College Park station (Caltrain)

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College Park
Commuter rail
College Park station 1355 03.JPG
College Park station, 22 September 2012
Location 780 Stockton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110
Coordinates 37°20′34″N 121°54′56″W / 37.34278°N 121.91556°W / 37.34278; -121.91556Coordinates: 37°20′34″N 121°54′56″W / 37.34278°N 121.91556°W / 37.34278; -121.91556
Owned by Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
Line(s) Caltrain
  Limited-stop service
  Local service
Platforms 2 island platforms
Tracks 5
Other information
Fare zone Fare Zone 4
Passengers (2017) 78 per weekday[1]Increase 37.9%
Preceding station   Caltrain logo.svg Caltrain   Following station
Limited-stop service
toward Tamien
Gilroy during peak hours
Local service
(weekday limited service)
toward Tamien
Gilroy during peak hours
College Park station (Caltrain) is located in San Jose, California
College Park station (Caltrain)

College Park is a lightly used Caltrain station in San Jose, California. It is served by two trains in each direction Monday through Friday, and no train stops there on weekends or holidays, it is in Caltrain Fare Zone 4. College Park serves Bellarmine College Preparatory, a boys' secondary school, resulting in the school-related service times.


Before Caltrain, College Park was a station on Southern Pacific's Peninsula Commute line, in fare zone 6 (brown),[2] it is mentioned in Jack London's 1903 novel The Call of the Wild as the location at which the stolen canine protagonist is fenced, beginning his journey away from civilization.[3][4]

In August 2005, service was reduced from 12 daily trains to four,[5] the nearby students who use the station have a history of protesting to protect it from removal.[6]

Due to the small size of the station, only two cars within a 5-car train are capable of opening their doors to allow passengers to board/disembark.

Platforms and tracks[edit]

Mainline tracks  ACE No stops
 Coast Starlight No stops
 Capitol Corridor No stops
 Caltrain: Baby Bullet No stops
Caltrain northbound  Caltrain: Local service toward San Francisco, weekday limited service (Santa Clara)
 Caltrain: Limited-stop service toward San Francisco (Santa Clara)
Caltrain Southbound  Caltrain: Local service toward Gilroy, weekday limited service (San Jose Diridon)
 Caltrain: Limited-stop service toward Tamien, Gilroy during peak hours (San Jose Diridon)

Station amenities[edit]

  • Caltrain Ticket Machines
  • Sheltered Waiting Bench
  • Clipper Card Validator


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