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Mayor of Madrid
Alcalde de Madrid
Nuevo Escudo de Madrid.svg
Manuela Carmena Ahora Madrid 2015 - 20 (cropped).jpg
Manuela Carmena

since 13 June 2015
Appointer City Council of Madrid
Term length 4 years
Inaugural holder Diego Cabeza de Vaca
Formation 1472
Salary 94,703 € [1]

The Mayor of Madrid (Spanish: Alcalde de Madrid) is an elected politician who leads the City Council of Madrid, which is accountable for the strategic government of Madrid. The office is municipal and is not to be confused with that of the President of the (regional) Community of Madrid, which is a superior administrative entity created in 1983.


Initially Mayors of Madrid had the office of 'Corregidor' when first instituted in the Kingdom of Castile by Henry III in 1393 and later formalized by the Catholic MonarchsFerdinand II and Isabella I–in 1480.[2] The Mayor of Madrid reported directly to the President of the Council of the Kingdom of Castile, and had jurisdiction over all parts of the district of Madrid, which included not only the town but also 36 neighbouring villages,.[3] In 1746 Ferdinand VI of Spain abolished the office, appointing a political and military governor in place, but the following year reversed this reform.

With 1833 territorial division of Spain the office of Corregidor was replaced by the office of Mayor, has continued to the present except for two periods: during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera (1920-1930) and after the Second Spanish Republic, which suspended municipalities in Spain (1934-1936), when local governments a management committees created for this purpose. The mayor of Madrid, as well as Barcelona, is entitled to enjoy privileges of the third political rank.

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