Copa Ibarguren

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Copa Dr. Carlos Ibarguren
Copa Ibarguren.JPG
The trophy awarded to champions
Organising body AFA
Founded 1913
Abolished 1958; 60 years ago (1958)
Region Argentina
Number of teams 2
Related competitions Primera División
Regional Leagues
Last champions River Plate (1952)
Most successful club(s) Racing
Boca Juniors
(5 titles each)

The Copa Dr. Carlos Ibarguren, also called Campeonato Argentino[1] or simply Copa Ibarguren was an official Argentine football cup competition contested between 1913 and 1958. Between 1913 and 1925, the winner of the cup received the honor to be the "Argentine Champion". That is because the cup faced the two strongest champions of the country: Buenos Aires League vs. Rosario League.


The trophy was donated by the Argentine Minister of Public Instruction Dr. Carlos Ibarguren to be played between the champions of all of the regional leagues in Argentina. The cup was only ever contested as a one off game between:

List of champions[edit]


The following list includes all the editions of the Copa Ibarguren:[2]

Carlos Ibarguren, Minister of Public Instruction of Argentina, donated the trophy
Pedro Calomino (left), Servando Pérez (referee) and Lorenzo Colombo (Tiro Federal goalkeeper) posing for the camera before playing the second and definitive match of the 1920 edition
Year Champion Runner-up Score/s
1913 Racing Newell's Old Boys 3-1
1914 Racing Rosario Central 1-0
1915 Rosario Central Racing 0-0
[note 1]
1916 Racing Rosario Central 6-0
1917 Racing Rosario Central 3-2
1918 Racing Newell's Old Boys 4-0
1919 Boca Juniors Rosario Central 1-0
1920 Tiro Federal Boca Juniors 1-2
[note 2]
1921 Newell's Old Boys Huracán 3-0
1922 Huracán Newell's Old Boys 1-1
[note 1]
1923 Boca Juniors Rosario Central 1-0
1924 Boca Juniors Belgrano (R) 3-2
1925 Huracán Tiro Federal 2-1
1937 River Plate Rosario Central 5-0
1938 Independiente Rosario Central 5-3
1939 Independiente Central Córdoba 5-0
1940 Boca Juniors Rosario Central 5-1
1941 River Plate Newell's Old Boys 3-0
1942 River Plate Liga Cordobesa 7-0
1944 Boca Juniors Liga Tucumana 6-0
(None) [note 3]
1952 River Plate Liga Cultural de Frías 1-1
(aet) [note 4]
(None) [note 5]

Titles by team[edit]

Team Titles Years won
Racing 5 1913, 1914, 1916, 1917, 1918
Boca Juniors 5 1919, 1923, 1924, 1940, 1944
River Plate 4 1937, 1941, 1942, 1952
Huracán 2 1922, 1925
Independiente 2 1938, 1939
Rosario Central 1 1915
Tiro Federal 1 1920
Newell's Old Boys 1 1921


  1. ^ a b A second game had to be played after the final match ended tied.
  2. ^ The first match (won by Boca Juniors) was annulled because it had fielded ineligible players. Therefore a second game was held, being won by Tiro Federal.
  3. ^ The team from Mendoza Football League defeated Racing by 3-2 at Gimnasia y Esgrima (Mza) stadium,[3] but the Association did not recognise this championship.[4]
  4. ^ River Plate and Liga Cultural drew 1-1 the final match but the playoff was never played.[5] Nevertheless, the Association awarded River Plate the title.[4]
  5. ^ The team from Córdoba Football League defeated Racing by 4-3 at Belgrano (Cba) stadium[6] but the Association did not recognized this championship.[4]


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