Chuck Schumer

Charles Ellis Schumer is an American politician serving as the senior United States Senator from New York, a seat to which he was first elected in 1998. A member of the Democratic Party, he has served as the Senate Minority Leader since 2017, he first defeated three-term Republican incumbent Al D'Amato before being reelected in 2004 with 71 percent of the vote, in 2010 with 66 percent of the vote, in 2016 with 70 percent of the vote. He is the current dean of New York's congressional delegation. Before his election to the Senate, Schumer served in the House of Representatives from 1981 to 1999, first representing New York's 16th congressional district before being redistricted to the 10th congressional district in 1983 and 9th congressional district ten years later. A native of Brooklyn and a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, he was a three-term member of the New York State Assembly from 1975 to 1980. Schumer was chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from 2005 to 2009, during which time he oversaw 14 Democratic gains in the Senate in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

He was the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, behind Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Whip Dick Durbin. He was elected Vice Chairman of the Democratic Caucus in the Senate in 2006. In November 2010, he was chosen to hold the additional role of chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee. Schumer won his fourth term in the Senate in 2016 and was unanimously elected Minority Leader to succeed Harry Reid, retiring. Schumer was born in the son of Selma and Abraham Schumer, his father ran an exterminating business, his mother was a homemaker. He and his family are Jewish, he is a second cousin, once removed, of actress Amy Schumer, his ancestors originated from the town of Galicia, in what is now western Ukraine. He attended public schools in Brooklyn, scoring a super-scored 1600 on the SAT, graduated as class valedictorian from James Madison High School, in 1967. Schumer competed for Madison High on the It's Academic television quiz show, he attended Harvard College, where he became interested in politics and campaigned for Eugene McCarthy, in 1968.

After completing his undergraduate degree, he continued to Harvard Law School, earning his Juris Doctor with honors, in 1974. Schumer passed the New York state bar in early 1975. However, he never practiced law. In 1974, Schumer ran for and was elected to the New York State Assembly, filling a seat held by Schumer's mentor Stephen Solarz. Schumer served three terms, from 1975 to 1981, sitting in the 181st, 182nd and 183rd New York State Legislatures, he has never lost an election. In 1980, 16th District Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman won the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat of Republican Jacob Javits. Schumer won, he was re-elected eight times from the Brooklyn and Queens-based district, which changed numbers twice in his tenure. In 1982, as a result of redistricting, Schumer faced a potential matchup with veteran Brooklyn congressman Steve Solarz, although the matchup did not materialize. In preparation, Schumer "set about making friends on Wall Street, tapping the city's top law firms and securities houses for campaign donations.'I told them I looked like I had a difficult reapportionment fight.

If I were to stand a chance of being re-elected, I needed some help,' he would tell the Associated Press."As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, Schumer was one of four congressional members who oversaw the House investigation, of the Waco siege hearings in 1995. In 1998, Schumer ran for the Senate, he won the Democratic Senate primary with 51 percent of the votes against Geraldine Ferraro and Mark Green. He received 54 percent of the vote in the general election, defeating three-term incumbent Republican Al D'Amato. In November 2001, Schumer announced hearings on the decision of President George W. Bush to try terrorists in military tribunals amid Washington concerns that Bush would skip the American legal system in regards to his handling of such cases. Schumer said the two goals of the hearings were to ascertain if Bush had the power to form a tribunal apart from an attempt at interacting with Congress, if a military tribunal was the most efficient instrument to ensure a trial that would not only protect national security information but guarantee fairness for the suspect.

In March 2002, as the Senate worked on a compromise to save an election reform bill that stalled due to Republicans' believing it was not combative enough against voter fraud and Ron Wyden led a successful effort in protecting an amendment allowing first-time voters to be verified with only a signature. In April 2002, during a Senate speech, Schumer referred to the Middle East policy of the Bush administration as "muddled and inconsistent" and said the planned meeting between Secretary of State Colin Powell and Yasser Arafat would be against the president's stated stand against terrorists and those harboring them. In 2002, Schumer authored a provision to an industry-sponsored bill intended to harden the ease by which individuals erase their debts through bankruptcy filing; the measure had opposition from anti-abortion activists who charged it with restricting their ability to use the bankruptcy courts to write off court fines. After the bill appeared to die in May, J. Dennis Hastert spokesman John Feehery opined, "Schumer was pretty obnoxious about how this provision was going to hurt people who were pro-life and tha

Fata Morgana (Sanctuary)

"Fata Morgana" is the third episode of the science fiction television series Sanctuary. The episode first aired on the Sci Fi Channel in the United States on October 10, 2008, it subsequently aired on ITV4 in the United Kingdom on October 20, 2008. The episode, named after a mirage of the same name, was written by Damian Kindler. Martin Wood served as director. "Fata Morgana" was released as the back half of the eight original Sanctuary webisodes in 2007. In the episode, the Sanctuary team investigate an ancient crypt in an island off the Scottish coast and encounter three sisters with abnormal powers. "Fata Morgana" was met with a 1.6 household rating and was well received by critics. The team travels to a crypt in an island off the coast of Scotland that Helen Magnus believes to contain an elixir of life. However, the team ambushed. After defeating the abnormal crypt Keepers, the team finds three women in comatose state, they are brought to the Sanctuary for study, where it is determined that the sisters, Danu and Caird, have been held in suspended animation for 1,200 years.

