Cuba Street, Wellington

Cuba Street is one of the most prominent streets in Wellington, New Zealand. The section between Dixon Street and Ghuznee Street is a pedestrian mall. Despite the number of older buildings in the street, there was little building damage from the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. Named after an early New Zealand Company barque, the Cuba, which arrived in Wellington Harbour on 3 January 1840, Cuba Street runs south from the CBD, but still in the inner city. Cuba Street was once the route of the Wellington trams. Following the removal of the tram-lines, the middle section of the street closed to traffic in 1969, is now a pedestrian mall and one of the busiest areas of pedestrian activity in Wellington. Since 1995 Cuba Street has been a registered Historic Area under the Historic Places Act 1993, with numerous buildings of historic significance – the Bank of New Zealand building among them. Mary Taylor, lifelong friend and correspondent of author Charlotte Brontë owned and ran a small Cuba Street general store, circa 1840–1860.

The shop no longer exists but a heritage storyboard at the intersection of Cuba and Dixon streets commemorates her. It is one of the more bohemian areas of Wellington, is the home to an eclectic collection of cafes, op-shops, small fashion stores, art galleries, music shops, it is the centre of one of the four'quarters' of downtown Wellington, the Cuba Quarter. The Bucket Fountain is a prominent sculpture in the pedestrianised "Mall" part of the street. Cuba Street has been popular with many members of Wellington's homeless community, including the Wellington icon Blanket Man; some retailers have moved into the adjacent Ghuznee Street. The northern end is more commercial, with an abundance of retail stores and restaurants. While the southern end is more sparsely occupied but has seen a revival in recent years. In the mid 70s to early 80s, "Mid Cuba" or Vivian Street was Wellington's notorious Red light district, where prostitutes would loiter, strip clubs, peep shows and gay bars sat side by side.

In recent years, remnants of the red light district are still sparse. The street is regarded by most New Zealanders as a nexus of creativity and artistic production, featuring buskers, exhibition spaces, stone carving, other forms of expression. In 2005, the new Wellington Arts Centre was established in Abel Smith Street, a half block from upper Cuba Street. Within a few blocks are Enjoy Gallery, Gallery, McLeavey Gallery, the Moko Museum, Thistle Hall, Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design, Access Radio. Cuba Dupa is an annual street party celebrating Cuba Street. Fat Freddy's Drop's first album, Live at the Matterhorn was recorded at the Matterhorn bar on Cuba Street. Other venues in the area include Hotel Bristol, San Francisco Bathhouse, J. J. Murphy's, Southern Cross, S&M Bar, Midnight Espresso, Olive, K Bar, Hope Brothers, Havana Bar, Good Luck, The Duke, Logan Brown; the lower end of Cuba Street ends at Wellington Town Hall, Civic Square, Michael Fowler Centre, Wakefield Street.

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T. Vijayaraghavacharya

Diwan Bahadur Sir Thiruvalayangudi Vijayaraghavacharya KBE was an Indian civil servant and administrator who served as the Diwan of Cochin kingdom from 1919 to 1922. Vijayaraghavacharya was a member of the Constituent Assembly of India representing Udaipur. Vijayaraghavacharya was born in Erode on 27 August 1875 and was educated at the Presidency College, Madras. Vijayaraghavacharya completed his B. A. in 1894 and obtained an M. A. in 1898. Early careerVijayaraghavacharya joined the provincial civil service in 1898 and served as a district officer. From 1912 to 1917, he served as Secretary in the Board of Revenue, Madras Corporation and as Deputy Director of Industries from 1918 to 1919. In 1919, he was appointed Diwan of the Cochin kingdom and served from 1919 to 1922. Cochin kingdomDuring his tenure, Vijayaraghavacharya started the industrialization of Cochin kingdom; the Nair Regulation was introduced in 1920. Female literacy increased during this period. Local Self-governing bodies such as village panchayats and municipal councils were given increased powers and privileges.

