Rising Sun Country Park

Rising Sun Country Park is a country park in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Wear, England. Rising Sun Country Park is the former location of a colliery and an isolation hospital for infectious diseases. There is a countryside centre offering forest schools, a cafe, educational facilities and an exhibition room. There are footpaths, bird hides, parking, a picnic and barbecue area, a children’s playground and water play area and Nordic walking groups. Rising Sun Parkrun takes place every Saturday; the area covered is 162 hectares. Rising Sun Farm is a charity based at the park which farms 175 acres of land and has pigs, sheep, a livery yard and a day care centre; the farm provides resources for education, learning and volunteering. There is a local nature reserve encompassing Swallow pond which has bird hides and is used for bird watching

Florida banded water snake

The Florida banded water snake, a subspecies of the banded water snake, is a nonvenomous natricine colubrid native to the southeastern United States. The Florida banded water snake is endemic throughout southeastern Georgia. In addition, it has been introduced to Texas, it has established populations in Folsom and Harbor City, California. Dorsally, it is yellowish, with 26 -- 35 reddish-brown to black crossbands. Ventrally, it is white, with reddish-brown or black markings. In large adult individuals, the ground color on the lower sides is sometimes darker than the crossbands, producing an appearance of alternating blotches on the back and sides; the Florida water snake differs from the southern water snake chiefly in the shape of the markings on the ventrals. In N. f.pictiventris, these markings consist of transverse blotches, many of them enclosing an oval white spot, whereas in N. f. fasciata, they are solid, squarish spots. Adults average 24 to 42 in in total length, they are ovoviviparous. Mating occurs from March to May, the young are born from May to August, in broods of 25–57.

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