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Societas Europaea
Founded 1913
Headquarters Essen
Key people
Heinrich Deichmann (CEO)
Products Shoes, Bags
Revenue Increase~€4.5 Billion EUR (2012)
Number of employees
33700 (2012) (in 3325 stores)
The Deichmann flagship store in Essen, Germany
A branch in Leeds, England.

Deichmann SE[1] (formerly Heinrich Deichmann-Schuhe GmbH & Co. KG) is a major German shoe and sportswear retail chain. Established in 1913 by the Deichmann family, the company is still headquartered in its birthplace of Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Stores by countries[edit]

Deichmann can be found in 22 countries in Europe and the United States. Bold - the 10 countries with the most outlets.

Country Number of stores
 Austria 161
 Belgium 6
 Bosnia-Herzegovina 13
 Bulgaria 21
 Croatia 33
 Czech Republic 99
 Denmark 26
 Germany 1300
 Hungary 116
 Italy 63
 Lithuania 18
 Netherlands 139
 Poland 200
 Portugal 5
 Romania 82
 Serbia 30
 Slovakia 54
 Slovenia 24
 Spain 31
 Sweden 32
  Switzerland 190
 Turkey 102
 United Kingdom 82


  1. ^ Document of the society's founding at Amtsgericht (local court) Essen; trade register number HRB21020; 19.08.2008

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