Clovis IV

Clovis IV was the king of the Franks from 690 or 691 until his death. If the brief reign of Clovis III is ignored as a usurpation Clovis IV may be numbered Clovis III. A member of the Merovingian dynasty, Clovis was the son of King Theuderic Queen Chrodochild, he was born around 677 or towards 682. He succeeded his father as the sole ruler of the Franks upon the latter's death in 690 or 691, he ruled an undivided kingdom including Austrasia and Neustria. According to the Annals of Metz, a pro-Pippinid source, he was appointed by Pippin of Herstal, the mayor of the palace of Austrasia, reigned four years. Clovis was a minor at his accession, real power was in Pippin's hands, his minority, coming as it did on the heels of his father's efforts to strengthen royal power, was an important factor in the decline of the Merovingian dynasty. Clovis III resided in Compiègne and Montmacq. Nine of Clovis's charters have been published. Four of them are records of placita held in the king's presence. Despite the rise of Pippin and his family, a major theme of the Annals of Metz, the royal court was still important in Clovis's reign.

During a placitum in Valenciennes in 693, Clovis was attended by twelve bishops, twelve viri illustres, nine counts and numerous other officials. The future Neustrian mayor of the palace Ragamfred started out as a domesticus under Clovis. Warno, the Neustrian comes palatii of Chilperic II began his career at the court of Clovis. In 692, Clovis confirmed for the Abbey of Saint-Denis the right to collect certain tolls in Marseille, a right which it had been granted by Dagobert I, he granted to the Abbey of Saint-Médard the nearby house, the primary residence of the former mayor of the palace, Ebroin, in Soissons. The anonymous continuator of the Chronicle of Fredegar devotes two sentences to Clovis IV: "King Theuderic died... and his little son Clovis was chosen to succeed him as king. But it was not long before King Clovis fell ill and died, having reigned four years." He died in either 694 or 695. He was succeeded by his brother, Childebert III. Clovis does not appear to have made much of an impression on his contemporaries.

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Austria at the 1900 Summer Olympics

Austria competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. Austrian and Hungarian results at early Olympics are kept separate despite the union of the two nations as Austria-Hungary at the time. 13 Austrian competitors entered 3 disciplines, with 19 entries across 10 events. One Austrian athlete competed in two events, it was Austria's first appearance in athletics. Some records show that a Cornelius von Lubowiecki was in the team to compete in the discus throw, but there is no record of him making a throw. Austria had two riders in the debut of equestrian at the Olympics. Austria competed for the second time in fencing at the 1900 Games; the Austrian saberists won a pair of the nation's first medals in the sport. Four swimmers represented Austria in 1900, it was the nation's second appearance in the sport. De Wael, Herman. Herman's Full Olympians: "1900 Olympians from Austria". Accessed 11 March 2006. Available electronically at. Mallon, Bill; the 1900 Olympic Games, Results for All Competitors in All Events, with Commentary.

Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers. ISBN 978-0-7864-0378-3

World Association of Universities and Colleges

The World Association of Universities and Colleges is an institutional educational accreditation body not recognized by the United States Department of Education. It is run by director of the American World University, an unaccredited school. WAUC's website claims that "laws in the U. S. A. prohibit the recognition of global accreditation associations". According to Maxine Asher's American World University, World Association of Universities and Colleges was started in 1992. In March 2001, WAUC was reported to be using an executive suite in Nevada as its address. In 2004, Asher was forced to close down the World University of Iowa, a Hawaii-based institution similar to American World University and accredited by World Association of Universities and Colleges; as part of a summary judgement, she was ordered to cease operations, refund tuition money to all students, pay $240,000 in damages. The action came as part of a statewide crackdown on unaccredited schools, as many had relocated there after 1999 in an effort to evade regulation in the mainland United States.

During court proceedings, Asher refused to provide school documentation such as a list of students. In June 2007, the organization's website listed an address in Beverly Hills, California and WAUC listed 57 accredited schools and 28 nonaccredited "members only" schools. In 2010, it offered accreditation for limited time offer at $500; as of September 2011, WAUC's website was offline. In 2012, the World Association of Universities and Colleges claims "a membership of forty universities, with dozens of other worthy institutions in the process of application.". As of 2008, WAUC listed the following as accredited members: Abbot Institute of Modern Sciences Alhuraa University American Global University School of Medicine American International University of Learning American International University of Management and Technology American Middle East University American Northeastate University American University of London American World University Arab Open Academy in Denmark Atlantic National University Barron University Bolton International University Buckingham College California University of Management Science Cambridge International University Cambridge State University Central School of Professional Studies City School of Commerce and Technology City University College of Applied Sciences College of Management and Technology Columbus University European Business School European University of Lefke Foundation University Freie Und Private Universitaet Sersi Hegel International University Huntington Pacific University International School of Management International University of America/Management Education Resource Centre Keller International University Laureate University Lincoln College of London London College of Technology and Research Madison University Medical University of the Americas Belize Medical University of the Americas UK Mist University Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences St. John's College TEC Institute of Management Thompson International University Universal Church of the Master Universal Studies Academy Universidad Central Universidad de los Pueblos de Europa Universidad Internacional De Las Américas Universidad Ortodoxa de las Americas Inc.

Universidad y Seminano Apostilico de las Americas Inc University of Central Europe University of Global Religious Studies University of Health Science University of James Van Holland University Virtual American International University Washington InterContinental University Wisdom University York University Accreditation mill Diploma mill List of unaccredited institutions of higher learning List of unrecognized accreditation associations of higher learning "World Association of Universities and Colleges". Archived from the original on February 7, 2011. Accrediting bodies NOT recognized by the United States Department of Education