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In Greek mythology, Cyparissus or Kyparissos was a boy beloved by Apollo, or in some versions by other deities. In the best-known version of the story, the favorite companion of Cyparissus was a tamed stag, which he accidentally killed with his hunting javelin as it lay sleeping in the woods; the boy's grief was such that it transformed him into a cypress tree, a classical symbol of mourning. The myth is thus aetiological in explaining the relation of the tree to its cultural significance. Cyparissus was the son of Telephus, his story is set in Chios; the subject is known from Hellenized Latin literature and frescoes from Pompeii. No Greek hero cult devoted to Cyparissus has been identified; the cypress tree was 3500 years old before burning The myth of Cyparissus, like that of Hyacinthus, has been interpreted as reflecting the social custom of pederasty in ancient Greece, with the boy the beloved of Apollo. Pederastic myth represents the process of initiation into adult male life, with a "death" and transfiguration for the eromenos.

"In all these tales," notes Karl Kerenyi, "the beautiful boys are doubles of himself."The stag as a gift from Apollo reflects the custom in Archaic Greek society of the older male giving his beloved an animal, an act alluded to in vase painting. In the initiatory context, the hunt is a supervised preparation for the manly arts of war and a testing ground for behavior, with the stag embodying the gift of the hunter's prey; the tameness of the deer may be the invention of the Augustan poet Ovid, a late literary reversal of the boy's traditional role. Ovid's Cyparissus is so grief-stricken at accidentally killing his pet that he asks Apollo to let his tears fall forever; the god turns the boy into a cypress tree, whose sap forms droplets like tears on the trunk. Ovid frames the tale within the story of Orpheus, whose failure to retrieve his bride Eurydice from the underworld causes him to forsake the love of women in favor of that of boys; when Orpheus plays his lyre the trees are moved by the music.

Another Roman tradition makes the lover out to be the woodland god Silvanus. An invocation by Virgil of "Silvanus who bears the slender cypress uprooted" was explained in the commentary of Servius as alluding to a love affair. In his brief account, Servius differs from Ovid in substituting Silvanus for Apollo, but changes the gender of the deer and makes the god responsible for its death: Silvanus loved a boy named Cyparissus who had a tame deer; when Silvanus unintentionally killed her, the boy was consumed by sorrow. The lover-god turned him into the tree that has his name, which he is said to carry as a consolation, it is unclear whether Servius is inventing an aition, a story to explain why Silvanus was depicted holding an evergreen bough, or recording an otherwise unknown version. Elsewhere, Servius mentions a version in which the lover of Cyparissus was the West Wind; the cypress, he notes, was associated with the underworld, either because they don't grow back when pruned too or because in Attica households in mourning are garlanded with cypress.

According to a different tradition, a Cyparissus not the same figure, was the son of Minyas, the mythical founder of Kyparissos in Phocis, called Anticyra. The word Cupressus was used to describe a genus of cypress trees. In modern times there is a taxonomic debate regarding which species should be retained in the genus Cupressus. Media related to Cyparissus at Wikimedia Commons

Fabrice Pothier

Fabrice Pothier is a French political expert and part of Emmanuel Macron's La République En Marche as well as a Chief Strategy Officer at political consultancy, Rasmussen Global. He is a former NATO director of policy planning and founding director of Carnegie Europe, an organisation which became one of Europe's leading think-tanks on foreign policy and strategic issues. Pothier is part of Emmanuel Macron's La République En Marche, he has become known in the summer of 2018 for his unconventional way of promoting Europe, when he cycled 700km through south-west France and northern Spain to engage with the French electorate and talk about the future of Europe. According to Politico Europe, Pothier is a candidate to watch on the En Marche list for the 2019 European Parliament election, running on a ticket of increasing transparency for technology firms, bridging the gap between technology and security and toughening sanctions on malign states engaging on cyber aggression. In the early 2000s, Pothier co-founded the Senlis Council renamed the International Council on Security and Development), a project founded by the Network of European Foundations and led a global advocacy campaign calling for a more progressive drugs policy.

