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City Council of Madrid
Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Coat of arms or logo
Manuela Carmena, Ahora Madrid
Since 13 June 2015
Meeting place
Palacio de Comunicaciones, Madrid

The Ayuntamiento de Madrid is the top-tier administrative and governing body of the municipality of Madrid, Spain. It consists of the invested Mayor of Madrid, currently Manuela Carmena, the Junta de Gobierno, and an elected 57-member Plenary with scrutiny powers.


It is formed by the Mayor and the councillors. The councillors are elected on the basis of universal suffrage in a secret ballot, and in turn they determine the Mayor of Madrid.

The Junta de Gobierno (Junta de Gobierno de la Ciudad de Madrid, "Council of Government"), is the governing body, formed by a group of councillors appointed by the Mayor.

The Madrid City Hall, located at Plaza de Cibeles.

The Plenary (Pleno del Ayuntamiento de Madrid) is the body formed by the elected councillors. The passing of by-laws, annual budget and taxes; the scrutiny of the council of government and the motion of no confidence on the Mayor are tasks assigned to this entity in Spain.[1]

City Hall[edit]

The City Hall is located at the Cybele Palace (Plaza de Cibeles, Retiro District), formerly known as Palacio de Comunicaciones. The City Council began the process of moving from the Casa de la Villa (the former City Hall) to the Palacio de Comunicaciones in 2007.[2][3]


The Plenary room during the 2015 investiture vote.

The current mayor is Manuela Carmena, from Ahora Madrid, invested on 13 June 2015 by an absolute majority of the Plenary (29 councillors) in a secret ballot among the councillors.

Investiture voting[4]
13 June 2015
Mayor Candidates Votes
Manuela Carmena 29
Esperanza Aguirre 21
Begoña Villacís 7


A list of elections since the restoration of the democratic system is presented as follows:


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