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Club Guaraní is a Paraguayan football team, based in the neighbourhood of Pinoza in outer Asunción. Founded on 12 October 1903, it is one of the oldest and most successful in the country, with eleven Primera División titles. Club Guaraní is the second oldest Paraguayan football club, it was founded in 1903 under the name of "Football Club Guaraní" and its first president was Juan Patri. The name of the club derives from a big part of Paraguayan culture and history; the colours of the club and yellow, were proposed by the Melina brothers in reference to the colours of Uruguayan club Peñarol, where the Melina brothers played for a few years. The mentioned colors were used by English privateer Francis Drake in his emblem and shield, another reason why they were chosen to represent the club. Guaraní is one of the traditional teams from the Paraguayan football league and during their history they have won a total of ten championships and were runners-up in fourteen occasions; the most successful era in their history was in the 1960s, where they had an excellent team that won three titles.

This era is known as the "golden decade" by the Guaraní fans. Along with Olimpia, they play the "clásico añejo" because they are the two oldest teams from Paraguay. Guaraní, Cerro Porteño and Olimpia are the only teams that have never played in the second division of the Paraguayan league. In late May 2010, Guaraní became champions after 26 years after defeating Olimpia in a match that ended 2–1 to clinch the 2010 Apertura title. One of the club's youth teams played at the 2008 Torneo di Viareggio, the 2010 Torneo di Viareggio, the 2012 Torneo di Viareggio and the 2014 Torneo di Viareggio. Primera División: 1906, 1907, 1921, 1923, 1949, 1964, 1967, 1969, 1984, 2010 Apertura, 2016 Clausura As of 10 January 2018. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. To appear in this section a player must have either:Played at least 125 games for the club.

Set a club record or won an individual award while at the club. Been part of a national team at any time. Played in the first division of any other football association. Played in a continental and/or intercontinental competition. Club Guaraní Official Site Unofficial Site


On-Foot is a travel show on the Living Asia Channel. The show follows the comic and upbeat television host Tim Tayag around the Philippine and Asian countries; the program is a co-production of Bacon Burger Productions and CCI Asia Group Corporation and is being aired in the Philippines via The Living Asia Channel. It is being aired in North America via The Filipino Channel Direct. In Asia, the channel can be seen in Singapore, Malaysia and Laos as well via The Mabuhay Satellite Corporation. In the Philippines, The Living Asia Channel is aired on major cable networks such as Home, Dream and Sky. On-Foot is everyday three times a day on an eight-hour loop seen in the other countries with broadcast partners. According to Tayag's official website, On-Foot is aimed at young independent travelers; when you travel on foot and interact with the locals, you penetrate the veneer of the guidebooks and maps and mine the grit of real life. Self-proclaimed traveltologist, provides a comic element while the show highlights concise information and thorough coverage of the destination via humorous pop up graphics and animation.

The program explores samples unusual dishes and purchases unusual gift items. The show is targeted to Filipinos both here and abroad who want to encounter the lighter side and offbeat experiences of traveling in the Philippines and other Asian countries. On-Foot is an indispensable resource with practical information. In the course of each show, Tayag tours each place and interacts with the town’s locals with the use of subtitles for the viewers from other countries); the show’s initial seed was planted in Tayag’s mind back when he was living in San Francisco circa 2000. He came back to the Philippines and met Katrina Holigores, a female mover and shaker in the film industry; the idea man and cinematographer woman build a partnership. Holigores used her vast connections to form the proper production team to produce this show. So the band of three was formed: Tim as the host and writer, Holigores as the director and half-time cinematographer, a fellow by the name of Alan Bengzon to bring in steadicam operation and other useful equipment.

Tayag met Leo Udtohan in 2006, a journalist from Bohol who produced four episodes on Bohol and Siquijor, Tayag in an interview said, "Bohol is the best episode so far on On-Foot." • QuiapoBaguioCebu • Siquijor • Baguio 1 • Baguio 2 • BoracayBatangas • Bohol 1 Bizarre Bohol • Bohol 2 Bizarre Bohol • Bohol 1 Bizarre Bohol • Bohol 2 Bizarre Bohol • Malaysia • Malaysia 2 • Nature Spa: TagaytayOff the Wall 1 • One Foot in Iloilo • One Foot on Iloilo 2 • PalawanSagada • Sagada 2 • Siargao • Siargao 2


Jerryy is a Nepali romantic drama movie directed by Hemraj B. C. featuring Anmol K. C. and Anna Sharma in lead roles. The film revolves around Jaiveer "Jerryy" Rana who loves to live an adventurous life and trials and tribulation that he suffered during his life and love life with Akansha; the film was praise for the direction of Hemraj B. C. its screenplay, the performance of Anna Sharma. Critics consider it Anmol K. C.'s best performance. The film was huge blockbuster at box office and established Anmol K. C. as leading actor in Nepali cinema. Jaiveer "Jerrry" Rana is casanova and defines love as like a no warranty mobile but his definition fails when he meets adorable Akanshya on trip to Mustang. Akanshya loves photography; this film is all about the journey of love between Jerryy and Akanshya which ends sadly with the death of Jerryy. Jerryy is Nepalese teen film directed by Hemraj B. C. and produced by Manoj Sherchan under falcon pictures. The film stars Anmol K. C. Anna Sharma, Amalia Sharma, Abhishek Gaurav Pahadi.

Anmol K. C. as Jaiveer Rana, "Jerryy" Anna Sharma as Akanshya Amaliya Sharma Gaurav Pahadi Abhishek Man Sherchan Yash RJB The film earned about 84.72 lakhs gross in 3 days. The earning of Jerryy is stated to be 2.8 crore in its lifetime and one of the few films of that year to achieve it. Anmol K. C. Anna Sharma Uttam Neupane List of Nepalese films Hostel Saayad Hostel returns Captain A Mero Hajur 3 Jerryy on IMDb