He established a partnership with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and worked in Afghanistan advocating against the ‘war on drugs’ and working with the Afghan Red Crescent in developing better health facilities for drug addicts. He is credited to having been the first to publish a report on the insurgency in the province of Helmand. Within NATO, Pothier is credited to have been behind some of the Alliance’s most consequential initiatives launched at the 2014 NATO Summit including the Readiness Action Plan, the Defence Capacity Building Initiative and Smart Defence at the Chicago Summit in May 2012, he advised the NATO Secretary General on a wide range of strategic issues and on his communication strategy, including by drafting landmark speeches and articles for the Munich Security Conference and Foreign Affairs. Since 2015, Pothier has been a senior director at Rasmussen Global, he features in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Politico Europe, Washington Post and Euronews.

He has been a contributor to BBC World, France24, Al-Jazeera, CNBC Bl,oomberg, has testified before the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee. He writes on strategic affairs for London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies. Pothier co-founded the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity co-chaired by Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Michael Chertoff; the Commission includes Joe Biden, Nick Clegg, Marietje Schaake. In the Commission, Pothier raised awareness about the risks of foreign interference and was one of the first to point out the dangers of deepfakes, he has been an avid advocate that just as technology can be a source of evil, it can be used as a force for good - to develop and deploy technology tools to better monitor and prevent disinformation campaigns from foreign countries. He played a key role exposing interference in the 2018 Mexico elections, the Macedonia name referendum and the Ukraine elections

Lumang Piso Para sa Puso

Lumang Piso Para sa Puso is a drama television series and the 8th installment of the Precious Hearts Romances Presents series. The series will star Oyo Sotto. Sandra, always strapped for cash, discovers an antique coin among her dead grandmother's things and decides to sell it so that she can have the roof of their beloved house repaired, she sells it to the owner of the only hobby shop in their town. It is hate at first sight for the two of them, but Sandra brushes it aside, thinking that she would never see him again anyway, but when Sandra's grandmother starts showing up in her dreams, Sandra realized that she had offended the woman who raised her by selling one of her prized belongings. Sandra tries to buy back the coin from Dave, but he refuses because he needs the coin to complete the collection he started with his own dead father. Sandra's best friend Joan comes up with a wacky idea; the two women end up reclaiming the coin. Dave figures out that Sandra was behind the break in and finds a way to steal back the coin.

His aunt though makes him feel guilty, so he agrees to give the coin back to Sandra – if she agrees to serve as his personal maid for two weeks. As they spend more time with each other, they begin to fall in love... and not bratty Mayor's daughter Erika or irritating suitor Konsehal Magtulis can get in their way. Kristine Hermosa as Sandra Perez - An orphaned municipal clerk, always strapped for cash. Sandra, raised by her grandmother and speaks like an old woman, has both serious /romantic side and a “kenkoy” side. Oyo Boy Sotto as Dave Pangilinan - The charming but childish owner of the hobby shop in their town. He's a happy-go-lucky guy and doesn't want to have too many responsibilities and doesn't like being too involved. Niña Jose as Erika DJ Durano as Councilor Magtulis Niña Dolino as Joan Angel Jacob as Grace Edgar Sandalo as Mayor Gasti Mariel Sorino as Lolita Paul Salas as Young David Dorothy Ann Perez as Young Sandra Micah Munoz as Paul Precious Hearts Romances Presents

Interactive C

Interactive C is a program which uses a modified version of ANSI C with several libraries and features that allow hobbyists to program small robotics platforms. Newton Research Labs developed Interactive C as a compiling environment for robots using the Motorola 6811 processor; the MIT LEGO Robot Design Contest was the original purpose for the software. It became popular, due to its ability to compile on the fly rather than taking time to compile beforehand as other languages had done; the programming environment's newest version is IC Version 8.0.2, which supports these operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista Macintosh Unix and Unix-like: IRIX, SunOS. The program features an Interaction Window where one-line C commands can be sent to the connected controller as well as an editing window, here titled main.c, where a program file is being edited and can be sent to the attached controller. Here is the basic "Hello World" example for IC programming: Here is another example using motor ports 1 and 3: A basic infinite loop that will beep for ever: Interactive C is used by The Ohio State University to program MIT Handy Boards in its Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors Program.

