of the Bassa territory proved unsuccessful as the ACS refused to pay an ongoing fee to the king of $300 per year for the 40 square miles of land. Bacon and Androus chartered the Augusta, to search southern Sierra Leone for a site. Bacon attempted to encourage more emigrants to the expedition by compiling an account of his work, entitled Abstract of a Journal of E. Bacon, Assistant Agent of the United States, to Africa, published in Washington DC in 1821. Bacon noted the religious fervour of the Sierra Leoneans, describing how they spent all day in church on Sundays. With negotiations ongoing the ACS sent Eli Ayres to help the expedition secure land.

Upon his arrival he found that Androus and Winn had died of fever and Bacon, afflicted, had fled the colony. Bacon had found a British vessel; the colonists Bacon had abandoned were distrustful of its officers. The ACS persuaded President James Monroe to have Stockton take over negotiations. Stockton secured land at Cape Mesurado from King Peter of the Dey at gunpoint, in exchange for goods worth less than $300; this site grew into the colony of Liberia

Matt Myers

Matt Myers is an American college baseball coach the head coach of UNC Asheville and Western Kentucky. He serves as Pitching Coach at UNC Wilmington. Myers played one season each at Sacramento State and Sacramento City before completing his college career at Tennessee, his 13–4 record gives him one of the top 10 winning percentages in Volunteer history. After completing his degree in 1998, Myers served as a graduate assistant at Tennessee for the 1999 season, he completed a master's degree in that year. He earned a position as a full-time assistant coach at UNC Asheville for the 2000 season, was elevated to head coach the following year, he helped rebuild a struggling program, leading the Bulldogs to the top half of the Big South Conference as one of the youngest coaches in Division I. He earned Big South Conference Coach of the Year honors in a 4th-place finish, he moved to Auburn as an assistant for three seasons. His pitching staff ranked among the program's best in his three years in ERA and recorded strong results in saves and walks.

In June 2007, Myers moved to WKU, added associate head coach duties two years later. He was named head coach prior to the 2012 season. In four seasons, Myers's teams failed to reach the 30-win mark or finish better than 16-14 in conference play, he was fired at the end of the 2015 season. After a three-season stint as head coach at Bowling Green High School in Bowling Green, Myers was hired as an assistant at UNC Wilmington following the 2018 season; the following table shows Myers' record as a head coach. Career statistics and player information from Error: Template:Baseballstats must contain at least one valid parameter name