War of Kings (album)

War of Kings is the tenth studio album by the Swedish Hard Rock band Europe. It was released on March 2015 by UDR Records. In late 2014, the band signed a deal with record label UDR. Tempest explained: "We’re excited to be working with the people at UDR. A credible label and I am impressed with their work building a future and a solid foundation for their Artists". UDR president and owner Ulrike Rudolph expressed her delight in capturing the band for the label, she said: "We are always looking to expand the label’s stable of bands with quality, not quantity, Europe represent the finest in supremely written hard rock music. They are a group who refuse to rest on their past and continue to grow as artists and musicians, so we are delighted they have come to us."Europe band members contacted Dave Cobb in 2014. They met up in Stockholm and rented vintage recording gear from the band The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Joey Tempest recorded demos on his phone. At first Cobb did not want to hear any of Tempest's demos.

The next day, Cobb got in touch with the band and said he was impressed by the songs and had a few ideas on how to fix them. He joined the band in the studio and they all worked together on the songs, they changed the arrangements on 5 tracks and wrote bits and segments for others. Cobb was involved in the writing of "War of Kings" and "Praise You", as well as providing a keyboard intro on "Second Day"; the band ended up recording 12 songs. The song "War of Kings" originates from a riff composed by John Levén. Tempest started to build a song from that riff and Cobb was involved to write lyrics to it. While creating the song, Tempest just sang a wordless vocal melody, he thought it would be a great idea to write lyrics about the early days of his homeland, involving Vikings and battles between Norwegians and Swedes. Tempest explained: "There were important battles early on, where self-proclaimed kings were fighting elected kings, it was chaos in Scandinavia. I thought it was a fascinating background for a lyric, the melodies and the riffs lend themselves to it.

So that's how it started." "Hole In My Pocket" originates from a riff by Levén, while "The Second Day" and "California 405" were developed from riffs by keyboardist Mic Michaeli. "California 405" is a song about dreaming. It was inspired by time the band had spent in California during the late Eighties and the early Nineties while driving on the Interstate 405 highway. Tempest explained: ``, everything has changed; the late 80s and beginning of the 90s, it was a different place as far as music and MTV, airplay and rock music on radio were concerned. But I still get a great feeling driving south. Things have changed but there is still hope. You can still feel free. Get in the rental car, put some great music on and drive south in California and feel that sense of freedom, it's still there!" "Days of Rock'N' Roll" originates from an idea which Tempest came up with in 1988 as a keyboard riff. It was called "Out of This World" and the riff had a fanfare pattern; the riff was never turned into a song at the time, but the band named their album Out of This World after Tempest's title idea.

In 2014, the band tried it on guitar, with a different tempo. On, they took out their favourite parts of the jam and wrote a song based on them. Tempest wrote fictional lyrics about a bridge in Tokyo called Rainbow Bridge, which he saw from a skybar. "Angels" originates from a riff composed by John Norum. The song was finished in the studio with the full band and Cobb. During the writing process, the band found out. Moved by his passing, the band and Cobb rewrote the lyrics, whose final version was about people passing away in others' lives. "Light It Up" originates from a riff by Norum. "Vasastan" is an instrumental written by Michaeli. It was named after the district in Stockholm where PanGaia Studios is located. After toying around with album title ideas, the band decided on "War of Kings" because of the opening track on the album, which everyone saw as special; the band decided to contact London-based artist Paul Tippet, as they had been impressed by Tippet's artwork for the first album by Black Star Riders.

The band sent him the song "War of Kings" and the lyrics to it, but they insisted that he not use elements such as swords, fire or Vikings, but only contemporary imagery such as presidents and businessmen. Tippett photographed a man in a suit and enhanced his photo through CGI; the title track. The song was premiered on Planet Rock radiostation on January 30, 2015. At 8:10 a.m. and it was released as a digital download on February 4, 2015. The music video for the single was directed by Patrick Ullaeus and was premiered on February 9, 2015. Two more songs, "Nothin' to Ya" and "Days of Rock'N' Roll", were streamed on the official VH1 website until the morning of February 27, 2015; the album was released in United Kingdom on March 2, in Japan on March 4 through JVC, in Europe on March 6 and in the United States of America on March 10th, 2015. It was

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