KISS Institute for Practical Robotics developed a third-party alternative to the Newton Labs version of Interactive C for their Botball Educational Robotics Program. The latest version of Interactive C by KISS Institute for Practical Robotics is IC 8.0.2, which supports these operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 Linux IC8 supports the following robotics controllers: Xport Botball Controller versions 1, 2, 3 Xport Botball Controller with iRobot Create MIT Handy Board with Expansion Board Lego RCX using the serial IR tower Botball IC page KISS Institute for Practical Robotics IC Beta page Newton Labs IC page Interactive C Manual from

Russian NBC Protection Troops

The Nuclear and Chemical Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are special forces designed to conduct the most complex set of measures aimed at reducing the loss of associations and formations of the Ground Forces and ensuring their combat tasks assigned during operations in conditions of radioactive and biological contamination, as well as at enhancing their survivability and protection against high-precision and other weapons. The basis of the NBCP Troops is realised by multifunctional separate brigades of NBCP having in their composition subunits capable to perform all activities of NBCP; the main tasks of the NBCP Troops include: identification and assessment of radiological and biological environment and effects of damages of objects hazardous radiatively and biologically. NBC Protection Troops is organised and conducted in corpore both in conduct of hostilities using nuclear and chemical weapons and without them and includes: nuclear detection; the NBCP Troops are developing as dual-purpose forces, able to solve tasks both in war and peace times, in the aftermath of accidents and disasters in industrial facilities hazardous radiatively and biologically.

Further build-up of their capacity is realized by creating a modern system to identify and assess the extent and effects of weapons of mass destruction, integrated with automated control systems of troops and weapons and stable functioning in the NBC threat environment and strong electronic countermeasures. In addition, there is a process to equip formations and subdivisions of NBCP with new effective means of NBC reconnaissance and collective defence, technical means of reducing the visibility and masking, flame-throwing incendiary weapons, as well as to introduce improved materials, formulations and technical means of decontamination; this article incorporates text by Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation available under the CC BY 4.0 license. Media related to NBC Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces at Wikimedia Commons

Lloyd Bryan Molander Adams

Lloyd Bryan Molander Adams is an American documentary and film director and producer. Saving Heroes on American Heroes Channel - Executive Producer and directed several episodes. Outdoor Channel - Executive Producer Duck Commanders Savage Wild Ultimate Match Fishing Men’s Pro Ski Tour The Extremists Fusion TV Elite XC and Pro Elite - consultant Hawaiian Tropic Pageant Planet X TV New Waves High Octane "Saving Heroes" "Seeking Nirvana" "Liquid Edge" Molander has directed and produced feature films, including The Outside and Left and Loose on the Lot, noted 35MM shorts "Neighbor Upstairs" and "News Junkie". In 2016 Molander was one of the executive producers of two documentaries 1. "Rising Tides" and 2. "Remember US" both of which were nominated for an Emmy award and "Remember US" won the Emmy. Molander's film The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter was an official selection for "Best Documentary" at the Hollywood International Film Festival, his "Helter Skelter" film was an official selection for the Temecula Valley International Film Festival, the Burbank International Film Festival, the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival.

Molander's film "Do You Dream in Color" won Best Documentary at the SLO Film Fest SLO Film Fest official page on DYDIC as well as multiple best documentary accolades Molander's' feature film The Outside won acclaim when the film's lead actor Michael Graziadei won the "Best Actor" award at the Honolulu Film Festival. It was an official selection for the festival and garnered a nomination there for "Best Film". Molander was part of a team, nominated in 2014 for a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for Six Hours, a documentary on Typhoon Yolanda. and nominated again for "Rising Tides" and Remember Us. Emmy Site Molander is a member of the Producers Guild of America and the Academy of Television Arts and Science, he is a member of the American Film Institute and served on the Board of Directors at the Tahoe-Reno International Film Festival as the head coordinator in charge of the adventure film categories. Adams was a senior vice president of the Perugia International Film Festival.

Molander is a member of the American Bar Association. Lloyd Bryan Molander Adams on IMDb