After the sisters awaken, Will Zimmerman learns that they were taken to the crypt because of an incurable disease. However, Will believes they are delusional due to their ability to speak perfect English for people from the Middle Ages; the sisters experience nightmares in which they destroy an entire village. The sisters determine that these nightmares are in fact memories, it was they who caused the destruction 1,200 years ago. After some research, Magnus determines that the sisters are the Morrígan, who were created with the intention of destroying man. Magnus discovers ties to a powerful secret organization, the Cabal, who had put the sisters into the crypt to be used again in the future. Ashley Magnus learns that the Cabal was formed in the seventh century with the intention of controlling every abnormal on Earth for their own benefit. In the meantime, a group of Cabal mercenaries have captured several Keepers in Scotland and they release them to the Sanctuary in order to regain what they see as their "property".

Before and during the battle between Magnus and the Keepers, Will teaches the sisters about freedom, sends them to a safe-house. After killing the Keepers, the team are surrounded by the mercenaries. In the end, Danu and Tatha surrender to the mercenaries who in exchange spare the team's lives. Will believes. "Fata Morgana" was released as the back half of the eight original webisodes. The episode was given an mythological feel to set the intended tone of Sanctuary. During the original writing and executive producer Martin Wood brought up the idea of incorporating the Morrígan from Irish mythology into the episode. Writer Damian Kindler researched the subject and named the episode after Fata Morgana as a reference to the Morrígan. During pre-production, the producers decided that around half of the episode would contain footage from the webisodes, the other half would be rewritten to improve the storyline. Since they felt that Ashley Magnus was underused, they included her more into the storyline.

The ending from the original webisodes, where the sisters manage to escape, was rewritten."Fata Morgana" was scheduled to be the fourth episode in the first season. However, it was moved up to the third after Amanda Tapping felt that it would make a great start-stand alone episode after "Sanctuary for All", she cited continuity reasons, as the characters appeared more comfortable with each other in the following episode, "Folding Man". Filming started in January 2007; the new scenes were filmed in June 2008. The actors consciously played the characters more open to each other; when Martin Wood became unavailable during one day of filming, Amanda Tapping filled in for him as director. Furthermore, a photo double stood in for Leah Cairns in some scenes when Cairns was unavailable to play Tatha; the outdoor scene that featured Kandyse McClure was filmed in the same slot as "Sanctuary for All", because Wood wanted to use the present rain. One scene was filmed on the same set, used in Stargate SG-1.

In total, "Fata Morgana" contained over 400 visual effects shots, more than any other episode in the first season. The scene where Ashley was sitting on the edge of a tall building was done by having Emilie Ullerup sitting on a green beam, next to a wind machine; every visual effects shot made for the "Fata Morgana" webisodes were remastered in the episode. "Fata Morgana" was broadcast on October 10 on Sci Fi in the United States, October 20, 2008 on ITV4 in the United Kingdom. According to the Nielsen Galaxy Report, "Fata Morgana" received a household rating of 1.6 after original airing in the United States. It was still placed second in the top ten Sci Fi Channel shows the week it aired, behind Ghost Hunters, which received a 2.0 rating. In the United Kingdom, the episode was seen by 471,000, placing Sanctuary number two in the top ten ITV4 viewings the week it aired, behind a live UEFA Champions League game. Reviews for the episode were positive. Tory Ireland Mell of IGN rated the episode an "outstanding" 9.3 out of 10, calling it a "great episode, completely

Gammel M√łnt

Gammel Mønt is a street in central Copenhagen, located one block west of Gothersgade and Rosenborg Castle Garden. In 1497, a community of Poor Clare nuns established the Monastery of St. Clare at the junction of present day Gammel Mønt and Møntergade. In 1541, after the Reformation, it came into use as the Royal Mint. From 1575 to 1593 it was used as a church by a German congregation but again as a mint until 1623 when the Royal Mint moved to Borgergade; the property became known as Gammel Mønt, Old Mint, this name was transferred to the street which emerged between 1631 and 1650 as the former monastery gardens were built over. The street was destroyed in the Copenhagen Fire of 1728. All except one of the houses on the south side of the street are listed, they are representatives of the so-called fire houses, built in large numbers in the years after the Great Fire of 1728. Kvindelig Læseforening's building was built from 1819-1910 to design by Ulrik Plesner and Aage Langeland-Mathiesen. Gråbrødretorv Landemærket Grønnegade Klareboderne Møntergade Gammel Mønt on