Indian governmentIn 1922, he was appointed Commissioner for India at the British Empire Exhibition and was, in 1926, made Director of Industries. He served for a short time as member of the Public Service Commission and in 1929, was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Imperial Council for Agricultural Research. Vijayaraghavacharya retired from the civil service on 25 December 1935. Four years he was appointed Diwan of Udaipur. Vijayaraghavacharya died on 28 February 1953 at the age of 77. Sir Stanley Reed; the Times of India directory and year book including who's who, Volume 38. Bennett, Coleman & Co. p. 808. The International who's who, Volume 13. Europa Publications Ltd. 1949. P. 948. "Diwan Bahadur Sir T. Vijayaraghavacharya". Current Science. 4: 307–308. November 1935

Love Lies Bleeding (TV series)

Love Lies Bleeding is a two-part British thriller crime drama, first broadcast on ITV between 27 and 28 February 2006. The programme follows the story of self-made millionaire Mark Terry, whose life is turned upside down by the unexpected return of an old school friend, Stuart Milburn, determined to seek revenge for Terry's failure to acknowledge his part in the manslaughter of their schoolteacher, who collapsed and died after a schoolboy prank went horribly wrong; as Milburn sets up a chain of events to ensure Terry's downfall, he finds he is running out of friends - or people to turn to, his only hope is to go on the run. The programme was broadcast over two nights, with each part earning 5.81 and 4.56 million viewers respectively. Love Lies Bleeding was released on DVD in Australia on 3 September 2009 by Roadshow Entertainment. One night, self made millionaire Mark Terry is in the middle of a blazing row with his wife Zara when an old school friend, Stuart Milburn turns up at his door. Stuart, now a Detective Inspector, informs Mark that he is back in town after transferring from Leeds following the death of his police partner at the hands of Thomas Jordic, a high collar criminal whom he has never been able to nail.

Having suffered the loss of his baby son to cot death, Zara is struggling to interact with Mark, leading to him spending more and more time with Stuart. One Friday night, Stuart takes Mark out to a local club and shows him surveillance pictures of a man kissing Zara. Mark is furious, proclaims he is going to kill her. Stuart calms him down, pairs him up with a date, whose flat he ends up returning to; the next morning, Mark begins to stumble home. Stuart approaches him, says that he has a surprise, he drives Mark out to a deserted field close to a nearby motorway, where Mark notices that Zara's car is parked. As Mark walks up to the car, he is shocked having slit her wrists. Stuart, claims that he killed her at Mark's request. Stuart claims that during their time at the club, Mark became so inebriated that he offered him £100,000 to kill Zara, in front of a number of witnesses. Distressed at his wife's death, Mark realises he has no choice but to play the situation, Stuart convinces him to head to the police station earlier the next day to report Zara missing.

Mark meets with one of DI Colin Dunne, who lists Zara as a missing person. That day, Stuart confronts Mark and says that it is time to repay the favour. Stuart asks Mark to confront and murder Jordic outside one of his strip clubs in the West End of London. Stuart drives Mark to Jordic's club, provides him with a gun to shoot Jordic. However, during the attack, Mark leaves Jordic beaten, but alive. Stuart disposes of the gun and tells Mark to inform the police that he and Jordic instigated the attack, in order to prevent Jordic from pressing charges against him. However, when he arrives at the police station, DI Dunne informs him that Jordic has in fact been murdered. Martin Kemp — Mark Terry Hugo Speer — DI Stuart Milburn Claire Goose — Zara Terry Elizabeth Berrington — Joanna Sims Reece Dinsdale — DI Colin Dunne Fraser James — DS Ray Chancer Jamie Knox — Young Mark Terry Perry Allen — Young Stuart Milburn Lucinda Dryzek — Young Joanna Sims John Arthur — Superintendent Seaborne Wayne Michaels — Thomas Jordic Michael N. Harbour — Paddy Bankhead Love Lies Bleeding on IMDb